22 Best British/BBC TV Series on Netflix Right Now

Talk about any British show and everyone automatically assumes that it must be BBC. For people on the other side of the pond, and honestly, even for the rest of the world, British television is synonymous with BBC, and rightfully so. It’s not that the country doesn’t have other channels; but it’s just that BBC has been the most influential network till date, not just in Britain but in other parts of the world as well. It has become a trademark and has been so consistent with the quality of its material that whatever it serves you, you’ll know it’ll be good, at its worst. If you haven’t yet started consuming what British television has to offer, then Netflix presents you with a great opportunity as it is full of British films and TV shows. So, here’s the list of really good BBC shows on Netflix that are available to stream right now:

22. Wanderlust (2018)

This show stars Toni Collette as Joy Richards, a relationship therapist who is driven to take extreme measures when her marriage begins to fall apart. Joy and Alan have been married a long time; they have three kids who are all grown-up now, and they have successful careers, so there are no financial woes either. However, everyone in the family is struggling with one or other problem which is directly related to their sex lives. A cycling accident opens Joy to the courage of demanding something more from her husband and this leads both of them down a path that ultimately poses the question: what price are they willing to pay for their fantasies and forbidden desires to come true? Thus, ‘Wanderlust’ becomes a study of a normal marriage which takes a drastic turn when the partners make a choice that they’ll soon regret.

20. Hinterland (2013 – 2016)

This Welsh crime drama is set in the backdrop of Aberystwyth, a place whose beauty is corrupted by a streak of violent crimes. DCI Tom Mathias leads the investigation when a woman is reported missing. Her house has clear signs of some terrible crime. The whole bathroom covered in blood makes the case gorier. The owner, however, is missing. As Mathias goes deeper into the investigation, he realizes that the town holds many secrets and that the residents are hiding something. The increasingly complicated case puts a lot of pressure on him, which is something he wanted to leave behind when he came to this town.

19. Toast Of London (2013-)

Created by Arthur Mathews and Matt Berry, ‘Toast Of London’ is a sitcom based on the life of a theatre actor. Berry himself plays the central character called Steven Toast, whom we see troubled with personal issues because of the rough past he has had. After his career and marriage fade away, Steven is left dealing with life in the hardest ways and takes on odd jobs to support himself. The series shows us Steven’s life as he goes about dealing with a quirky set of supporting actors who bring a rather interesting charm to the show. The interesting humour and unusual characters we are not used to seeing in a TV sitcom make ‘Toast Of London’ one of the most unique shows produced by Channel 4.

18. Collateral (2018)

A BBC Two and Netflix original miniseries, ‘Collateral‘ is a British police procedural show set in London and spans four days. The central character of the story is Detective Inspector Kip Glaspie (Carey Mulligan) who gets involved with the investigations into the murder of a pizza delivery boy in London. As she investigates deeper, she finds herself inside the dangerous realm of London’s underworld which seems to operate with its own sets of rules. Parallelly, we see how politician David Mars and a vicar also indirectly get involved with the case. A rather intriguing thriller, the best part of ‘Collateral’ is the atmosphere and tension which remain consistent throughout its four-episode run.

17. White Gold (2017 – Present)

If you’ve wondered what became of Jay and Simon from ‘The Inbetweeners’, then ‘White Gold’ is the show you should watch. It stars James Buckley as Brian Fitzpatrick and Joe Thomas as Martin Lavender, two salesmen working at Cachet Windows, with Ed Westwick playing the role of the head salesman, Vincent Swan. Brian and Martin are of different ambitions and have a polar opposite approach when it comes to their work ethics. Martin is polite and considerate and he prioritizes the needs of his customer before his ambition. This is why he’ll never be able to beat Brian at sales. Brian is cunning and ruthless, and as Vincent once wager, “he can sell ice to the Eskimos”. The show focuses on the rivalry and friendship of these three, along with the story of other salesmen who work with them.

16. Marcella (2016- present)

This show follows the story of a troubled former detective, Marcella Backland. Her personal life is a mess. Her husband has decided to call quits on their marriage after a decade-and-a-half, and he is ready to use anything against Marcella to get the full custody of their children. His case is strengthened by Marcella’s psychological weakness. She is prone to black-outs and along with impeding with her personal life, this problem is also causing chaos in her professional one. The pressure is further increased when a decade-old case is reopened. New information suggests that the serial killer who was responsible for three murders in 2005 has returned, and before he (or she) stages more bloodbath, Marcella and her team have to solve the crime, revisiting the horrors they have witnessed all those years ago.

