Dr. Stone: New World Episode 8 Recap: The Trump Card Aboard the Science Vessel

In ‘Dr. Stone: New World’ or ‘Dr. Stone’ season 3 episode 8 titled ‘The Trump Card Aboard the Science Vessel,’ Senkuu and his friends learn that Amaryllis had previously tried to escape the island but narrowly escaped getting petrified after her companions were turned into stones. Since they have a long battle with the dictator of the island ahead of them, Senkuu feels that they must gain access to the lab on the ship. But when they go to the shore, they find Ibara, one of the island’s ministers and his men already checking the ship and the tools left behind by them.

Senkuu Tries to Gain Access of the Lab

When Amaryllis finally gets the opportunity to talk to Senkuu and his friends, she explains her story. It turns out that she tried to escape the island many years ago with a few companions. Although she was scared, others motivated her to take the leap of faith and not fear anything. Unfortunately, their small ship was soon followed by Kirisame and Moz, two of the strongest warriors in the Petrification Kingdom.

Kirisame threw something attached to a long rope in the air that spread a wave of Petrification so a small distance, that was enough to turn everyone into a stone except for Amaryllis who jumped into the ocean after cutting her petrified hair. After Senkuu learns the story, he realizes that the power of petrification has a source that can be stolen, it has a limited range, and one can stop it by cutting off the affected area in time.

This is enough to give him some understanding of how to tackle the situation. They then realize that they must gain access to the lab, as it can help them prepare for the final confrontation with the island’s dictator. But when they go to the shore, they learn that the enemies have already surrounded it. When Kohaku sees Ibara break one of the statues, she rushes even closer to the ship despite everyone’s warning. Unfortunately, she gets spotted by Kirisame, who immediately starts fighting her.

Were Ginro and Suika Petrified?

After Kirisame and Kohaku start fighting each other, it soon becomes increasingly clear that the former is far more powerful. Even though she is overwhelmed, Kohaku knows at the back of her mind that there is a good possibility that someone on the ship is still not petrified. In order to give them a message, she shouts that she wants the lab. Kirisame naturally has never heard of the term and gets confused. Gen realizes that this is the perfect opportunity and rushes to Kohaku’s side with Senkuu. He claims in front of Kirisame that Kohaku was referring to Senkuu as the lab.

Gen lies that the two of them are in a romantic relationship and Kohaku is quite possessive. So whenever she sees any woman getting close to Senkuu, she starts fighting them. Kohaku recognizes Gen’s brilliance and plays along. She even kisses Senkuu to make everything convincing and the trick eventually works. When Kirisame is gone Senkuu and other starts looking for any signs of someone still not petrified on the ship. It turns out that it was Kirisame who had seen the ship approaching the island. She had sent the petrification wave toward Senku’s friends.

Since they did not have much time to react, most of them were turned into stone. However, Ryuusui pushed Suika off the ship at the very last moment, saving him from the wave. Meanwhile, Ginro jumped into the ocean and swam as deep as possible to protect himself. He later returned to the ship and when the people of the island came to inspect, he hid under one of the barrels. After listening to Kohaku’s shouting, he comes out and notices his friends. Senkuu and others are disappointed as they had expected that a more powerful companion was actually saved from the wave.

Ginro desperately asks for their help but when the soldiers come to check again, Ibara points out that one of the barrels appears to have moved from its original location. Just when it seems that Ginro will be caught, a loud sound from the greenhouse distracts everyone. When they go to check the room, they find goats there. It turns out that Suika was the one who created the distraction to save Ginro and he was hiding between the fruits that were kept there.

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