Emily Worthmore: Where is the Girls State Teen Now?

As a documentary living up to its title plus its 2020 male-companion production in every way conceivable, Apple TV+’s ‘Girls State’ can only be described as equal parts gripping and intriguing. That’s because it revolves around a few teen girls as they navigate a week-long immersive program to learn about the intricate inner workings of a government to aid their own future ambitions. Amongst them is actually Emily Worthmore, who’d stepped into this 2022 experiment already anticipating extreme politics since that’s precisely what she’d witnessed in ‘Boys State’ years prior.

Emily Worthmore is More Than a Conservative

It was back when Emily was just in elementary school that she’d decided on wanting to be the President of the United States as soon as possible, making her create her 2040 campaign there itself. Though much to everyone’s surprise, she was utterly serious, driving her to pursue a path that combines academics, competitiveness, as well as extracurriculars at every step of the way. It’s hence no wonder this Mehlville, Missouri, native has won every election she put herself through at school since fourth grade, whether it be for clubs, student council, lacrosse team, or media.

“At my school, I’m kind of known as that kid,” Emily candidly said in the original production. “Culture Club, Key Club, Environmental Sustainability, FCA Student Council, Connect, Mehlville Media, Step Team, lacrosse, [I’m a part of it all]. I’m missing things. Did I say Science Club? Oh, and I started a bible study at my school.” Therefore, of course, she came to Girls State with dreams of getting elected as Governor, for which her game plan was to talk to as many people as possible. She was truly ready to hear everything her peers had to say, even if she completely disagreed owing to her own beliefs as a young female religious conservative.

Emily actually executed her plans to a tee, but she was ultimately outshined by the loud, liberal, feminist points put forth by Cecilia Bartin during her concise yet powerful final speech. Nevertheless, instead of wallowing in her “failure,” she quickly picked herself up and went on to pursue something more in line with her real-life short-term goal of becoming a political journalist. She wrote an extensively researched piece on the differences between Boys and Girls State, especially since some were glaringly obvious as they were happening concurrently after ages. In the end, not only was her work published in their local magazine, but she also managed to secure a scholarship from Lindenwood University.

Emily Worthmore is a College Student

Since Emily’s father (a pastor) was killed in 2014 when she was only around ten years old, she grew up in a single-parent household wherein their faith was solely what guided them out of dark times. Her family, her religion, as well as her education are thus extremely important to her, which is why she had always planned on remaining close to home while also attending a career-building college.

Therefore, today, with a brief internship experience at KFUO Radio already under her belt, Emily is proudly pursuing her dreams of studying media journalism (with an alleged minor in Politics) at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri. This 2027 scheduled graduate, flip phone enthusiast, plus girlfriend of ice hockey athlete William Lalonde still plans on running for President in 2040, yet before that, she does seriously hope to establish a name for herself in broadcasting.

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