Drag Den Season 1: Where Are The Contestants Now?

Stepping onto the glittered runway of ‘Drag Den’ premiere season on December 8, 2022, via Amazon Prime Video, eight contenders sashayed for the First Filipino Drag Supreme title. The victorious monarch not only snatched a dazzling ₱1,000,000 but also bagged a year’s worth of Téviant Beauty cosmetics, a stint at Avignon Clinic, and a 3-year reign under the spotlight with CS Entertainment. Since the curtain fell on that sensational season, our fabulous victors have transformed into dazzling stars, using their charisma to dazzle stages, advocate for diverse causes, and leave a lasting mark on the ever-evolving landscape of Filipino drag culture. The journey continues, and the sequins never fade!

Naia is a TedX Speaker Today

Naia, born Brian Black, ascended to drag royalty as the crowned winner of season 1, earning the esteemed title of Drag Supreme. Beyond the glittering crown, her journey post-show has been a kaleidoscope of success and advocacy. Reflecting on her victory, she emphasized her journey’s foundation – her passion for drag. This fire propelled her to the Top 3, a testament to the power of authenticity. Her triumph brought more than a cash prize; a three-year management contract with Cornerstone Entertainment opened doors to a dazzling career. Committed to drag’s essence, she stood shoulder to shoulder with fellow contestant Pura Luka Vega, advocating against censorship with a fundraising show at Brooklyn Warehouse Manila.

Naia’s life extends beyond the stage; sharing a bond with twin sister Allison Black, their social media is a canvas of shared moments. A graduate of the University of the Philippines, in 2022, her intellectual prowess harmonizes with her artistic flair. Beyond drag, she ventured into the cinematic realm with a role in the 2023 movie, ‘Third World Romance.’ The TED x Ateneo stage became a platform for her inspiring voice, amplifying the message of bravery and faith. In the fashion realm, she partnered with RIOtaso, showcasing a dynamic collaboration between drag and couture. Her association with MEGA Drag solidifies her presence as a force in the fashion-forward drag community. Naia’s multifaceted journey intertwines activism, art, education, and entertainment, making her a beacon for aspiring artists.

Shewarma Returned as a Judge For Season 2

Shewarma, the enigmatic Jamil Crescini, emerged as the runner-up of ‘Drag Den’ season 1, leaving an indelible mark. Beyond the stage, she returned as a judge for season 2, embodying the transformative power of the drag industry in the Philippines. Expressing gratitude for the industry’s game-changing nature, Shewarma emphasized the profound impact of being part of the Drag evolution. Intrigued by the intersection of drag and fashion, she envisions a future in fashion design, with collaborations already blooming with diverse brands and designers. Her post-show journey echoes a message of growth, encouraging others to challenge themselves and embrace change. The journey from a hopeful drag queen waiting for a callback to a Drag Den judge underscores the transformative possibilities embedded in the drag realm.

Maria Cristina is Associated With Love Yourself Inc.

Maria Cristina, known as MC Black Dela Merced, etched her mark as a semi-finalist in ‘Drag Den’ season 1. Beyond the spotlight, she is the visionary founder of Drag Academy Philippines, nurturing the next generation of drag talent. An artist both on and off-stage, she made waves with an appearance in the show’s song “May Kapa.” This multifaceted artist finds purpose beyond performances, collaborating, and creating shows inside the Manila City Jail. Associated with Love Yourself Inc., she extends her influence to community outreach, leveraging drag as a tool for empowerment and advocacy.

Barbie-Q Has Launched Barbie-Q Merch

Barbie-Q, the vibrant Omiko Miko, graced the stage as a ‘Drag Queen’ at One 690 Entertainment Bar. Stepping into the limelight, she made her presence known with an appearance in the show’s anthem, “May Kapa.” Featured on Preview Philippines, her charisma extends beyond performances. In a notable transformation, Barbie-Q publicly shared her journey towards body positivity on Instagram, breaking stereotypes and fostering self-love. This journey paralleled her appearance on Netflix’s ‘Replacing Chef Chico’ as Auntie Beks, showcasing the diversity of her talents.

In June 2023, she passionately supported the campaign, We Stand with Awra, advocating for victims of sexual assault. Charity pulses through her veins, with birthday celebrations marked by clothing donations to the less fortunate. Her artistic expression extends to sketching, adding another layer to her creative repertoire. In a business-savvy move, she launched her Merch, making her mark in the world of drag-inspired fashion.

Lady Gagita is on a World Tour

Lady Gagita, the dazzling alter ego of Vinzon Leojay Rubia Booc, continues to shine post her ‘Drag Den’ triumph. As a Drag Queen at Tropang LOL, she embraced a new role as the host of ‘Mudrakels’ season 1, where she revealed her drag parenting alongside Lumina Klum. Her creative spectrum extends to her YouTube channel, featuring acts imitating iconic personalities like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. The Erase World Tour, inspired by Taylor Swift, propels her across borders, showcasing her talent globally. She is in a relationship with real estate agent Raymond Sabalza. Lady Gagita’s venture, Haus of Gagita, made a splash on ‘Family Feud Philippines,’ while she continues enchanting audiences as a Novotel Manila Araneta City performer.

Aries Night Has Ventured Into the World of Music

Aries Night, originally Thom Cipriano, underwent a rhinoplasty transformation post-filming. Beyond the glitter, she owns Soledad, an eatery, and released her debut single, “Aries Rising.” Her ‘Drag Den’ journey, marked by relevant discussions, culminated in a love letter to the soft-spoken, introverted, and those battling inner traumas. Embracing the persona as a platform for social issues, Aries Night unveiled her merch, amplifying her advocacy. Invited by UP Babaylan, she read ‘Ang Bonggang Bonggang Batang Beki’ to Kalinga Day Care Center children, showcasing her commitment to social causes. In a relationship with Monsour Esmael, she embodies success as inevitable and empowers the marginalized through her art.

O-A Has Launched His Own Merch

O-A, also known as OdashaFlop, transcends drag into entrepreneurship, owning a vehicle repair shop. A staple on ‘Drag Den’ season 2’s premiere night, she navigates her diverse portfolio, making appearances in “May Kapa” and creating her Chaindasha Merch. She has also found her soulmate and is dating Rae. O-A fulfilled her dream with a birthday show at Nectar, a testament to her perseverance. As a model, she collaborates with brands, showcasing her versatility. Poison Wednesdays Club finds an associate in him, adding another layer to her multifaceted persona.

Pura Luka Vega Became the Runner Up of Mudrakels

Pura Luka Vega, once Amadeus Fernando Pagente, carved a distinct path since ‘Drag Den.’ As a ‘Mudrakels’ season 1 runner-up, Luka faced controversy in 2023. They were reportedly arrested for performing “Ama Namin” in a bar and later released after paying bail. They addressed the performance, expressing its intent not to offend but to showcase faith. The ‘Luka Luka’ podcast and consistent art performances keep him at the forefront. Despite legal challenges, Luka continues influencing as a brand promoter and model, featured in Preview Philliphnes. Season 2 of ‘Drag Den’ welcomed him as an agent, showcasing their enduring impact on the drag scene.

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