Dylan Hodge From Love & Translation Wants to be a Businessman

Image Credit: Tito Herrera/TLC

Dylan Hodge is one of the three men in season 1 of TLC’s ‘Love & Translation’ whose quest for love had to overcome the language barriers they could not have imagined. Faced with several potential love interests, the male cast members from America could not help but lament the fact that they were unable to properly communicate with the girls, though that did not stop them from giving romance a chance. Dylan certainly seemed eager not to let the opportunity go to waste, intriguing the interest of many viewers who are now keen to learn what they can about him.

Dylan Hodge’s Mother is From Belize

Having appeared in the TLC show at the age of 21, Dylan Hodge admires his mother Christine very much. The lady in question hails from a small town in Belize, which apparently shaped Dylan’s mentality in quite a unique way. He even talked about how, when walking around in his mother’s hometown, he would often get recognized as a “white boy,” which ultimately led the asked to instantly realize who his mother was and then point out how they were related to him. Dylan also has a brother who he does seem close to.

Though he calls Pullman, Washington, his hometown, Dylan now lives in Miami, Florida. A man with a plan, he admitted that his desire to get married at such a young age might seem strange to some, but he believes that his upbringing and awareness of other cultures around the world have helped him come to such a decision. In 2019, Dylan actually graduated from Pullman High School, paving the path to entering Florida International University as a student in January 2020. He graduated from the institute in December 2023, having studied Accounting and Business/Management diligently while at the university.

Dylan Hodge is a Technology Salesman

In April 2021, Dylan Hodge became a part-time Community Assistant for CA Ventures, a position he retained until August 2022. He then proceeded to join Greektory in June 2023 for a remote position of Sales Specialist and worked there till November 2023. What is even more interesting is Dylan’s association with Lumen Technologies, for whom he became a College Connect for Sales Academy in February 2023. Additionally, he is also a Technology Salesman for the company.

As it turns out, Dylan is quite interested in the fields of data analytics and sales, having taken classes relevant to the same while he was in school. Ultimately, the TLC star wants to run a business of his own and has been learning what he can about the world of business for a very long time. His diligent study of sales might also be connected to Dylan’s plan to enter the world of business. He is also, as many must have easily deduced, an eager part of the entertainment industry, as given by his appearance in ‘Love & Translation.’

Dylan Hodge is Looking For the Girl of His Dreams

A self-professed “hopeless romantic,” Dylan Hodge hopes to find his one true love as soon as possible and certainly seemed eager to tie the knot when he came on to the show. When describing the kind of woman he wanted, he stated that the girl should be “independent, outgoing, and confident.” In fact, he admitted that he wanted his partner to be someone like his mothers, having no hesitations about being a “momma’s boy.”

Given Dylan’s closeness with his mother, it is likely that he would also want someone who would get along with Christine, especially given how many of her good qualities the half-Belizean man wants in his significant other. While Dylan’s time in the TLC series was far from easy due to the language barrier, he never seemed to feel any regret about traveling all the way to the Dominican Republic in order to potentially find his perfect match, even if the girl might be from another country.

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