Dr Death: Is Marja Based on a Real Person? Did She End Up With Nathan in Real Life?

As a true crime anthology drama living up to its title and preceding debut in almost every way conceivable, Peacock’s ‘Dr. Death’ season 2 can only be described as baffling as well as haunting. That’s because it carefully explores the tale of ex-cardiothoracic surgeon plus manipulator Paolo Macchiarini through the eyes of not just his conned love but also some of his former colleagues. Amongst them is actually Dr. Nathan Gamelli (Dr. Thomas Fux in reality), whose personal life is also a point of focus throughout this original — so let’s simply find out more about the same, shall we?

Marja Might Have Been Inspired By Someone Special

Portrayed by the beautiful ‘Time After Time’ star Annika Boras, Marja is honestly a strong, independent woman for whom her primary passion is work — she runs her own local Swedish pub. It thus comes as no surprise that when Nathan was beating around the bush trying to explain his attraction, she took matters into her own hands and handed him her address upon saying no to dinner. However, the cozy glances they shared made it clear this wasn’t going to be a simple one-night stand for either, and hence began their serious romantic involvement around the early 2010s.

Oscar Simonson, Karl-Henrik Grinnemo, Thomas Fux, Matthias Corbascio, and KI Board Member Brita-Lena Ekström//Image Credit: Transparency International Sweden

The truth is Marja and Nathan are undeniably different people, yet they do work because they always manage to remain on the same page concerning their beliefs, values, plus future aspirations. Though the former did help him prioritize and find a proper work-life balance — at which he failed for a good while when focusing on his fellow thoracic surgeon Paolos’s misconduct, driving her to leave him. Yet, in the end, he did consciously make his way right back to her to reconnect, making us believe that since Nathan is based on a real person, so is Marja — she could be the love of Thomas’ life.

Do Marja and Nathan End Up Together?

With the final sequence of ‘Dr. Death’ season 2 comprising a small part depicting Nathan and Marja coming together following their brief split, it’s left open for viewers to decide whether they evolve into the end game or not. However, taking into account the way their journey unfolded, it’s safe to assume they did move forward with their relationship for good — they likely picked up right from where they left off to finally settle down and start a family together.

Unfortunately, we can’t comment on whether their real-life counterparts did the same or if they’re even still together because Dr. Thomas Fux has always preferred to keep his personal experiences well away from the limelight. In other words, he has practically ensured there’s no sliver of information available on him online to guide researchers like us in making an educated guess either.

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