15. Merlin (2008 – 2012)

This show is a re-imagining of the legend of King Arthur and other characters from his story. The protagonist of this tale is Merlin, a wizard who, in the original legend, helped Arthur reclaim his throne after discovering that he had done the impossible task of pulling Excalibur out of the stone. In this version, however, the events take place very differently. For starters, Merlin is not an old sage, he is Arthur’s contemporary. Arthur’s father Uther is the king of Camelot and he has prohibited magic of all forms in the kingdom. When Arthur discovers his powers, he is forced to keep them under wraps to save himself from punishment. Meanwhile, he meets Arthur, who might be rebellious to the king but has a very kind heart that wants to do good for his subjects.

14. One of Us (2016)

This thriller miniseries follows the events in the aftermath of a couple’s murder. Adam Elliot and Grace Douglas were childhood sweethearts and had been recently married. Their families receive a horrific shock when they are found brutally murdered. Trying to come to terms with the loss of their children, the Elliot and Douglas family come face to face with the most difficult choice of their life when a man, who could be the killer of their children, comes knocking at their doorstep. Meanwhile, the police continue their investigation into the murders and discover some dark secrets about the families.

13. Peaky Blinders (2013-)

Peaky Blinders‘ managed to create a global fan following as soon as it began airing, and its popularity has only grown over the years. The story of this series is set in Birmingham in 1919 where a dangerous criminal gang called the Peaky Blinders is on the rise. The gang is led by Tommy Shelby, a crime lord who will not stop at anything to earn the success that he thinks he deserves. The only opposition that the Peaky Blinders face is from Inspector Major Chester Campbell. He is someone who has been sent to Birmingham by Churchill to curb down the rise of Communists, members of the IRA, and the criminals who have made this industrial town the hotbed of their different activities. The performances and the brilliant visuals on offer in this series are unparalleled. Cillian Murphy has been the perfect casting in the role of Tommy Shelby, with the intensity in his eyes being perfect for the role.

12. Happy Valley (2014 – Present)

‘Happy Valley’ follows the story of a woman named Catherine Cawood. She is a police sergeant who is still struggling to make peace with the fact that her daughter is gone. Eight years ago, Catherine’s daughter, Becky, had been raped by Tommy Lee Royce. Becky got pregnant from it, and after giving birth to the child, she committed suicide. Now, Catherine, who has separated from her husband and has an estranged relationship with her son, lives with her addict sister and is raising Becky’s child. Things become more complicated when Catherine discovers that Royce, who had been in jail for drug charges, has been released now. She decides to get justice for her daughter but doesn’t realize that there is something else that Royce is planning to do.

11. Sex Education (2019-)

This British Netflix original series centres around a character called Otis Milburn who is rather socially awkward and has thus never managed to get intimate with any girl. However, when it comes to sex, Otis is an expert on the theoretical part of it because his mother is a sex therapist. Even without putting in a conscious effort, Otis has become an expert in the field because of the endless talks about sex which kept happening in his house quite openly since he was a child. Otis decides that he should use his knowledge to help those of his classmates who suffer from sexual problems, and for that, he opens a secret underground sexual therapy clinic with the help of one of his classmates called Maeve. While trying to solve the various sexual problems of his fellow students, Otis realizes he needs some intimacy in his life as well. A rather bold and wise series, ‘Sex Education‘ touches upon the boldest topics with such humour and innocence, that nothing feels awkward at any point of time.

10. Man Like Mobeen (2017- Present)

This show follows the story of a Muslim man living in Birmingham. His only family is his sister Aqsa, who has a very promising life ahead, unlike Mobeen’s, and he wants to give his sister a chance at moving away from their current circumstance towards a better life. However, it is not so easy for him to keep her away from danger, especially when he hasn’t been able to let go of his shady past as a drug dealer that comes back to bite him time and again. The show follows Mobeen’s quest of trying to make things right, with the help of his mates, Nate and Eight. But how can they help him when they are used to making a mess around themselves?

9. London Spy (2015)

It hadn’t taken much time for Danny to fall in love with Alex. Even though their personalities differed from each other, they had an instant connection which soon matured into romance. What Danny didn’t know was that Alex worked as a spy for the Secret Intelligence Service. He discovers this truth only after he finds Alex’s dead body. He is fed a story about how his lover had died, but Danny refuses to be satisfied with lies. Even though he has no idea how the world of espionage works, to find out the truth about Alex’s death, he decides to jump in headfirst into it.

8. Bodyguard (2018 – Present)

Everyone is crazy about Jon Snow, but most of the fandom he has gained comes from the process of elimination. I mean, and sorry for reminding but, Red Wedding! For a lot of people, the King in the North is still Robb Stark. If you are one of those loyalists, then ‘Bodyguard’ is just the show you need. It stars Richard Madden as David Budd, an Afghanistan war veteran who is assigned to be the bodyguard for a controversial politician, Julia Montague. Still recovering from the scarring experiences of war, Budd finds his new job even more challenging because he finds himself in constant disagreement with the ideas of a person he’s supposed to protect. Want some exciting, nail-biting action series with a tense political atmosphere which might be a latent commentary on current political circumstances? Head to Netflix and watch this show.

