Are Dylan and Renée From Selling the Hamptons Still Together?

Max’s ‘Selling the Hamptons’ is an intriguing series primarily focused on real estate agents based in the Hamptons, New York. Apart from their professional work, the viewers cannot help but feel invested in the personal lives of some of their favorite on-screen cast members. While Dylan Eckardt might have been a new face in the show’s recently released season 2, he has been able to capture the attention of the world around him quite easily. This includes his relationship with Renée, whom the viewers get to see as a couple in the show, leaving many to wonder about whether or not the two are still in a relationship.

Dylan and Renée Retruned to the Hamptons

Hailing from the Hamptons, Dylan Eckardt seemed very happy about returning home for the duration of season 2 of the Max show. The realtor certainly enjoyed introducing his kids to the beaches that the area is known for and spending time with his loved ones as much as possible. He also seemed to appreciate talking to Renée, who was introduced to viewers of the series as the realtor’s fiance. While on the beach enjoying the waves, Dylan explained his reasons behind returning to the Hamptons to Renée.

Dylan claimed that he was someone who had good connections in the area and had enough knowledge to boost the sales of Nest Seekers International in the area. He stated how he knew that Eddie Shapiro, the CEO of Nest Seekers, had brought him on to not only increase sales but also help other realtors. However, while talking to Renée, Dylan confessed that he did not think he needed a team to boost his work and did feel like he was being held back. He also admitted that he was having a hard time maintaining his aggressiveness when it came to working alongside his team members.

While Dylan was trying to express his concerns, Renée remained a constant presence by his side and acted as a great sounding board, something that Dylan certainly seemed to appreciate. The couple also enjoyed spending time with Olivia and Allie, Dylan’s two daughters, whom he certainly seemed to love very much. After teaching his daughters how to catch clams, he also couldn’t help but poke fun at Renée about how “mama” was holding the clams with her fancy nails.

The loving moment enjoyed by the family of four showcased a side of Dylan that few might have seen before. Since he had made his on-screen debut, it seemed like Dylan had ruffled the feathers of some of the old faces of the show, and his behavior seemed to aggravate many. However, his relationship with Renée and his two daughters allowed the world to see that for all of the realtor’s “aggressiveness,” he did possess a gentle nature and seemed to cherish his family above all.

Dylan and Renée Remain Private About Their Lives

Despite the fact that Dylan Eckardt has become a public figure thanks to his appearance in season 2 of ‘Selling the Hamptons,’ it seems like the realtor prefers to keep the details of his personal life private. A giant in the field of real estate, the reality TV star does not seem to have any pictures or videos of his close family on social media and instead focuses on talking about his work in the field of real estate.

It seems like Renée, too, prefers a private life. Neither she nor Dylan have shared any updates regarding whether or not the two are still in a relationship. Given the close bond that Dylan and Renée seemed to share while they were on the show, we are inclined to believe that the couple might still be going strong. If nothing else, what remains certain is Dylan’s skills in the real estate market and his significant number of supporters who like him just the way he is.

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