Eat the Rich: Where Are the GameStop Investors Now?

GameStop’s share price increased during the COVID-19 pandemic because many retail traders bought up the company’s stocks. This was set in motion by Keith Gill’s posts on WallStreetBets, a forum on Reddit. Netflix’s ‘Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga’ is a three-part docuseries that focuses on what led to the company’s rise and fall in stock price and how people profited and lost from it. It also features interviews with Redditors who invested in GameStop after reading posts about the company on WallStreetBets. So, if you’re wondering where they are right now, we’ve got you covered.

Where is Eddie Koo Now?

On the show, Eddie Koo talked about his family’s difficult time during the pandemic. In July 2020, his wife was laid off from work, so he contemplated taking a second job to care for his family. However, he also wanted to be there for his two young children. Eddie then turned to invest and signed up on Robinhood. Then, his visit to WallStreetBets led him to buy their shares, and at one point, his investment value was up to $650,000.

However, GameStop’s value dropped over time, leading Eddie to lose some of his investment value. Nevertheless, he mentioned on the show that he took home about $250,000, which went a long way in making a better life for his family. Today, he lives in Englewood, New Jersey, with his wife, Jane, and their son and daughter. The Rutgers University graduate is a senior business analyst for ProSight, an insurance company. In the past, he also worked as an operations manager and state filings analyst.

Where is Angelica Tecson Now?

Angelica Tecson talked about liking Reddit because of the anonymity it offered to its users. On the show, she mentioned learning about GameStop from her husband’s coworker. That person was active on Reddit and told them about GameStop’s share price going up. Angelica also discovered WallStreetBets but knew nothing about GameStop at the time. However, she ended up buying shares at $263 per share.

While Angelica’s portfolio was up to around $90,000 at one point, it dropped later. As per the show, she lost 50% o the money she put in GameStop. It appears that Angelica has maintained a low profile since then; little is known about her current whereabouts, and it’s unclear if she continues to make investments.

Where Are Rachael Sassana, Mikey Guggenheim, and Derik Now?

Rachael Sassana introduced herself as a writer and producer. On the other hand, Mikey Guggenheim and Derik made music, with Rachael managing it. On the show, Mikey talked about investing in GameStop and eventually making ten times more money. Apart from that, the trio explained how WallStreetBets worked. For now, Mikey works as a freelance animator, pursuing other interests like music, designing NFTs, and direction.

Derik is a rapper apart from maintains a social media presence through his YouTube channel and an Instagram page about news updates from the entertainment and video game industry. Rachael is currently a freelance writer and producer and previously worked as a Production Coordinator and Events Specialist. For now, the trio appears to be based out of Los Angeles, California.

Where Are Daniel and Diana Wilson Now?

Diana and Daniel Wilson met when the latter was in the Army. On the show, Diana talked about how she started investing sometime in 2007, with GameStop being the first company she bought shares of. Like many other retail traders, Daniel and Diana invested in GameStop after reading Keith’s posts on Reddit and watching his YouTube streams. For Diana, it seemed personal because she wanted to fight the hedge funds; at the time, many hedge funds who bet on GameStop to fail were losing money because its stock price was rising.

However, at one point, the couple couldn’t put more money into GameStop on Robinhood because the app had disabled buying the stock; it only allowed selling. As per the show, this resulted in a steady drop in GameStop’s stock price. Diana mentioned that she didn’t use Robinhood anymore. However, it seems like she is still an active investor. The couple has chosen to keep their lives private, and not much is known about where they live or what they do.

Where is Alvan Chow Now?

Alvan Chow was one of the first to predict the increase in GameStop’s price and posted his theory on WallStreetBets in October 2020. However, not many believed him at the time. Nevertheless, he felt his research was good enough, invested about $30,000 in GameStop, and made $8 million. Alvan worked for a few tech companies in the past but is currently employed with Fortis Games, in addition to being a full-time trader based out of California.

Where Are Joe Fonicello and Abbe Minor Now?

Joe Fonicello and Abbe Minor traveled throughout the West Coast during the pandemic and decided to look for ways to make money at that time. They settled on investing, and Joe came across WallStreetBets, where he saw Alvan Chow’s post about GameStop. So, he decided to buy some shares. It worked out for the couple in the end because their investment value increased by 40 times. Today, Joe and Abbe are based out of San Diego, California. They run Sun Built together, a company that designs and creates custom camper vans. Apart from that, Joe holds multiple jobs that include being a consultant and an online distributor.

Where is Chris “Krispy” Ream Now?

Chris “Krispy” Ream stated on the show that he was a professional gambler; he had been doing that for about a decade and a half before the COVID-19 pandemic led to the casinos being closed down temporarily. At that point, Krispy discovered Robinhood and turned his attention to that, quitting gambling. He began investing and eventually put $500,000 into GameStop. While his investment increased in value initially, Krispy stated that he lost a lot of money after that, and as per the show, had to sell his house.

Krispy also stated that he stopped using Robinhood and added that the way the app was set up was a bit manipulative. On the show, he talked about wanting to have a house where he could record TikToks with women. For now, Krispy lives in San Diego, California. He also has a YouTube channel where he discusses stocks and investments. Besides that, Krispy is quite active on Instagram, where he often posts pictures with his friends. Furthermore, Krispy is a partner on the Genesis Tapes, a platform that commemorates hip-hop producers’ legacies on the blockchain.

Where is Keith Gill Now?

Image Credit: Roaring Kitty/YouTube

Keith Gill’s interest in GameStop shares ultimately pushed many more investors to buy the company’s stock. In mid-2019, he believed that GameStop was undervalued and bought a few shares. Keith then regularly posted updates on WallStreetBets apart from uploading videos on YouTube as Roaring Kitty, with his $50,000 investment ballooning to $48 million at one point.

Despite being accused of market manipulation, Keith stood by his assessment of the company and later bought even more shares. Today, Keith seems to live in Wilmington, Massachusetts, with his wife and daughter, and has chosen to maintain a low profile in the aftermath of everything that happened.

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