Peter Albano: Where is the Alone Contestant Now?

For the 11th season of History’s ‘Alone,’ the new set of participants was placed into the northernmost location in the history of the survivor series — Arctic Circle. Although there are many survival shows today, what makes ‘Alone’ stand out from the rest is the fact that the participants must survive alone in the wild while filming themselves. Given the extreme and unforgiving temperatures of the Arctic Circle, survival became a much more difficult task for all the individuals, including Peter Albano. Since he entered the show as a librarian by profession, not many would have taken him to survive in the wild for long. However, his bushcraft skills, adventurous soul, and passion for the outdoors helped change the minds of many viewers.

Peter Albano Continues to Employ His Bushcraft Skills to Make Survival Kits

Though he hails from the small community of Castlegar in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia, Peter Albano’s impact on the show was anything but small. The then-42-year-old survivalist displayed significant resilience and willpower throughout his journey in the merciless conditions north of the Arctic Circle. Since settling back into the comfort of his home, Peter has done some fascinating things with his time. He often expresses his gratitude for living in an area where he can enjoy life’s snowy adventures. He started the first day of 2024 enjoying a steaming cup of coffee in the snow after managing his first catch of the season, a Perch.

Putting his bushcraft skills to use, Peter often makes primitive ice fishing kits with blackberry thorns; drill sticks and hearths for hand drill fires; bowstring, rabbit sticks, as well as Atlatls, which are ancient hunting tools or weapons called spear-throwers in simple terms. He often shares his creations on his social media platform and educates his followers on how to light a fire using birch bark, feather sticks, and a Ferro rod instead of the drill stick-hearth method. He also imparts knowledge to help those who have just embarked on the path of learning outdoor wilderness survival skills, like how to make a log torch, Pot crane, Frankenshelter (a tarp shelter), or a gooey Grilled cheese sandwich on an upside-down fire.

Not only that but from time to time, he also introduces his social world to techniques such as Kolrosing. For those looking for survival food, Peter has you covered by sharing his recipe of Pemmican, a blend of Dried meat, rendered animal fat, and dried berries that he often uses while camping. Interestingly, he also participated in a Search and Rescue training session. In the month of May, Peter made a trip to Tennessee to pay a visit to Cubby Hoover, a friend he made while the two were battling the wilderness on ‘Alone.’ The two refreshed some memories from their journey, shot arrows from a bow they made out of Osage Orange wood, and chilled over some biscuits and gravy. While he was there, the fun-loving man also befriended some like-minded individuals.

Peter Albano Works At the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary

Peter Albano holds a job in the Government Administration department. He serves as a Records Management Coordinator at the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary and is based in their Trail Headquarters. From what we can tell, he is excellent at what he does and shares a great relationship with his coworkers. A testament to that is the pride the department expressed on their social media platform, congratulating Peter on his involvement in the survival show and expressing how proud they are of him.

The statement from the official account of the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary read: “We have to admit, we haven’t seen much of Peter’s survivalist skills in action around the office. No foraging for coffee beans in the break room, no building shelters out of file folders, and not one campfire started with a stapler. As you would expect, Peter’s keeping the results secret, so we’re all supporting him by not asking any questions about the outcome! Whichever way it goes, we’re proud of you Peter!” Aside from that, he also runs a YouTube channel that centers upon his love for all things survival.

Peter Albano Enjoys Fishing, Camping, and Reading in His Downtime

Resuming the tradition of fishing that he cultivated from his dad, the outdoorsman often goes fishing in the snowy plates. While he grabs some big ones at times — such as a fat pumpkinseed sunfish, sometimes the experience isn’t that fruitful, and he ends up with nothing but lost worms. However, much like how he looks at most things in life, the survival expert focuses on the bright side and is satisfied if he has a great time. He has also engaged in mushroom farming and grew some batches of oyster mushrooms in May, hoping to add chesnut and lion’s mane to his list.

Peter has garnered a majority of his understanding of the elements of bushcraft from his camping trips with his father when he was a child as well as reading books. He continues the practice of reading even today and never misses an opportunity to open the pages of a book and expose himself to new ideas. He recently immersed himself into the world of Jaroslav Kalfař’s science fiction novel, ‘Spaceman of Bohemia.’ To break from the routine, he also likes to hike, paddle-boat in the serene waters, or stargaze next to the lake under the tranquil night sky. In April 2024, he hiked along the Kaslo River Trail near the Central Kootenay region.

Peter Albano is a Devoted Husband and Father

Peter Albano is blessed with a loving family, comprising his sweet and caring wife and their two talented kids—daughter Mila and son Ethan. The four share a great bond and have each other’s backs at everything. In fact, it was seemingly them who showed belief in him and motivated him to participate in the show. They weren’t always residents of the West Kootenays in the northernmost province of British Columbia and relocated there not long ago.

The reason for the move was to be able to stay closer to nature and have more adventures as a team. Like his father, he takes Ethan on fishing trips and hopes to inculcate in him the core values he inherited from him. His darling angel, 13-year-old daughter Mila, is a corporal in the army. She was recently promoted and chosen as the Top Junior Cadet.

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