Emma and Curtis From Prison Brides: Everything We Know

Creating a successful and enduring relationship is a challenging endeavor that demands continuous effort, and Emma was prepared to invest that effort into her connection with Curtis. Their journey, showcased on Lifetime’s ‘Prison Brides,’ illustrates the process of coming together and constructing a shared future. However, a significant obstacle they face is Curtis being incarcerated. Fully aware that their path forward won’t be easy, both individuals strive to overcome personal struggles and gain acceptance as they embark on this journey together.

Everything We Know About Emma

Emma works as a postal worker in London, England and she revealed that her life had been marked by challenging relationships, including an abusive partner. After the turmoil of recovering from such an ordeal, she found herself emotionally closed off and uninterested in forming new connections. It was during this period that she began corresponding with Curtis, who was serving his sentence in a U.S. prison. Emma felt a unique sense of honesty and openness in their communication, allowing her to express herself freely to someone she believed would understand.

In 2023, as Curtis prepared for his release from prison, he and Emma decided that having their wedding while he was still incarcerated would be the best option. This strategic choice was made to improve Curtis’s chances of obtaining a UK visa, enabling him to join Emma in England, and also because they were ready as they had been in a relationship for more than 2 years. However, when 33-year-old Emma had to share this decision with her parents, they were not thrilled. Her father, Dean, expressed dissatisfaction, having spoken to Curtis once and feeling unimpressed. Though Emma’s parents subtly attempted to discourage her, witnessing her determination, they eventually promised her their full support in her choice to build a life with Curtis.

Everything We Know About Curtis

Reports indicate that in 2016, Curtis had been arraigned on charges related to prostitution, including one count of prostitution, one count of conspiracy to commit prostitution, and one count of being a habitual offender. 33-year-old Curtis Bradford had been serving a 7-year sentence from 2018 for his involvement in a carjacking and the possession of a firearm. His case garnered media attention due to its unusual circumstances. In March 2017, while Curtis was in the passenger seat, his cousin Nadiyah Simpson was driving, and they stopped at a gas station in the 121000 block of Livernois Avenue.

Around 5:15 pm, Curtis asked Nadiyah to take him somewhere, and when she refused, he pulled out a handgun, fired a shot, and fled the car, forcibly taking another woman with him. Despite attempts by the police to apprehend him, Curtis led them on a chase, eventually crashing the SUV and being taken into custody. His cousin was quite shocked by the incident and stated publicly that the crime hurt her more because it was done by someone who was so close to her and who was her family.

However, in the docuseries, Emma shared that everything between the cousins was absolutely fine and they were on good terms now. Despite his troubled past, Curtis felt that Emma had saved him, and he was committed to changing his life and becoming the best partner for her. As he prepared to marry her and move to London, he was determined to win over her parents’ affection and demonstrate that he had become a worthy and changed individual.

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