Dylan Scanlon: Squid Game Player 65 is Now an Actor

Each and every player in a competition like Netflix’s ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ has a unique on-screen story. Despite the vast number of players, the journeys undertaken by the contestants allow many of them to stand out among the crowd, though not everyone has a happy ending in this show. Inspired by ‘Squid Game,’ the reality series certainly is full of many ups and downs, with an undeniable need for cooperation in order to overcome some of the challenges.

Consider Dylan Scanlon, AKA Player 065, whose presence in the game came to a surprising end during the game of Marbles. While every pair in the challenge was easily able to come to a consensus as to how the result was to be decided, he and his partner, Aurora (Player 399), kept on butting heads about how to go about the challenge. With time ticking down, the two tried to have some form of a game between them but did not agree on a single winner, resulting in both of their eliminations. Now, the world wants to know what Dyland has been up to since his time on the show.

Where is Dylan Scanlon Now?

For the purpose of the Netflix show, Dylan Scanlon declared himself to be a “Momma’s Boy.” In fact, his plans with the money, should he have won, included vacationing with his mother, Kelly Scanlon Canary, whom he seems to adore. Interstingly, the reality TV star’s record with luck is an interesting one, given that he was once struck by lightning, a rare occurrence. Had he been able to duplicate these odds for himself in the competition, the player’s victory might just have been a sure thing. But, as always, luck remains fickle, especially with such high stakes.

Based in Canton, New York, Dylan is an Ithaca College alumnus, having studied there from August 2017 to May 2018. During this time, he even worked as an Event Staff Member for the institute. The New York native then went on to become a student at St. Lawrence University in August 2018. In October of the same year, he took up the position of Event Manager there as well. Ultimately, in May 2021, he bid the university farewell, having gained his bachelor’s degree in communication and media studies.

Skilled in the use of social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, Dylan has made a career for himself in the field. He joined Cowboys Fit in June 2022 to help strategize with projects, along with contributing to analytics, sales, and customer service. However, in February 2023, Dylan left the organization to become a part of Complexity Gaming as its TikTok Manager instead. His job included social media management of various platforms, with a primary focus on TikTok.

April 2023 saw Dylan obtain a title change and become a Short Form Content Coordinator for Complexity Gaming instead. His job allowed him to work in close proximity with people like Dr Disrespect, who is well-known in the gaming industry. However, he ended up leaving the company very recently, in November 2023. Additionally, Dylan has been working as an actor on his own since April 2022 and has participated in multiple projects.

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