8 Reality Shows Like Alone You Must See

History’s ‘Alone‘ is a survival competition TV series that gives us a detailed glimpse into ten individuals’ daily struggles in the wilderness as they self-document their survival journey. Each survivalist tries to last as long as possible in order to be the last man standing and eventually, win the competition and the grand cash prize of $500,000. But what makes it all the more challenging is that they only have a limited supply of survival equipment to start with.

The participants are surrounded by harsh weather, hostile areas within the wilderness, and threatening wildlife, all of which make their solo survival quest one of the biggest challenges of their entire lives. If you find yourself intrigued by watching the participants survive all the physical and mental challenges in the wilderness, you might want to check out similar survival shows that we have listed below. You can find several of these shows, like ‘Alone’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

8. Outlast (2023-)

Netflix’s ‘Outlast‘ is a survival reality series set in the Alaskan wilderness that puts together 16 individuals who compete against one another to win a life-altering cash prize, which is similar to the format of ‘Alone.’ The only difference is that the survivalists are supposed to let go of their lone-wolf persona and work together as a team to survive and win the competition.

In order to get out of the game, players have to fire a flare gun. The last team that remains in the competition takes home $1 million. The backdrops of the wilderness, the grit and determination of the survivalists, and the dangerous wildlife are some similar aspects that ‘Alone’ and ‘Outlast’ share.

7. Snowflake Mountains (2022)

Image Credit: Pete Dadds/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Snowflake Mountains‘ is a reality TV series that puts a lighter twist on survival competitions as it involves a group of clueless kidults who are temporarily revoked of their privileges and placed at a wilderness survival retreat. The main aim is to help these individuals kick-start their careers and land them on their own feet, independent of anybody else.

With no water, no parents, and no Wi-Fi, these kidults must live their nightmares and survive the retreat while exploring the wilderness and nature on their own. Although there is a difference in the overall vibe of ‘Snowflake Mountains’ and ‘Alone,’ the similarities in the format and other aspects are way more.

6. Naked and Afraid (2013-)

Naked and Afraid XL Season 6 Episode 11 Finale

Naked and Afraid‘ is a survival reality TV series wherein each episode, the viewers get a glimpse of the journey of survival of two survivalists, both of whom meet each other for the first time in the wilderness for the challenge, but without any clothes whatsoever. Their task is to survive the wild and stay together for 21 days.

To help them with the process, each survivalist is permitted to carry a helpful item that might come in handy, such as a machete or a fire starter. Once the two get acquainted, they must work together and build a shelter, and find water and food. Apart from the fact that the participants in ‘Alone’ are meant to stay and survive alone, both the shows in question share several common links.

5. The Island with Bear Grylls (2014-2019)

Starring Bear Grylls, ‘The Island with Bear Grylls’ is a British reality TV series that revolves around a bunch of British men and women who are placed in the wilderness on an uninhabited Pacific island. Just like in ‘Alone,’ the participants are scattered across the island all alone and they must film themselves, and survive all the physical and mental challenges that the wilderness throws their way.

All they have is the pair of clothes they are wearing and the basic tools and training required to get by. If you are seeking to watch a show that features the ultimate test of endurance of several individuals who strive to survive in an uninhabited land, much like ‘Alone,’ you should definitely add ‘The Island with Bear Grylls’ to your list.

4. Dual Survival (2010-2016)

Image Credit: Micah Pastore/Discovery Channel

Narrated by Australian bassist and vocalist Paul Christie, Discovery Channel’s ‘Dual Survival’ is an adventure survival TV series that follows two seasoned survivalists — survival instructor Dave Canterbury and primitive-skills expert Cody Lundin — as they embark upon a mission to survive in the wild scenarios they’re dropped in, such as a desert, island or a secluded jungle. Hailing from diverse backgrounds, the two individuals make use of all the techniques and tricks they’ve gathered all their lives to cope with the wrath of mother nature and hunt for food, water, and other basic necessities.

3. Ultimate Survival Alaska (2013-2015)

‘Ultimate Survival Alaska’ centers upon teams of highly adept survivalists who are willing to risk all sorts of danger as they race against each other, time, and of course, the extremities of nature while stranded in the Last Frontier. Throughout the show, we see the men and women engage in challenges that put them in perilous situations that involve scaling glaciers and mountains, battling extreme Alaskan weather conditions and scouring for food and water as the clock keeps ticking.

The picturesque yet isolated backdrops of the wild, while a group of survivalists goes through different challenges under difficult circumstances, is something that this National Geographic Channel show has in common with ‘Ultimate Survival Alaska’ and ‘Alone.’

2. Survivorman (2005-2016)

Created by Les Stroud, ‘Survivorman’ is a survival docu-series that follows Stroud, who is stranded in an isolated location with a one-man camera, no supplies or equipment, and no connection with the outside world, just like the contestants in ‘Alone.’ Not only does Stroud focus on surviving, but he also documents his journey and constantly gives insight into how to deal with the challenges that the wilderness throws one’s way, which is yet another similarity between ‘Survivorman’ and ‘Alone.’

1. Survivor (2000-)

Created by Charlie Parsons, ‘Survivor’ is a multiple-Emmy Award-winning reality show that chronicles the adventures in the lives of numerous contestants, also known as survivors, who are split into multiple tribes and abandoned on an isolated island as they pull out all stops to evade elimination and keep going in the competition until one amongst them emerges as the lone survivor and takes home a whopping cash prize along with the coveted title of “Sole Survivor.”

With over 40 successful seasons, the long-running show is hosted by Jeff Probst and is based on the Swedish show titled ‘Expedition Robinson.’ In ‘Alone’ too, there are multiple survivalists who are left on their own to survive and win the grand cash prize.

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