Eddie Hickson: Charles Hickson’s Son Still Resides in Mississippi

While there’s no denying there have been several reports of UFO sightings and ET encounters over the years, the 1973 taking of Charles Hickson plus Calvin Parker is one of the most intriguing. That’s because, as carefully explored in Netflix’s ‘Files of the Unexplained: Pascagoula Alien Abduction,’ both their accounts always matched to a tee without a single discrepancy no matter what. The former’s son as well as the latter’s close friend Eddie Hickson actually iterated the same in this original, especially since he experienced the aftermath of it all right alongside them.

Who is Eddie Hickson?

It was back in 1969 that Eddie and his father Charles moved to Pascagoula, Mississippi, following some ups and downs in their personal life, only for them to grow so close they became best friends. The former still vividly remember they often used to go fishing, pick flowers, and do almost everything together, resulting in them having a really positive relationship. Therefore, of course, when his high school friend Calvin was looking for a job upon graduation at the age of 18, he approached his father and the latter helped him land a position in a shipyard right alongside them.

Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker

According to Eddie’s own narrative, he, his father, Calvin, and his dad gradually grew into a tight-knit group themselves and they often used to go fishing as well as camping. It thus wasn’t strange for Charles and Calvin to wind down together following work either, but their evening fishing trip on October 11, 1973, changed everything for them in more ways than one. That’s when they were both reportedly abducted by gray, crab-clawed creatures, who examined them in a blinding bright room with strange, oblong instruments before releasing them a short while later unharmed.

The truth is both Charles and Calvin were so shocked that they initially couldn’t even process what’d transpired, yet once they came to their senses, they decided the best route for them would be to report the incident to the authorities. Though little did they know they wouldn’t be believed, resulting in quite a lot of negative publicity coming their way, that is, until other locals came forward to report similar sightings the same evening. That’s when the older male decided to go public with the information too, yet the youngster admittedly couldn’t deal with it all owing to nerves and severe anxiety, driving him to begin leading a simple, quiet life.

As per Eddie, the reason Charles did so was to let everyone know we aren’t alone in this universe and to maybe spark a conversation about the next steps in this complex situation. He did often wake up in cold sweats in the middle of the night owing to his experiences and often wished he wasn’t chosen (even if it was at random) by the being for this seemingly double-sided mission. However, he never once backed down – he inadvertently helped the beings in their experiment and continued being vocal because, per his son, “He didn’t care if you believed him or not. If you wanted to listen, by gum, he’d tell you.”

Where is Eddie Hickson Now?

The one thing Eddie can proudly say, despite the fact his father passed away in 1981 and more than five decades have passed since the incident, is that he believes his father as his narrative never changed. He said, “It’s never changed. Daddy’s taken numerous polygraph, been under hypnosis and from my understanding it’s almost impossible to lie under hypnosis, and it’s never changed.” As for his own standing, owing to the past, he does believe in the existence of extraterrestrial beings but is doing his best to move on in life as normally as possible due to the simple fact that thinking too much about it would scare him to no extent. Therefore, today, in his late 60s, it appears as if he’s based in Gautier, Mississippi, where he serves as a Truck Driver for Lowes while also being surrounded by loved ones at every step.

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