Sarah Poynter: Where is the Alone Contestant Now?

Participating in a TV series like History Channel’s ‘Alone’ is a challenging feat. The show requires contestants to spend many days alone in the wilderness, solely relying on their skills to fend for and protect themselves. In the 11th season, Sarah Poynter, one of the most formidable contestants, never shied away even when things got tough. She remained determined throughout, knowing that the prize money of $500,000 could change her life. With this in mind, she gave it her all, demonstrating exceptional resilience and strength.

Sarah Poynter Braced the Difficulties of the Wilderness

During the season, Sarah displayed excellent proficiency in selecting her tools for the season spent outdoors. Sarah anticipated dropping temperatures would lead to freezing rivers, so she wisely chose a hatchet to cut through ice and catch fish. Her selection of various lines and wires reflected her understanding that securing food would be crucial. Opting for a sleeping bag made of synthetic fabric highlighted her foresight in ensuring warmth despite cold conditions. These choices gave her a significant advantage over others, enabling her to thrive alone in the wilderness.

Some of the experiences that Sarah went through during the season were deeply impactful on her. She had the opportunity to participate in First Nations blessings, given to all the contestants by Gwich’in elders before they started their journey. Sarah described feeling God’s presence during this ceremony, one of the times she felt spiritually moved. She spent several days at the orientation camp, where evenings were filled with campfires and sunsets. During this time, she also read about the Arctic area near the Mackenzie River Delta, familiarizing herself with the territory. When she set out to establish her cozy tent, she was surrounded by many cameras, ready to document her journey on ‘Alone.’

Sarah Poynter Kicked Off the New Year With a Lot of Love

After getting back home to Skwentna, Alaska, Sarah Poynter reminisced about the experience the show exhibited to her and expressed her gratitude to her friends and family for supporting her on her journey. Though she was nervous about how the people in her life would react to her decision of taking up the challenge, she felt elated by the love they bestowed upon her. Along with the experience, she got the chance to make friendships that transcended beyond the realm of the show. Fans would be delighted to know that she’s in close contact with not one but two contestants — Cubby Hoover and Michela Carriere. They continue to showcase their bond by hyping each other up.

Sarah Poynter Plans to Retire Soon

Sarah and Chris Poynter have made Skwentna, Alaska, their permanent home, where they continue to operate the TalVista Lodge, a fishing lodge located at the mouth of the Talachalitna River in Alaska, which is their primary source of income. Finding fulfillment in the tranquility of nature, everyday occurrences like deer sightings remain a delightful surprise for them. Sarah acknowledges the inherent dangers, particularly from bears frequenting the area, requiring her to stay vigilant. However, she cherishes this life profoundly and wouldn’t exchange it for any other.

In late 2021, Chris faced severe health issues, requiring emergency airlifting to a hospital, where he underwent months of treatment. Upon his return, adjusting to their established way of life has become challenging. Sarah shoulders a more significant workload at home and manages their lodge, and it is demanding work. Recognizing the financial strain and the potential for securing their future, Sarah saw the opportunity to participate in the season of the show as a chance to win the prize money that could support their retirement plans. While Chris’ health remains a concern, she’s optimistic that they’ll manage it well with proper care. Sarah looks forward to retiring soon and dreams that their children and grandchildren will carry the legacy they’ve built together.

Sarah Poynter is Environmentally Conscious

After her time on the season, Sarah returned home with many new friends. She became particularly close to Michela Carriere, feeling she found a close ally in her, and Michela expressed a desire to get together again. Sarah is also active in protecting and conserving the environment around her. In early June 2024, she attended a meeting where she opposed the construction of a road she believes would destroy the wilderness around her home. Her environmental activism is quite inspiring and demonstrates the deep love she has for her land and the dedication she has to preserving it.

Sarah Poynter’s Husband is Her Biggest Strength

Sarah Poynter and her husband lived in places like Sun Valley, Idaho, and Central Oregon. Chris, a thorough outdoor enthusiast, introduced Sarah to camping and fishing trips, which soon became commonplace for the family. It was during these experiences that they started giving real thought to how they could transform their lives. Soon, the couple relocated to a remote wilderness in Alaska, where they began raising their two children. Living a life surrounded by the demands of children and the outdoors—hunting, fishing, and ensuring their family’s well-being—became second nature to Sarah.

Sarah knows that the financial rewards are modest in her work, but the invaluable aspect was how she is living her life is what truly matters to her. She and her husband reside with their children and grandchildren, who have embraced the same outdoor lifestyle and a couple of dogs who are as loving as protective.

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