Is Edwina in Bridgerton Season 3? Who did She Marry?

Exploring the trope of friends to lovers in its third season, Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton’ opens several new threads, especially when it comes to the Bridgerton siblings, who have been away from the spotlight for so long. The new season not only delivers the much-awaited romance of Colin and Penelope, but it also gives us a follow-up on the romances of the previous season, especially Kate and Anthony. The newly married couple come into focus in the first episode as they enjoy their happy ending, but there is another character whose happy ending is subtly hinted at.

While Kate Sharma ended up with Anthony Bridgerton, her sister was the one who came to England with the intention of getting married. By the end of the second season, her prospects took a turn, and this season, it is confirmed that she got the match she wanted. SPOILERS AHEAD

Edwina’s Absence From Season 3 Hints at Her Happy Ending

Edwina’s departure from ‘Bridgerton,’ or at least her absence from the third season, was confirmed when actress Charithra Chandran confirmed that she was working on another project while the filming commenced for the new season of the Netflix series. With the new focus being on Colin and Penelope and Kate and Anthony beginning a new chapter of their lives, it makes sense that Edwina didn’t return to the picture. Still, she was a pretty important character in the previous season, one who deserved to receive the happy ending she always wanted, and Queen Charlotte confirms that she got it.

At the end of Season 2, thoroughly impressed by Edwina, the Queen tells her about her nephew, Prince Friedrich, who is still unmarried. The prince last appeared in Season 1 of ‘Bridgerton,’ when he courted Daphne with the intention of marrying her but was jilted when she and Simon got married. The Queen had chosen a diamond for her nephew in Season 1 and it makes sense that she would want another diamond for him when the first one didn’t work out. Moreover, Edwina exhibited an excellent character throughout Season 2, and the Queen had developed a soft spot for her by the end of the season.

In Season 3, the Queen mentions that Edwina has made “a splendid match abroad.” This comment is interesting because the Queen doesn’t specifically say that she has matched with her nephew. Though the Prince is in France, and the “abroad” thing does line up, it doesn’t make sense for the Queen to be so vague when talking about her own nephew. This indicates that Edwina didn’t necessarily marry the prince.

According to the books, Edwina eventually marries a certain Mr. Bagwell. She had liked the idea of marrying a scholar and that’s who Bagwell turns out to be. They have a lot in common, a lot more than she would have had with Anthony, which is what makes Bagwell a perfect guy for her. However, because the show doesn’t go as far as to identify Edwina’s husband with a proper name, the true identity of her husband remains a secret. Still, if the Queen is happy with the match, then rest assured, Edwina’s life is in good hands.

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