Where is Alone 2023 Filmed?

History’s ‘Alone‘ is a long-running survival TV series that follows ten individuals self-documenting their daily struggles as they attempt to survive in the wilderness with a limited equipment supply. In season 10, we see a new batch of ten brave participants who navigate their survival skills as they fight to be the last man standing and take home the grand prize of $500,000. They are dropped right in the wilderness, with several predators lurking in every other corner, including wolves, black bears, and moose. Not only are the ten individuals supposed to compete against one another, but they also go through extreme weather conditions and survive the attacks of the largest animals in the area.

Each survivalist is allowed just ten survival items and enough camera gear to self-document their daily experiences in the tenth season, considered the most challenging season of the entire show yet. The reality show has been taking place in several Canadian locations over the years, and for season 10, the survivalists are also dropped in the middle of a Canadian site, that is, the Northern Saskatchewan wilderness. So, given the picturesque yet dangerous landscape of the woods, you are bound to be curious about the actual filming sites of ‘Alone’ season 10. In that case, we have got you covered!

Alone Season 10 Filming Locations

‘Alone’ season 10 was filmed in Northern Saskatchewan, specifically around the Reindeer Lake. As per reports, the principal photography for the 10th round of the survival show took place in the fall of 2022. Now, without further ado, let’s look at the specific locations where the ten individuals tried their best to survive for the longest to win the competition!

Northern Saskatchewan

The ten survivalists of ‘Alone’ season 10 were dropped in the rugged wilderness of Northern Saskatchewan, which is where they put their survival skills to the test and eye to win the cash prize by being the last man standing. Specifically, the shooting for the tenth season took place around Reindeer Lake, the traditional territory of Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation. Given the ruggedness and remoteness of the location, filled with a population of black bears, wolves, and moose, it tested the grit of all the contestants and made for a suitable filming site for the series.

Moreover, the Arctic winds and waves Reindeer Lake is known for during the true Saskatchewan winter make surviving even tougher and more challenging for the participants. Jeff Stecyk, the principal/executive producer for Wavelength Entertainment, shared his views on ‘Alone’ choosing Saskatchewan as the primary production location for the tenth season. He stated, “It was a beautiful collaboration that will inevitably lead to other opportunities for our company and the province. ‘Alone’ has captivated millions of viewers around the world since its debut season in 2015, and it was a pleasure to help bring it to Saskatchewan.”

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