Dr. Stone: New World Episode 6 Recap: Treasure Box

In ‘Dr. Stone: New World’ or ‘Dr. Stone’ season 3 episode 6 titled ‘Treasure Box,’ Senku opens with his plans to revive the billions of people who have been petrified for thousands of years now. In order to do that, he reveals his plan to make an infinite amount of revival fluid using platinum. Meanwhile, one of the crew members reveals that he is actually from Treasure Island which leads to the further theory that their destination is not inhabited as they had previously asssumed.

Senkuu Plans to Make Revival Fluid

After leaving the village far behind, Senku and his friends begin their long journey to reach Treasure Island where they hope to uncover many mysteries. Interestingly, Senku tells the crew that he now plans to save all of humanity by undoing the Petrification that has turned billions of people on the planet into stones. For that purpose, he plans to find the treasure left behind by Byakuya’s team. In order to uncover the mysteries of the world, Senku has heard a hundred stories passed down by villagers for over 3,700 years from Ruri.

Interestingly, everyone in the village was named after an ore and Senku tells his friends that platinum is one of the rare ones that can help them make infinite revival fluid to achieve his dreams. However, Gen is quick to point out that the Dunbar number, which gives us the maximum number of people the human brain can remember in a village. Gen argues that saving too many people would eventually lead to chaos.

But before all of that happens, Senku and his friends still need to find the treasure box that has been hidden for thousands of years. After a brief thought, Senku argues that Byakuya would have probably hidden it in the spaceship that they used for their trip to space. That’s when one of the crew members confesses to be actually from Treasure Island. This leads to the further theory that descendants of Byakuya and other astronauts are still alive on the island.

Do Senku and Others Reach the Treasure Island?

Yuzuriha shows interest in learning the entire process of making the ship and is curious about its design, so Senku and his friends gladly volunteer to explain everything. It turns out that Yuzuriha has always been curious about science and engineering and she was probably the only person who would not sleep during Senku’s long lectures on rocketry. It turns out that the ship not only has a sleeping area but it also has a greenhouse, state-of-the-art navigation pieces of equipment, an engine room, and an entire lab for experimentation.

Although Senku has carefully planned most things, he forgets to prepare for the sea sickness that most of the crew end up suffering from. Senku realizes he needs to do something soon, so he decides to use scopolamine to dull the autonomic nerves. He uses a dangerously poisonous flower and separates the fat-soluble stuff from the water-soluble to extract active ingredients. The solution works like magic and Ginro immediately feels relieved. But the challenges ahead are far from over as Senku knows that the weather can change anytime.

That’s exactly what happens and some of the people on board start to panic. However, Ryusui is a veteran sailor and reassures them that they have nothing to worry about. Interestingly, Senku sees that storm as an opportunity. He announces to the crew that they have no way of confirming whether the people on Treasure Island are going to be friendly or not. Therefore, he plans to use the storm as a cover to sneak in on the inhabitants.

Senku’s thinking makes perfect sense considering some of the crew members were curious about the idea that the people on Treasure Island could potentially be the Why men. Therefore, everyone takes their positions on the ship and starts to look at the horizon. That’s when they see Treasure Island for the first time and are mesmerized by its beauty. So to conclude, yes, Senku and his friends made it to Treasure Island.

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