Dr. Stone: New World Episode 9 Recap: Beautiful Science

In ‘Dr. Stone: New World’ or ‘Dr. Stone’ season 3 episode 9 titled ‘Beautiful Science,’ Ginro and Suika escape the ship and manage to take the science lab with them. After they reunite with Senku and their friends, the entire crew goes into hiding in a nearby cave. There they prepare for the selection to the master’s inner circle so that they can get their hands on the secrets of petrification.

Senkuu and His Comrades Try to Unravel Petrification Secrets

As Senkuu and his friends observe from a distance, Ginro feels relieved as Suika literally saves his life by distracting Ibara and his men. He wants to use this chance now to escape the ship and save his life but just when he is about to jump outside, he recalls that his friends who were petrified are still there. Therefore, he ties Kinrou’s statue and tries to drag it along with him. But as he looks at the eyes of his now petrified friend, he feels ashamed of himself for not putting up a fight.

Meanwhile, Suika draws the attention of the guards by tumbling around wearing the watermelon covering over his head. Eventually, he along with Ginrou escapes the ship with the science lab. Although Ibara and his men do see the huge vehicle, they appear to think that it’s an animal. After the duo reunited with Senkuu and his friend, they all escape to a cave where they prepare for the selection process tomorrow. Since they want to infiltrate the master’s inner circle, they know that they will have to get Kohaku selected by Ibara along with Amaryliis.

So Senkuu makes shampoo and other cosmetic products, to make her as presentable as possible. It turns out that Kohaku is quite beautiful and she just does not pay much attention to her looks. But Amaryllis is not convinced as she wants more people to get selected to the master’s inner circle. Therefore, she applies makeup on everyone. Although all the men look horrible, they realize that Ginro just might be able to fool Ibara.

Who Are Selected For the Master’s Inner Circle?

On the day of selection, Ibara and his men arrive in Amaryllis’ village to select women for the master’s inner circle. The annual exercise is focused on finding new partners for the ruler of Treasure Island. Moz orders the most beautiful women in the village to form a line so that the selection process can finally start. Meanwhile, Ibara finds a married woman and despite her husband’s pleas wants to keep her for the master. The husband could naturally not tolerate such injustice and prepares to fight him but Amaryllis tells him to not confront anyone as she plans to infiltrate the inner circle and free everyone.

Ibara notices Amaryllis and before she could arise suspicion in his eyes, she immediately changes her tone and puts on an act. She manages to convince the minister that she is just an ordinary innocent girl who is willing to do her best to get selected to the master’s inner circle. Ibara immediately selects her just as she and others have planned. Now Ibara moves to check the girls waiting in line to be judged.

Each girl is presented with an opportunity to introduce themselves and based on their answers, Ibara selects them. Kohaku and Ginro are also waiting for their turn. Although Kohaku plans to do well as she wants to infiltrate the master’s inner circle, Ginro does not feel that he belongs there and deliberately wants to not get picked by Ibara. When it is finally Kohaku’s turn, she tries to say the rehearsed lines but her delivery is all over the place. However, Ibara feels that she has an attractive body and tries to touch her inappropriately. That’s when Kohaku loses her cool and is about to attack her.

Mozu notices this from a distance and uses the long weapon in his hand to stop her. Ibara does not realize what happened but Mozu tells Kohaku that he is prepared to confront her whenever she wants. When it is finally Ginro’s turn, he tries his best to not get selected. But Ibara is unfortunately interested in tomboys with the personality that Ginro projects, so he ends up getting selected as well. Now that Kohaku, Ginro, and Amaryllis are going into the master’s inner circle, Senkuu is excited as he feels that the secret of petrification is just within his grasp.

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