Dusty Blake: The Alone Contestant is a Jovial Survivalist

Transporting us far north into the Arctic Circle, season 11 of ‘Alone’ may be the toughest challenge in the series. 10 participants from various gritty backgrounds were sent into the icy wilderness with bears, wolves, large antelope, and freezing waters. From starting a fire to finding a source of food, the tundra made every basic survival resource multiple times harder to attain. However, the greatest challenge posed to the contestants was by the willpower and skills of their fellow survivors. Among the contenders in season 11, Dusty Blake managed to stand apart as someone who has grown up in the toughest conditions in rural Arkansas and prospered. His humble nature and lighthearted charm left an impression on fans of the show, raising more questions about his life.

Dusty Blake Tapped Into an Innate Survival Mode

Born in the dense woods of Arkansas, Dusty’s bond with nature was forged from the very start. His mother went into labor while mushroom hunting, making Dusty’s first connection with the wilderness a profound one. As Dusty grew up, he was taught survival skills by his grandparents, who often looked after him as his single mother worked. They introduced him to the fundamental survival skills of gardening, hunting, and living off the land. The interest in forest survival stuck, and Dusty killed his first deer at the age of 8. He would often spend time in the woods as a means of entertainment, making trapping, fishing, and foraging second nature to him. His admiration for Greg Ovens from ‘Alone’ season 3 inspired him further, instilling a desire to teach others the survival skills he had honed over the years.

His experience and confidence shone through as he began his journey in the Arctic Circle, picking out a well-rounded survival kit before leisurely setting off in search of suitable grounds for an encampment. His first goal was to secure a position close to a source of water with enough forest cover to offer natural protection from the elements. Once the suitable spot was found, his choice of survival gear came in handy. Using his saw, axe, and paracord, he quickly set up a makeshift shelter and looked forward to fishing and hunting all the game he could find. For Dusty, ‘Alone’ was the perfect arena to prove his survival skills and push his limits, with the hope of improving his family’s life and providing them with better opportunities.

Dusty Blake Lives Off the Grid with His Family But Travels More

Hailing from Fifty-Six, Arkansas, Dusty lives in a very remote incorporated community that has few luxuries to spare. Needless to say, he lives in what most would consider a rough environment with minimal facilities and provisional services. The 36-year-old has a history of jobs that kept him close to the land, starting as a skidder operator and later working with stone in rockwood construction. He has been working as a welder for nine years while maintaining a small poultry farm and vegetable garden and hunting to put meat on his family’s table. He essentially lived off the grid prior to his appearance on ‘Alone.’

One of his only earlier net-documented appearances is in serving as a pallbearer at the funeral of 34-year-old hunter, fisherman, and woodworker Jeremy Lee Sweat on January 26, 2018. However, since January 2024, Dusty has taken more of an interest in the online world and even created his own YouTube channel where he posts survivalist tips, adventures, and insights. In June, Blake traveled to Washburn, Missouri, to meet fellow ‘Alone’ contestant Cubby Hoover and seemed to have a great time shooting through archery challenges at the Cane Creek Archery Club.

The survivalist is married to Gwyn, a woman who changed his outlook on marriage. Before he met her, Dusty had planned on staying single, but their bond was undeniable. They have two joyful children who Dusty happily teaches to hunt, fish, and thrive in nature as his grandparents did for him. He also helps his mother in paying off her house, while his wife helps him maintain the garden and the farm. Gwyn is very supportive of Dusty’s outdoor adventures and proud of his accomplishments on ‘Alone.’

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