Kahlil Haughton From Love & Translation is a Former Basketball Player

Image Credit: Tito Herrera/TLC

TLC’s ‘Love & Translation’ is a reality show that truly tests the idea that love can overcome anything. While the non-English speaking female participants of the show try their best to find their matches, English-speaking American cast members have to try and connect with girls around the world without a translator. Season 1 of the show saw Kahlil Haughton struggling with the same issue as he tried his level best to find love while making sure that his emotions did not get lost in the lack of translation. Naturally, the world is eager to know what they can about the reality TV star.

Kahlil Haughton is Half-Jamaican

Hailing from Waco, Texas, Kahlil Haughton was 24 years old when he appeared on the TLC show for the very first time. The reality TV star is actually quite close to his family and often posts about them on social media, especially during special moments of his life, like crucial sports games. His mother, Tanya, is of Trinidadian, Chinese, and Caucasian descent, while his father is from Jamaica. In the TLC show, he admitted that he often felt different while growing up in Texas.

Kahlil grew up playing sports, and by the time he graduated from Midway High School, he had garnered the attention of many scouts. In fact, Kahlil’s stellar record in games like basketball helped him earn offers from colleges like Araknsas State University, Kansas State University, Ohio State University, and many more. Needless to say, by the time Kahlil ended his schooling, he had his pick in which institute he wanted to join. Ultimately, Kahlil decided to be a part of the University of Oklahoma in 2015, which earned him a position in the institute’s basketball team called Oklahoma Sooners. He is also a passionate football player.

Kahlil Haughton is a University of Oklahoma Graduate

In 2019, Kahlil Haughton graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a bachelor’s degree in Health Sports Science. While he was still in university, the TLC star was an Assistant Trainer for Youth performance from June 2018 to August 2018. The former student-athlete went on to join D1 Sports Training in June 2019 as a Fitness Specialist, a position he retained until December 2019. In June 2020, he started to work as a freelance Entertainment Writer and continued the profession until March of 2023.

October 2021 saw Kahlil join Whole Foods Market as a Team Trainer. While he was there, he exercised his management skills and made use of his knowledge of Microsoft Excel, among other things, to ensure exemplary customer service. The reality TV stars’ responsibilities included providing customer help in person as well as via telephone. He also had the tasks of training other employees, organizing schedules, and evaluating performance.

Kahlil ended up leaving Whole Foods Market in September 2022. Not much later, he decided to venture into the world of modeling. Since February 2023, he has been working alongside Ursula Wiedmann Models and Talent, with the company representing his and his talent. This has allowed him to share his work and resume much more easily and maximize his chances when it comes to being a part of the entertainment industry. In fact, he was even a part of ‘Everybody Hates Kyle.’ Additionally, Kahlil has been working remotely as a Sales Representative for Cutco Culinary since June 2023. He also works as a Football Coach, having had to give up his own sports career due to an injury.

Kahlil Haughton Has Never Been in a Serious Relationship Before

It is not very hard to guess that Kahlil was decidedly single when he decided to enter the TLC series and try his chance at love. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the ‘Love & Translation’ in the show has certainly not been easy. Caught unaware by the fact that the girls he was supposed to woo did not even speak English, he tried his level best to ensure that he did not lose his chance at love. His performance certainly won the hearts of many.

Prior to coming on the show, Kahlil self-admittedly had never been in a “meaningful” relationship. He clarified that he had always been focused on his sports career in the past, which meant that he had never even brought a girl home to meet his family. His desire to make the most out of the TLC show certainly seemed even more understandable in light of this information.

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