Are Elena and Roberto From Dating Around Brazil Still Together?

With the ever-changing use of technology and social media, even the way people interact with each other has modified. Therefore, it is no surprise that relationships, along with the shows that portray it, have evolved as well. Netflix’s ‘Dating Around’ series is one that focuses on the modern dating scene. Going to trendy locations in a particular area and meeting with a bunch of people so as to select one of them and pursue a relationship is its plot, and the Brazil edition of it follows the same.

One person, five first blind dates, and a single second date. In the very first episode of ‘Dating Around: Brazil‘ or ‘O Crush Perfeito’ (The Perfect Crush), appropriately titled ‘Just A Kiss,’ we were introduced to Elena, who, with her fun and open self showed us just how mature yet weird someone can be. Curious to know how she fared? Let’s find out!

Elena and Roberto: Dating Around Brazil Journey

According to her friends and family, the 22-year-old Elena is someone who loves a challenge and won’t ever settle for someone who would put their relationship into a routine or is boring. Speaking her mind no matter what comes and being who she is, is one of her strengths, but that also means that her possessiveness and jealous nature gets in the way of her happily ever after. So, hoping to break the cycle and find love and stability, she went out with Gabriel, Marcus, Roberto, Fabrizio, and Elivelton.

All the dates started out really well, but from the get-go, Elena and Roberto had a connection that no one could deny. When Elena talked about having graduated from business school and having no idea about what to do next, all the other guys were almost astounded to know that she didn’t work, but Roberto, he asked her what she wanted to do and then advised her how she could get there, which she obviously really appreciated.

Things only improved later on, when during dinner they both opened up and talked about their past. Roberto didn’t seem to mind her smoking but was shocked to hear that she’d been smoking for 10 years, since she was 12, just because of familial issues. After that, even he told her about his family and revealed that he is a Trans man. He said that he never asked his family for help, but now, they seem to be proud of who he is and what he has become.

In the end, with their conversations being deep, and her feeling like she was comfortable enough to be herself, she, of course, picked him for the second date. She may have given pecks to some of the other guys, with Elivelton pushing for more, but it was only when Roberto was direct about his intentions, that she completely let loose and went as far as to lick him. Their connection, having the commonality of their pasts, and looking for a similar future, made the pair perfectly match up.

Are Elena and Roberto Still Together?

To be honest, we have no idea. The pair do follow each other on their social media accounts and have seemed flirty when commenting about being a part of the show, but they haven’t completely opened up to accept or deny their relationship. However, considering how both Elena and Roberto are relationship people, especially because we know that Roberto has been married twice, even though he is just 29, we think it’s safe to assume that they are still together and happy.

Even if they aren’t romantically involved, we hope that they have at least followed the footsteps of the people who have appeared on the show before them, in the American edition, and are still friends. As for what they are up to, it seems like Elena is enjoying her time on beaches and learning how to DJ, whereas Roberto is focused on his burger joint, Industriaburguer, and is now looking like he is on his way to becoming an influencer/model.

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