Dr. Stone: New World Episode 4 Recap: Eyes of Science

In ‘Dr. Stone: New World’ or ‘Dr. Stone’ season 3 episode 4 titled ‘Eyes of Science,’ the mysterious Why Man who has been sending strange radio signals with the same message becomes the talk of the village and scares a lot of people. Senku and his close aides arrive at the conclusion that they must prepare for the mysterious person as if he is an enemy and start looking for him. In order to start their search and potentially reveal the secret of petrification, Senku creates a makeshift sonar that could trace targets even at long distances. Meanwhile, Chrome makes an important discovery that could change everything.

Senkuu Looks For the Why Man

After receiving the mysterious radio signal that is broadcasting the question “why” constantly, the villagers are left scratching their heads. An urgent meeting of the most intelligent leaders of the village is held in which they recall everything that has happened so far. They notice that the source of the mysterious light that turned everyone into stone thousands of years ago is still unknown. There is a consensus that the Why Man who is behind the radio signal could potentially know the secret behind the petrifaction.

However, Senku and his friends know that they are still speculating different possibilities so they could not possibly say anything concrete about the mysterious man. Since that person can potentially be an enemy, Senku advises that they must prepare for the worst-case scenario. If they turn out to be wrong, they would at least err on the side of caution which is not as bad as the other alternative. Senku then tells everyone in the meeting that they will see this mysterious foe with the help of Scientific eyes, without offering a detailed explanation.

In front of all the villagers, Senku uses a glass coated in Sphalerite to make a rudimentary Cathode-ray tube television screen. He does not stop there and in order to accurately find out targets over large distances, connects it to the radio tower that effectively turns it into a sonar. Senku then fixes it under his boat and it is revealed that the makeshift sonar can also be used to catch large quantities of fish that would be crucial for the long voyage they have planned.

Now that the villagers plan to make a huge ship, Senku knows that they would need a lot of iron which could only be possible if they manage something as ground-breaking as the Industrial Revolution. Meanwhile, Chrome uses his own understanding of the sonar device to turn it into a Metal detector which he then uses smartly to discover an iron deposit in a cave.

What is Senku’s Plan to Transport Iron to the Village?

Although Senku and his companions have managed to secure iron in the mountain, it soon becomes evident that its transportation to the village is a big hurdle that must cross. It was Chrome’s brilliance that allowed the discovery of the iron deposit and now Senku comes with an intelligent method to solve the transportation issue. After leaving Kaseki in charge of the cave, he starts planning an intricate distribution network. Sometime later when Gen is driving supposedly with several bags of iron in a car, he has to stop because of the bumpy drive.

That’s when he is shocked to notice his friends constructing roads ahead. Senku approaches his vehicle and announces that once we have oil, the world changes quickly. He also mentions the fact that asphalt is 100% gravel and they can procure it with cooking oil. By spreading it out on the ground with gravel and then beating it relentlessly one can prepare modern roads. Right in front of Gen’s eyes, the team does incredibly well to construct a perfectly paved road, which just shows the incredible potential of Senku and his men.

With the road constructed to the river, the iron is then placed on a boat that uses sea routes to take the mineral to the village by Ryuusui and his men. Meanwhile, the transportation inside the cave that is now turned into a mine is a different kind of challenge because of its terrain. Senku and Kaseki put their heads together to construct an intricate Minecraft system that allows access to the deep regions in the cave. Thanks to the entire system that is put in place now, Senku and his men can now easily procure large quantities of iron and transport it back to the village without much problem.

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