Elena Ashmore: Where is Born This Way Participant Now?

During her time on the reality television series ‘Born This Way,’ spanning from 2015 to 2019 on the A&E Network, Elena Ashmore emerged as a distinctive and multifaceted individual. Born in Japan to a Japanese mother, Hiromi, and an Australian father, Stephen, her multicultural background significantly influenced her life. Viewers witnessed her engagement with traditional Japanese Taiko drumming and her passion for cooking, showcasing the diverse influences that shaped her identity.

Elena Ashmore Had Issues Embracing Herself on the Show

Elena Ashmore’s journey on the show delved into the complexities of self-acceptance and navigating life with Down syndrome. Struggling to embrace herself and her disability, her conflicts became a source of inspiration for other cast members. Her experiences prompted reflections on self-image and the societal perceptions of adults with Down syndrome. A notable episode highlighted a conflict between her and fellow cast member Rachel, raising concerns about Elena’s behavior and fostering conversations about interpersonal dynamics within the cast. Megan, too, played a supportive role in her journey, offering aid as she continued to grapple with self-acceptance. Her involvement in the GiGi’s Playhouse 2017 Gala showcased her commitment to advocacy and community engagement.

This event provided a platform for Elena to contribute to Down syndrome awareness and celebrate the achievements of individuals within the community. She also received a significant invitation to speak at the annual World Down Syndrome Day observance at the United Nations Headquarters, underscoring her role as a voice for the Down syndrome community on a global stage. Throughout her time on the show, her personal and relational struggles were laid bare, allowing viewers to empathize with the challenges she faced. From conflicts with fellow cast members to her aspirations in her romantic relationship with William, her story became a nuanced exploration of love, self-discovery, and the pursuit of personal growth.

Elena’s decision to train as a barista added another dimension to her journey, highlighting her determination to acquire new skills and pursue diverse interests. The challenges she faced, including an embarrassing family dinner, underscored the real and relatable aspects of her experiences, resonating with audiences who could empathize with the complexities of relationships. Her participation in various platforms emphasized the importance of representation and awareness, contributing to a more inclusive path surrounding individuals with Down syndrome.

Elena Ashmore is Now an Engaged Woman

Following her time on the show, Elena Ashmore has maintained a notably private and low-key presence in the public eye. In 2022, she provided a glimpse into her personal life by sharing a post about being in a relationship on a Facebook account that is no longer active. The status of that relationship became a subject of curiosity as details regarding her personal life remained scarce. She has cultivated an online presence under the name Sharpay Garcia that prioritizes privacy. However, a new Facebook profile emerged, offering a subtle but significant revelation — Elena is now an engaged woman. The news surfaced through the limited details on her profile, leaving fans to speculate about the developments in her romantic life.

While Elena has chosen to keep the details of her engagements and relationships largely under wraps, occasional sightings at events provide glimpses into her current life. One such event was the ICAN California Abilities Network, where she was recently spotted in 2024. These appearances hint at her continued involvement in community activities and advocacy, reinforcing her commitment to making a positive impact beyond the confines of reality television. The engagement revelation adds a layer of intrigue, sparking questions about her personal journey. As she navigates life with a newfound commitment, the audience remains in anticipation, eager to catch glimpses of her evolving story.

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