Tripp Bromley From Love & Translation is a Marine Corps Veteran

Image Credit: Tito Herrera/TLC

In TLC’s ‘Love & Translation,’ one gets to see just how much of a role a common language can play when two people are trying to find love. Among the American male cast members featured in the show and who were tasked to find love despite their potential love not knowing how to speak English, Tripp Bromley certainly stood out with his good looks and desire to create a good impression on those around him. Naturally, the reality TV star has earned many fans who are eager to learn what they can about him.

Tripp Bromley is a California Native

Tripp Bromley was 30 years old when he made his reality TV debut and captured the hearts of people across the world. He grew up in Los Angeles, California, and was fascinated with the idea of being a part of the Marine Corps of the US Armed Forces. This interest shaped his future career in a major way, as well as his lifestyle. He himself has explained how he is a man who likes organization and punctuality, some of the many traits that are necessary for any good member of the military.

Additionally, Tripp is a man who appreciates cultural diversity very much. In the TLC series, he explained how he has always connected better with people whose roots are different than his own. He also seems to be not fond of the people who judge others based on their financial status or social media presence, something he claimed is much too prevalent in his home city. More than anything, he respects people who have family-oriented values.

Tripp Bromley is a Personal Trainer

Given Tripp Bromley’s interest in the Marine Corps since he was a young kid, the fact that he ended up joining the specific part of the US Armed Forces did not surprise many. He himself felt like his dreams had come true, and he continues to be proud of his status as a veteran, having served in the military for four years. Tripp also takes pride in maintaining the lessons he learned as a military man, including leadership, teamwork, and courage.

Thanks to the Marine Corps, Tripp also gained friends with whom he is still connected these days. In fact, one of his friends, Rhett, who himself has been in the Marine Corps, even made an appearance in the show and hyped up his friend as much as possible. Following his time in the army, Tripp decided to enter the world of bodybuilding, superficially as a Personal Trainer. He even has a certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) for the same and is always happy to lend his services to others while also maintaining his own physique. Additionally, the TLC star has appeared in productions like ‘Double Jack,’ ‘The Other Realm,’ and ‘Castles in the Air.’

Tripp Bromley Wants a Long-Term Relationship

One of the biggest reasons why Tripp seemed so excited about the TLC show was perhaps the fact that he enjoys talking to people from different cultures. He admitted that all his past meaningful relationships had been with people who did not hail from the same culture as him. Though jokingly, he and his friends also established that his ideal woman would be someone of Latino descent and of shorter height, a combination that truly seemed to be the key to the veteran’s heart.

Tripp went on to explain that he believes that the girls he likes are those who are family-oriented, a trait he seemingly desires very much in a partner. He went on to add how his military career was not helpful when it came to maintaining a serious relationship and now that his time in service was over, Tripp was looking forward to finding his match and hopefully starting a new and beautiful chapter of life.

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