Dr. Sarah Haller: Everything We Know

Dr. Sarah Haller

TLC’s medical show ‘My Feet Are Killing Me’ is not for the faint-hearted since it follows expert podiatrists Dr. Ebonie Vincent and Dr. Brad Schaeffer as they perform medical surgeries and other procedures on their patients who are suffering from grave foot issues. They aim to not only treat the foot and ankle ailments but also restore confidence and joy in the life of their patients. Apart from Dr. Ebonie and Dr. Brad, there is another podiatry specialist who has garnered the attention of the viewers because of her positive and patient attitude while tackling the ailments with her friend, Dr. Brad. Curious to know more about Dr. Sarah Haller? We have got you covered!

Dr. Sarah Haller Nationality: Where is She From?

Dr. Sarah Haller originally hails from South Carolina. While growing up around the shoreline of subtropical beaches and sea islands, Sarah developed a fascination for traveling to new places and exploring foreign cities. Why did she choose to pursue podiatry, you may ask. Well, when she was a child, Sarah was very much into ballet and had been a ballet dancer for 15 years, out of which, she was on pointe for four.

Naturally, she would suffer from constant feet aches. When it got unbearable, Sarah consulted a podiatrist who provided her with an easy in-office treatment and suggestions that will help her to dance pain-free in the future. The empathetic and caring nature of her doctor had a lasting impact on young Sarah who went on to pursue the profession, in her formative years. Sarah currently lives in the small city of Hoboken, in Hudson County, New Jersey.

Dr. Sarah Haller Age and Profession

As of 2020, Sarah Haller is 32-years-old and has been serving in the medical field as a foot and ankle surgeon for over seven years. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Biological Science from Columbia College, Sarah enrolled in Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine. Following her graduation in 2013, Sarah became a resident physician at CarePoint Health System where she served for three years. After finishing her residency at Hoboken University Medical Center, Sarah pursued a fellowship program at Weil Foot Ankle and Orthopedic Institute in Chicago, Illinois.

During her time there, Sarah not only honed her skills but was also involved in projects that dealt with trauma, nail pathology, and bilateral bunion surgery. As of today, she is a member of Essex Union Podiatry, a medical group practice located in Rahway, New Jersey. The founder of New Jersey Foot and Ankle Foundation specializes in musculoskeletal deformities, sports medicine, and post-traumatic reconstruction and revision surgery of the foot and ankle. Sarah also reviews articles for Foot & Ankle Specialist (FAS) and The Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery (JFAS).

Apart from co-authoring several publications, Sarah has also been a part of international orthopedic seminars. She often takes to her Instagram account to drop pearls of wisdom for her followers, sharing various tips, tricks, and techniques to take care of one’s health. Here’s a post that features tips on acing the residency program!

When she is not working, the doctor spends her time scoping out her next adventure. Sarah is an avid yogi and also loves to read books and play golf. When she is in the mood to head outdoors, Sarah takes her Labrador for a walk in the streets of New Jersey.

Dr. Sarah Haller: Family and Dating Life

As far as her family is concerned, Sarah doesn’t prefer to divulge details about her family on her social media account. Taking into account Sarah’s beautiful ear-to-ear smile and weighted degrees, it’s a shame the podiatrist is still single. Yes, we scoured through Sarah’s account but couldn’t find one picture or caption that states otherwise. Also, as much as people who have watched the TLC show want Dr. Sarah and Dr. Brad to get together, we don’t think it’s happening anytime soon. From what we can tell, they are just really good friends. Well, we are just happy that Dr. Sarah is having the time of her life, professionally and personally.

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