Dr. Stone Season 2: Premiere Date, Plot, Characters

‘Dr. Stone’ is a sci-fi anime that takes a very unique and interesting approach towards the mad scientist trope. While in most stories the “mad scientist” is portrayed as someone who plots to destroy humanity, in the case of ‘Dr. Stone’, the mad scientist is actually someone who uses his intelligence to bring prosperity to the world. When it comes to the science part of the anime, you won’t really get to see anything that’s fascinatingly new and for the most part of it, ‘Dr. Stone’ is nothing but a typical shounen. But what really makes it enjoyable is its cool characters and also its fairly unique storyline.

When it comes to the art side of the show, it is rather subjective as many people might not like it. Apart from that, the character expressions are great and even the action scenes are enjoyable. The opening theme is amazing and it sets the right tone for the anime; but there’s nothing too special about the other background soundtracks. Overall, ‘Dr. Stone’ is a great anime and a must see for all anime lovers.

Dr. Stone Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Dr. Stone’ Season 1 premiered on July 5, 2019 and ended on December 13, 2019 after airing for 24 episodes.

The good news for the fans is that on eve of the finale of season 1,  a special teaser was released to formally announce season 2. You can check out the teaser below.

‘Dr. Stone’ is based on a manga series that goes by the same name. The most recent volume of this manga was issued on July 4, 2019, which is just one day before the anime premiered. So there is still one volume left for the next season season.

Another big reason why ‘Dr. Stone’ is returning for a season 2 is within a very short span is that the anime has gained immense popularity. Even the reviews that it has received so far clearly show that it is a genuinely good piece of anime. Though we cannot confirm anything yet, we can expect ‘Dr. Stone’ Season 2 to release sometime in July 2020. In the meantime, do check out our list of similar sci-fi action anime.

Dr. Stone English Dub:

The English Dub of ‘Dr. Stone’ is available on Funimation.

Dr. Stone Plot:

Taiju Oki is an ordinary high school kid who tells his nerdy science-loving friend, Senku Ishigami, that he will finally confess his love for their classmate Yuzuhira Ogawa. But when the day arrives and he stands under a camphor tree to finally let his feelings out, he is suddenly interrupted by blinding light that falls from the sky. To protect the girl from this, he pushes her aside and is penetrated by the light. The light turns him and the entire population of the world into stone and only the ones who have a strong will to survive are able to live for the next 3700 years.

Senku and Taija somehow make it out alive and wake up in a world that is full of stone statues. Soon, they develop a fluid that can help them revive the entire population. As they proceed to use this fluid on Yuzuhira, they are suddenly attacked by a lion and they accidentally end up reviving. Tsukasa Shishio. What follows is a huge conflict of ideas between all of them where on one side, Senku forms the Kingdom of Science in Ishigami, whereas on the other side, Tsukasa intends to create a world where only the pure-hearted get to live.

Dr. Stone Characters:


Chrome is a 17-year-old boy who is Senku’s friend and is also the sorcerer of the Ishigami village. Initially, he was Senku’s rival but later when Senku starts teaching him science, he gets close to him. He has brown spiky hair with brown eyes and always has a white rope tied around his head as a headband. He shows a lot of interest in science and always has an enthusiasm to learn more. He has this weird habit of calling things “bad” when he actually finds them really cool. Later, he also shows a lot of bravery and loyalty towards his friends. He’s also quite passionate about inventing new things using sorcery.


Kohaku is a cute young girl who is the descendant of modern humans. She has big blue eyes and blond hair and she appears to be of half American-Japanese origin. She shows no interest in stereotypical feminine activities and loves hunting and fighting. As a hunter, she has strong instincts and general surviving skills. She also has the ability to judge the character of people just by meeting them once. Because of her tomboyish personality, people often insult her by calling her gorilla and lioness. Though she hates being nicknamed like that, the only person who can get away with it is Senku, as she really respects him.

Taiju Ooki

Taiju is another main protagonist of the show who gets depetrified after being turned into rock. He loves talking to other people and everyone likes him because of his friendly nature. He also loves performing even the smallest tasks and shows a lot of enthusiasm when he’s able to contribute in any way. He’s also quite emotional but despite that, he never loses his temper and always acts cool. He’s a pacifist and refuses to solve any problem through violence.

Senku Ishigami

Senku is the main protagonist of the show who is very well known for his catchphrases. He gets “depetrified” six months before Taiju and with the help of his friend, he creates the depetrification formula. His dream is to build a Kingdom of Science at the Ishigami village. Senku is extremely confident about his abilities and that’s one big reason why he is considered to be a great leader. All of his decisions are backed by logic and he always encourages the ones around him, which allows him to earn the respect all of his friends. He also has a very strong sense of justice but he never allows this to rule his actions. He becomes very selfish and cunning when it’s absolutely necessary and after a certain point, he gives up on the idea of showing any mercy towards his opponents. Contrary to this, on the outside, it usually looks like he’s just using others for his own benefit but inside, he does have a kind heart.

Though he is genuinely passionate about inventing new things, he also intends to use his intelligence to save the lives of millions of people. In one of his flashbacks, when he is asked to choose between saving himself, a friend or a lover, he calmly claims that he’ll find a way to save everyone. He firmly believes that science can literally solve every problem in the world but he very well knows that the process of understanding anything in the world is slow and takes time. He’s extremely realistic about what he expects from inventions and experiments and refuses to lie about anything when it comes to science. He is quite patient and initially, when he is the only survivor, he works hard for six months straight to create the depetrification elixir.

Tsukasa Shishiou

Tsukasa is the main villain who gets accidentally revived from his stone statue state. His motive is to create a new world without modern technology and that’s why he does not support Senku with his kingdom of science project. In appearance, he is extremely tall and also has a very athletic build. Before getting petrified, he was a global MMA/UFC fighter. His physical form is a combination of both masculine and feminine features. This androgynous appearance is often intimidating to many characters of the anime.

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