Alone Season 9: Where Are They Now?

Alleviating any semblance of comfort, History’s ‘Alone’ features contestants vying for a cash prize of $500,000 by surviving in the wilderness for as long as they possibly can. The survival show features ten participants in an isolated setting surrounded by dangerous wild animals in frigid temperatures. Without any guaranteed source of food and water, the contestants forage, hunt, and fish to survive. Released in 2022, season 9 of the reality television show also features a highly intense premise. So, if you’re also curious about the contestants and their whereabouts, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

Where is Juan Pablo Quiñonez Now?

After winning season 9, the Canadian survivalist went on to work on his book titled, ‘Thrive: Long-Term Wilderness Survival Guide.’ Brought up in Mexico, Juan spent most of his life in the wilderness, exploring and surviving. Even after the show, his adventurous spirit lingers — along with his partner Jennifer, the reality star in his 30s, continues to progress.

In addition to continuing his work as a survival specialist, outdoor professional, and wilderness first responder, Juan sells several products through his website. The expert also offers advice on expeditions through his online blog and sells several products instrumental to surviving in the wild. On the personal front, Juan is using his cash prize to build a home and start a family with his fiance.

Where is Karie Lee Knoke Now?

Rendering audiences wonder-struck, Karie’s journey on the show had enthralled countless. The reality star, who had spent years in corporate before retiring to nature, was ultimately bested by Juan. Nevertheless, even outside the show, the Northern Idaho-based survivalist lives off the land. Karie still teaches people wilderness and primitive living skills through her venture, Sacred Cedars Wilderness School. Some of her other works include herbal remedies and energy medicine.

Applying her knowledge to create gifted remedies and essences, Karie works with pesticide research scientists to analyze the impact of harmful substances on the food people consume. She is also set to publish ‘The Art of Sacred Living’ and launch an experiential program for the following year. Approaching her 60s, Karie is still an avid explorer and adventurer looking forward to growing in tandem with nature daily.

Where is Dr. Teimojin Nicholas Tan Now?

The Canada-based physician and former corporal in the Canadian Armed Forces entered the show confident in his abilities. While his inclination toward plant-based medicines and strategic tactics had endowed him to survive in the wild, the star ultimately placed third on the show. Nevertheless, Dr. Teimojin is still exploring the horizons of his abilities and embarking on new paths. He is currently offering his medical services at Grey Bruce Health Services.

Now a YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram creator, Dr. Teimojin uses his expertise to teach families about medical emergencies in survival situations through his venture, Survival Doctors. In addition to offering guides and courses through his website, he has an online store that sells FDA-approved emergency trauma first-aid equipment. He also exponentiates his career as a speaker and medical consultant. In his 30s, Dr. Teimojin is engaged to Gabrielle LeClerc and continues creating new memories with his loved ones.

Where is Adam Riley Now?

Hailing from Fayetteville, Adam had already been on countless voyages before arriving on ‘Alone.’ No longer just an alpaca shearer and treehouse builder, he has used his survival skills to enhance his portfolio. The ‘Alone’ season 9 alum now shares his thoughts and experiences as a shearer through his blog. He also sells tools and shares knowledge of his craft through his website.

Adam has also taken an expedition across The Northwest Passage with his fellow castmate Dr. Teimojin Nicholas Tan and others. For this adventure, the group is also self-constructing their boats. Approaching his 40s, the star continues to embark on new challenges with his girlfriend, Hannah Evergreen, and their dog, Bellerina Trotsky.

Where is Jessica (Jessie) Krebs Now?

A former Air Force SEER instructor, Jessie had several skills that allowed her to stay strong in the wild. After exiting the show, she established her business, O.W.L.S, where she teaches women survival skills and helps them inculcate methods to live in the primitive wilderness through intensive training. Jessie is also a guest instructor for Masterclass.

The survivalist and educator on wilderness skills regularly shares her adventures on YouTube. Jessie has been a guest on the ‘Why We Hike’ podcast and offers classes and courses through her website. The Colorado-based reality star in her 50s continues to explore the horizons of her abilities and expand her business along with her boyfriend, Blake.

Where is Tom Garstang Now?

Born in South Africa, the Virginia-based prescribed fire practitioner and regenerative agriculturist used his unique skills to survive on the show to survive. Brought up by his game ranger father, he had extensive experience in the wild before he made his way to the show. Even after his exit, Tom has continued to uphold the memories of his mentors and loved ones. Now in his late 30s, the star excels as a leather worker and conservationist and spends time with his family and partner, Ashley. His outdoor games company offers several wilderness adventures as well.

Where is Terry Burns Now?

After leaving a decade-old stint in construction, Terry had decided to live in Alaska and experience the bountiful nature first-hand. Now in his 30s, he continues his work as a commercial fisherman. Like always, Terry continues his backpacking adventures when he’s not on the sea. In addition to creating transformative experiences with his parents, he cultivates his love for nature by living off the land in the port town of Homer, Alaska.

Where is Benjamin “Benji” James Hill Now?

An unfortunate medical condition ultimately led Benji to tap out sooner than expected. Nevertheless, the Idaho-based hunting and pack goat adventure guide continues accelerating. With more than 30 years of traditional bowhunting experience, Benji continues to excel in several ways. Apart from keeping his survivalist spirit alive, he camps for children and adults through his website.

Benji’s website also provides pack goat hunting, high-country fishing, and goat-assisted backpack trips. The former world champion in powerlifting is approaching his 50s and spends quality time with his wife, Erin, their daughter, Zoe, and their two dogs.

Where is Igor Andre Yvan Antoine Limansky Now?

Igor called it quits on day 20 after he failed to secure a good source of protein capable of keeping him nourished. Nevertheless, the Armenian-Egyptian and first-generation American continues to live off the land and work as a community leader with refugees. From offering public narrative coaching and leadership development, Igor’s role as an industry leader also includes consultation on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Not just this, Igor even offers mountains and river retreats in Southern Idaho. In his 40s, the Utah-based Leadership Consultant explores new adventures with his wife and dog, Enzo.

Where is Jacques K. Turcotte Now?

In his 20s, the glacier guide specializing in ice climbing was prepared to handle the biting cold easily. Skilled in bushcraft and shooting animals, he lives off the land by fishing and foraging. Based in Juneau, Alaska, Jacques still participates as a tourist guide in new adventures. Shortly after exiting the show, he tied the knot with his girlfriend Catherine, and the duo welcomed another furry friend to their clan. The couple heads on new adventures with their dogs, Rue and Pip.

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