Earth and Blood Ending, Explained

‘Earth and Blood’ is a French thriller with a second-half completely devoted to action. The movie joins the long list of French productions available on Netflix and the even longer list of foreign movies available on the streaming platform. ‘Earth and Blood’ is titled ‘La Terre et le Sang’ in French and is helmed by the experienced director, Julien Leclerq. Leclerq is a popular French action director, having made movies such as ‘The Assault,’ ‘The Crew’ and ‘The Informant.’ Sami Bouajila plays the lead character, Saïd. Eriq Ebouaney, Sofia Lesaffre, and Samy Seghir, on the other hand, essay pivotal characters.

Earth and Blood Plot Summary:

“Earth and Blood’ revolves around a sawmill owner named Saïd. He discovers that he has bronchogenic carcinoma and has had a rough winter, financially. On the other hand, a group of goons robs cocaine from a police station. One of the robbers is the half-brother of Yanis, an employee at Saïd’s sawmill.

Yanis gets coerced to exchange Saïd’s car for that of his half-brother’s, which has the stolen cocaine hidden in it. Yanis’ half-brother coerces Yanis to hide his car in Saïd’s sawmill. Meanwhile, Saïd decides to sell the sawmill. He wants to retire and pay for drawing classes for his deaf and dumb daughter, Sarah.

Saïd realizes there is something suspicious with Yanis’ car and finds the cocaine. However, the goons that own the cocaine (not Yanis’ half-brother), led by a man named Adama, arrive at Saïd’s sawmill to get their consignment back. This leads to a long, siege-like situation wherein Saïd, Yanis, and Sarah are forced to defend themselves from the goons. Yanis and Sarah manage to leave the sawmill and go to the nearby woods but get followed by a goon. Meanwhile, Saïd uses his knowledge of the sawmill to keep himself safe.

Earth and Blood Ending

Towards the end of the movie, Adama reaches the house that Sarah manages to escape to. The house belongs to another employee of Said who gets shot by Adama. However, Sarah jumps from a window on the house’s first story in an attempt to escape. Adama manages to reach her, though.

However, instead of shooting Sarah, he drops his gun and advances towards her. He puts his hands around her head. Then, Saïd manages to reach there and kills Adama with an ax. Sarah hugs Saïd, who is heavily injured due to the gunshot wound as a police helicopter circles above them.

Earth and Blood Ending Explained: Why Does Adama Not Shoot Sarah?

Many viewers might be wondering why Adama chooses not to shoot Sarah. He could have easily killed her had he done so. Why does he put his hands around her head? Well, the answer is quite simple. All you need to do is think of the way Adama has killed others before.

Throughout the movie, Adama is shown snapping the necks of people he wishes to kill. He is shown doing this on more than one occasion. It seems as if neck snapping is Adama’s favorite killing method. So, he is planning on snapping Sarah’s neck too, by placing his hands around her head. Luckily, Saïd comes to Sarah’s rescue and saves the day.

Does Saïd Live?

Another question that viewers would have had is whether Saïd manages to survive in the end. He has a fatal looking gunshot wound but isn’t depicted to be dead. Well, one cannot say for sure whether he dies or not since it is not confirmed in the movie. However, it would be reasonable to assume that he does because it doesn’t matter whether he lives.

No, we are not being unempathetic towards him. However, it ought to be remembered that Saïd has bronchogenic carcinoma, which would kill him eventually. His days are numbered anyway. Hence, the movie’s ending could signify how him saving Sarah was his last act of fatherhood.

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