Emilia and Lucas: Is the Love Is Blind Sweden Couple Still Together?

The country of Sweden is the latest addition to the world of ‘Love is Blind,’ thanks to the premiere of Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind: Sweden,’ AKA ‘Love is Blind: Sverige.’ The very first season of the show started with a promising set of couples whose on-screen journey has captivated the hearts of many. Emilia and Lucas are one such duo whose pre- and post-engagement time has been nothing short of entertaining. Given the various ups and downs that the two had to overcome, the world is naturally curious if the two are still together.

Emilia and Lucas’ Love is Blind: Sweden Journey

Season 1 of the Swedish reality show saw Emilia and Lucas come together in a way many could not help but gush about. The two started to get close during their time in the pods, with each unable to keep their smiles off their faces when talking about the other. However, Lucas had also gotten close to Karolina and was torn between the two amazing women. In turn, both of them were equally interested in pursuing a connection with Lucas.

However, things changed after Lucas gifted Emilia a compass necklace that he had worn himself when he was out in the sea. In turn, she had written him a letter with self-composed poetry that expressed her feelings and wants. This made Karolina nervous, who was focused only on Lucas. As such, she decided to be a bit more open and sent him a letter of her own along with a piece of undergarment in order to make him laugh.

While Lucas appreciated Karolina’s gift, he admitted to her that his connection with Emilia was perhaps deeper. Karolina stated that he was reserved with her, which he agreed to, but added how he felt the same way. He added that perhaps their connection had not grown as much as they might have wanted and that he wanted to focus only on Emilia, which broke Karolina’s heart. Upon learning of her exclusive connection with Lucas, Emilia herself was over the moon. Hence, it was hardly a surprise when she agreed to accept his proposal when Lucas went down on one knee.

After getting engaged, both Emilia and Lucas were highly excited about meeting each other for the first time. Their post-engagement meeting was full of happiness as they talked about how much they loved each other. The exchange of rings and the subsequent conversation seemed like the couple might just be off to a very good start. However, their joy in their relationship would not last for long, especially after the two traveled to Cyprus for their honeymoon phase.

While in Cyprus, where almost every other engaged couple was eager to explore the physical side of their relationship, Emilia and Lucas had hit a snag. Lucas claimed that he wanted to take things slow and do things the right way. However, he would later reveal to his friends and the viewers that he did not feel physically attracted to Emilia, which was why he wanted to slow things down a little bit. He had hopes that as they continued to build their emotional connection, he would likely become more attracted to her.

On the other hand, Emilia could not help but feel frustrated over Lucas’ actions. She claimed that there were many people who would be lucky to have her and were having a hard time understanding just what the issue was. When Lucas stated that the connection between them felt like one between two best friends, she could not help but be slightly offended. While both tried to find ways to hopefully resolve their physical disconnect, their different approach to the same often landed them against each other.

However, things got better between them when Emilia talked to other male cast members, who assured her that Lucas considered being a blessing. Following their trip to Cyprus, the couple slowly but surely started to explore the physical side of their relationship and even slept together the day before the cast reunion. Even when Lucas met Karolina for the first time and admitted that he regretted how he had ended things with her, he did not seem unsure about his future with Emilia.

Things did get complicated for a bit when Emilia felt like Lucas was buckling under the pressure of wedding preparation. With his new job and the numerous details regarding the wedding, he felt like he was being swamped. Given that Emilia’s family was flying all the way from Finland to attend the wedding, she could not help but feel a bit unsure about what might happen at the altar.

Emilia and Lucas Decided Not to Get Married

Having always had some doubts about his relationship with Emilia, Lucas could not help but feel guilty about his confusing feelings when it came to marrying her. Even when getting fit for his wedding tuxedo, the reality TV star confessed that while he was sure that he loved Emilia, he was not confident about whether or not he wanted to remain married to her. Such a dilemma was obvious to Emilia, who could not help but feel downtrodden about the whole situation.

Hence, the fact that Lucas said no at the altar did not surprise many, even though that did not stop the fans from feeling heartbroken for Emilia, who had said yes at the altar and was then rejected on the day that was supposed to be one of the happiest ones in her life. As of writing, neither Emilia nor Lucas have shared any updates regarding their relationship. Given that the two are still following each other on social media platforms like Instagram, we are positive that they are still on amicable terms.

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