Alan Tenta: Where is Alone Season 10 Winner Now?

Alone‘ is a reality TV series that presents a unique survival challenge. Contestants are left to fend for themselves in a remote and unforgiving wilderness, armed with limited survival equipment. They must rely on their survival skills, intelligence, and ingenuity to brave the elements, secure sustenance, find water sources, and construct shelter. The show’s tenth season debuted on June 8, 2023, in the Reindeer Lake region of northern Saskatchewan. Alan Tenta emerged as the victor, sparking curiosity among fans about his post-win endeavors. If you’re eager to learn more about his journey since then, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get started!

Alan Tenta’s Intervention Journey

Alan Tenta, an educator at David Thompson Secondary School in Invermere, Columbia Valley, had been a passionate advocate for the inclusion of outdoor education courses in the academic curriculum. It was his students who, inspired by his teachings, encouraged him to take on the ultimate test of survival in the tenth season of the show. When Alan was chosen as one of the participants from a staggering pool of 40,000 applicants, he felt confident in his abilities to navigate the wilderness, drawing upon his extensive knowledge of outdoor survival. However, little did he anticipate the profound challenges and experiences that awaited him during the grueling 70 days that followed his selection.

During the initial 35 days, Alan dedicated his efforts to constructing shelters and foraging for sustenance. Despite the encroaching signs of winter, his innovative thinking led him to discover a consistent source of fish, which he cleverly smoked to ensure a reserve for the future. With a substantial wood supply secured, both his mental and physical states thrived. However, a pivotal moment occurred in one episode when he accidentally dropped his spool into icy waters, prompting a heightened sense of caution in his subsequent explorations.

Enduring persistent hunger, Alan faced the challenge of rationing his limited food supplies to ensure his long-term survival. As days passed, his apprehension grew due to the substantial weight loss he had experienced, raising concerns about his ability to pass the impending medical evaluation. By the time day 57 arrived, he found himself in his most debilitated state, where even the simple act of bending over would induce head rushes, highlighting the extent of his physical ordeal. He decided to push for a few more days and remembered the promise he made to his wife about quitting the show when it felt like he could not go any further.

As the 64th day unfolded, Alan received an unexpected turn of events when his last remaining competitor, Wyatt Black, decided to tap out, leaving Alan unaware that victory was within his grasp. It was a moment of profound surprise when, during a routine medical check, his wife, Lisa, descended onto his campsite via a helicopter. Up until that very instant, Alan remained oblivious to the fact that he had outlasted all other contestants on the show. With this revelation, he was officially declared the winner and earned the coveted cash prize of $500,000.

Where is Alan Tenta Now?

Following his triumphant victory, Alan was transported to the base camp for medical evaluation and refeeding. As is customary, the season’s producers maintain close medical supervision over contestants before allowing them to resume their regular lives. Alan’s refeeding regimen commenced with a nourishing cup of bone broth, accompanied by almonds and apricots. His diet was carefully regulated and observed throughout the course of a week. After staying overnight in Saskatoon, he eagerly indulged in his first substantial meal upon returning. That evening, he satisfied his cravings with a hearty Hawaiian pizza and a large mug of chilled beer.

Since the conclusion of the season, Alan has joyously reunited with his wife and made it a priority to focus on his health, considering the weight loss he endured during the show. Playfully attributing the weight loss to his “fish, squirrel, and grouse diet plan” in an Instagram post, he’s maintained a good sense of humor about his experiences. Additionally, Alan has embarked on a new venture by launching his own YouTube channel titled ‘Tenta Outdoors.’

On this channel, he provides recaps of the episodes in which he appeared, offering behind-the-scenes stories and trivia for his viewers. Moreover, he seems to be treating himself well, having purchased a stylish Raider 1900 in September 2023. It’s heartwarming to witness his fond recollections of his time on the show and his evident happiness and fulfillment. He had expressed a desire to win the show in order to inspire his students, and it’s safe to say he’s delivered on that promise.

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