Where Was Alone Season 9 Filmed?

Alone‘ is a survival-based reality show that follows ten contestants who have to survive in the wilderness with little to no help. But they do have access to a very limited supply of survival equipment. The individuals have to build a shelter for themselves using whatever is available around them, hunt for food, and keep looking over their shoulders to save themselves from falling prey to all the deadly predators that may be lurking around them.

The rules were more of the same in season 9 of the show as well, the only difference was the setting. So, the contestants who survive alone in the wilderness for the longest time win the enormous prize money of $500,000. Thus, if the beautiful yet deadly landscapes in season 9 of the reality series have got you wondering about the places where it has been shot, allow us to fill you in on all the details regarding the same!

Alone Season 9 Filming Locations

‘Alone’ season 9 was filmed entirely in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, specifically in Nunatsiavut. Consisting of the island of Newfoundland and the continental region of Labrador, it is the easternmost province of the country. It is home to over 7,000 small islands, which means that it is filled with locations apt for shooting a survival series such as ‘Alone.’

However, the filming of the ninth iteration took place in Fall 2021 and was limited to a particular area within the province. Let’s navigate through the wilderness and learn about the specific locations where the contestants of season 9 tested their determination and survival skills!

Nunatsiavut, Newfoundland and Labrador

The production team chose the remote and autonomous area of Nunatsiavut in the Labrador region to tape season 9 of the survival series. Separated from the island of Newfoundland, Labrador is known to be the largest and northernmost geographical area in the Atlantic provinces. The region has a reputation for having an unfavorable climate, but little did the contestants know that it would be one of the harshest conditions that the contestants on the show have ever seen. Apart from being known for its extreme weather that includes rain and snow, it is also home to a deadly prey-stalking predator — the polar bear.

Much like the first eight installments, the contestants of season 9 were not accompanied by a production crew, so they documented their journey by themselves. All in all, Nunatsiavut turned out to be one of the most difficult challenges the survivalists faced, not just because of the extreme conditions but also due to the presence of wild bears.

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