7. Broadchurch (2013 – 2017)

If you want to watch more of this year’s winner of Academy Award for Best Actress, Olivia Colman, then you don’t have to sit and wait for Netflix to release the next season of ‘The Crown’. You can watch ‘Broadchurch’ in the meantime. Set in the fictional town of Broadchurch, it follows the two detectives who are in charge of investigating the gruesome murder of an 11-year-old boy. David Tennant and Olivia Colman played the role of Alec Hardy and Ellie Miller, respectively, both of whom struggle with handling the media who have their full attention on the case and the victim’s family. Taking a three-season arc, the show explores the effect the case has on the detectives and the family, especially how they deal with it after the crime is solved.

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6. Black Mirror (2011-)

One of the greatest TV shows of all time, ‘Black Mirror‘ is a Channel 4 original series which was later taken on by Netflix. This series is one of the most eye-opening things you will see on television today. Each episode of ‘Black Mirror’ is a different story which tells us how close to a massive tragedy our lives always are in the hands of the technology that we use today. From cyberbullying to surveillance to online dating, nothing remains outside the realm of ‘Black Mirror’. From brilliant performances to stories that leave us dumbfounded- the production qualities of this series are endless. The series challenges the ways we perceive the world and shows us how susceptible our lives are at the hands of technology, which was only meant to aid and assist us.

5. The Last Kingdom (2015- Present)

For the fans of historical fiction, BBC is a great place. The channel keeps reinventing the classic stories from Shakespeare and Austen while introducing the audience to a set of new characters from the more recent novels. ‘The Last Kingdom’ is a treat if you love such shows. It is based on a series of novels by Bernard Cornwell and is set in the late 9th century. The protagonist of the story is Uhtred of Bebbanburg. His father was Saxon noblemen and was killed in an attack by Viking Danes who frequently plundered Anglo-Saxon territories. Uhtred is taken captive by the Viking lord, Earl Ragnar, who raises him like a son. As the years pass by, the rivalry within the Viking lords grows, which eventually leads to the death of Ragnar. Now that Uhtred is in charge, he decides to not only avenge Ragnar’s death but also plans to take back the Saxon territories that were taken at the time of his real father’s death.

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4. River (2015)

When Detective Inspector John River’s colleague, DS Jackie Stevenson is murdered, River suffers a severe mental trauma. He begins to have visions of Jackie, and the more River indulges himself in these visions, the stronger their hold gets on him. As the investigation of Jackie’s murder continues, River is excluded from it for two reasons. The first one being his close relationship with the victim, which would hinder his ability to separate emotions from what should be his job. The second and more important reason is that before he can go back to his normal job, he’ll have to go through a psychiatric evaluation. Apart from all this, River is also troubled by the pleading of a mother who wants him to find her missing daughter.

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3. Still Game (2002-2019)

Even though this Scottish sitcom has run for seventeen years, there are only nine seasons of the series, the finale of which premiered on March 28, 2019. It follows the story of three men who get stuck in various circumstances, like when the lift becomes dysfunctional, they are forced to remain in their flat and use this time to discuss all sorts of topics. In addition to that, these characters also try to familiarize themselves with the modernity of the world, which also becomes a prominent topic of discussion for them. Quite popular in Scotland, ‘Still Game’ evolved from theatre to screen in very quick steps.

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2. Sherlock (2010 – 2017)

If you’re one of the people who whined for the last year and a half because HBO didn’t drop a new season of ‘Game of Thrones’, or how ‘The Crown’ isn’t back yet, then you’ve not been a part of one of the most patient fandoms of all. No one knows it better than the fans of ‘Sherlock’. If you haven’t yet seen the series, consider yourself lucky because you’ll get to binge-watch all four seasons in one sitting. You won’t have to wait for at least two years to find out whether your favourite villain of all time is alive or not! (Yes, you must brace yourself for a huge crush on Andrew Scott’s Moriarty. You should see him in a crown!) It is this interval that still has us sceptic about the end of the series. We believe that it’s just one of those breaks, and maybe a decade or so later, they’ll come up with another season.

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1. Monty Python’s Flying Circus (1969-1974)

This sketch comedy series is one of the classics of British comedy and apart from ‘Flying Circus’, you’ll find other programs related to ‘Monty Python’s’ on Netflix. Since all that started from here, it was only logical that this one made the list. If you’re still new to the scenario of British comedy, then you should go in with the expectation that it won’t be like any usual comedy you’ve seen before. In fact, ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus’ gave ground to a new kind of comedy which was all previous versions combined and yet, nothing like any of them. It is sharp, witty and utterly humorous. Because it was made in the early 70s, you might feel like you’re watching a show from another time. But get used to it and you’ll feel anachronistic in your current timeline.

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