Rose Mary Kah: Squid Game Player 51 is Now a Laboratory Technologist

Image Credit: Rose Mary Kah/Instagram

When watching a show like Netflix’s ‘Squid Game: The Challenge,’ it is inevitable that we start looking with interest at those who show promise as possible winners. After all, achieving victory in a competition like this is far from an easy job, which only makes every success more impressive than the last. This is especially true for those who are familiar with the concept of ‘Squid Game‘ and cannot help but admire its reality TV adaptation.

Hence, the on-screen journey of Rose Mary Kah Gang Tangiye, AKA Player 051, is nothing short of impressive. From the very start of season 1, she played a strong game that allowed her to win one task after the other. While a certain amount of luck is always involved in a situation like this, her own efforts when it comes to the actual games, as well as the socializing part of the competition, can hardly be denied. After all, luck can only work when one gives it their all.

Though Rose did not gain much limelight in the starting phase of the challenge, this might have just worked to her advantage as she was able to progress through the show without painting the target on her back. Slowly but steadily, she made it through each and every stage until she became one of the last few who remained standing and was ready to do what needed to be done to win the grand prize of $4.56 million. Given her highly impressive gameplay, it is hardly a surprise that the world is eager to know about her current whereabouts.

Where is Rose Mary Kah Now?

Interestingly, Rose Mary Kah Gang Tangiye’s childhood dream was actually to be a nun. She has since delved into the world of science and healthcare but seems to retain the heart that motivated her to pursue a path of holiness. In fact, she has expressed how she planned on using the potential prize money from the Netflix show to improve healthcare as well as career opportunities in Cameroon. Her noble goals, as well as her determined nature, have allowed her to gain much love from people across the world, who are more than delighted to showcase their support for her.

From 2015 to 2019, Rose has actually been a student at the University of Bamenda in the Central African country of Cameroon. She graduated in the latter year with a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology. This likely helped her secure a position as a Medical Laboratory Technician at Transplant Cameroon Health Centre in Cameroon in August 2019. However, in December 2020, the reality TV star left the job after being a part of the organization for about a year and five months.

In May 2020, Rose became a part of Duly Health and Care as a Medical Laboratory Technologist. This is a position she retains as of writing and seems quite proud of. Her primary focus seems to be ensuring that her skills allow her to contribute significantly to the field of healthcare. No matter the company she is affiliated with, Rose retains the drive to be a crucial part of it and use her knowledge to better the lives of many.

Presently based in Joliet, Illinois, Rose seems to be living life to the fullest. The Netflix star has retained her connection to faith and seems a huge proponent of using one’s actions to showcase their devotion to the divine, through praying and helping those in need, among other things. Proud of her Cameroonian roots, Rose is a huge advocate of making kindness and love crucial to one’s life.

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