Dr. Stone: New World Episode 7 Recap: Ray of Despair, Ray of Hope

In ‘Dr. Stone: New World’ or ‘Dr. Stone’ season 3 episode 7 titled ‘Ray of Despair, Ray of Hope,’ Senkuu and his friends finally reach Treasure Island hoping to uncover its many mysteries and also get their hands on the unlimited source of revival fluid. While Kohaku, Soyuz, Gen, and Senkuu form the search party that is first sent to investigate the island, others stay on the ship. But Soyuz and Gen are later shocked to see that all of their comrades that they left behind have been petrified.

Senkuu and His Friends Investigate the Island

Just a few miles away from the island, Senkuu and his comrades prepare to finally start their search for the unlimited source of revival fluid. Since they do not want to be noticed or start a war, they decide to send a small party of four people (which comprises Senkuu, Kohaku, Gen, and Soyuz) on the land first. Meanwhile, just a moment before the ship reaches the shore, Ukyou notices a peculiar reading on the radar.

When Senkuu and his party have finally left, he sends Ginrou to inspect the sea. As he goes to the seabed, he is shocked to find statues of people petrified a long time ago. This shocks Ukyou, who realizes that the people there were probably petrified even before people in the other parts of the world as the island was known to be isolated. Before they could reach any conclusion, Ryusuui notices that they are being watched. But it’s already too late as all of them on the ship are suddenly petrified.

Senkuu and Kohaku part ways with Soyuz and Gen to inspect the island. That’s when Soyuz notices that everyone on the ship is petrified and informs Gen. Both of them are naturally shocked and rush to Kohaku and Senkuu to inform them. Soyuz recalls one of his childhood memories and tells his comrades that he thinks that he and his mother were running away from someone petrifying the villagers on the island.

This leads to the conclusion that there are two parties of people in the region- a friendly one that wants to escape and the evil one that is trying to enslave others. Senkuu uses his genius detective skills to figure out that a young girl was actually at the spot where they were standing. He and Gen manage to track her down with Kohaku’s help. They observe her from a distance hoping to figure out whether she is friendly or not.

Who is Amaryllis? Who is the Master?

Senkuu and his friends follow the young girl and are shocked to see her getting flocked by a group of men all of whom propose to her at the same time. It turns out that the girl’s name is Amaryllis and she is the most beautiful maiden on the island. Despite being caught off-guard, she handles the situation quite diplomatically and tells her potential suitors that she is flattered by their proposal but cannot go with them as the master has chosen her as his bride. There is also an implication of the potential punishment (of being turned into a stone) if they go against the master which eventually scares away all the men.

Senkuu then directly confronts Amaryllis and asks her where the treasure is. When she notices Soyuz, she acts as if she thinks he is the master. She tries the same trick with Senkuu as well but it does not work on him at all. That’s when Amaryllis suddenly realizes something and rushes back to her village. Some of the men there have decided to confront the master as they do not want him to take the most beautiful girl on the island as his bride as well.

Amaryllis is naturally concerned since the master has the power of petrification which could potentially be used on the villagers if they do not give up their mindless revolt. Senkuu realizes that Gen is actually carrying a tear gas canister. He proceeds to use it on the villagers who immediately fall to the ground wreathing in pain. Their plans to revolt against the master die down just as quickly as it has erupted. Amaryllis is shocked at what she just witnessed and then recalls Kohaku previously saying that they need to save their friends on the ship as soon as possible.

It finally strikes Amaryllis that the people she has just met are from a different place and they are also planning to fight against the master who has petrified their friends. That’s when she reveals that she deliberately worked all her life to become the most sought-after girl on the island so that she could eventually join the master’s harem and kill her. Therefore, she decides to join Senkuu and his friends with the hope that they will help her achieve her goal.

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