Where Was Employee of the Month Filmed?

A woman’s love and affection have been central to rivalries between men for a long time now. The comedy movie ‘Employee of the Month’ adapts it for the newer generation and uses a warehouse club as the setting. We see Zack Bradley (Dane Cook) and Vince Downey (Dax Shepard) indulge in a competition to win the attention of the new cashier, Amy Renfro (Jessica Simpson), when a rumor goes around that she slept with the employee of the month at her previous job.

The film uses some rather typical yet scatological humor in an already conventional plot. But the fact that everything occurs mostly within the Super Club store is what gives the story some edge. So, if you’re interested to learn where ‘Employee of the Month’ was filmed, we have got you covered.

Employee of the Month Filming Locations

We mostly see the characters inside a huge store for a big chunk of the movie, and this really piqued our curiosity about which locations were used for filming. Well, the shooting took place in New Mexico. Back then, the production company, Lions Gate Films, was also shooting other projects like ‘Wildfire’ and ‘Welcome to America’ in the vicinity.

New Mexico

The film was mostly shot at a Costco store in Albuquerque. Its exact address is 1420 N Renaissance Blvd NE. In an interview, Dax Shepard stated, “We had a shorter shooting schedule than a lot of movies but we ended up adding some days as well. I went out for two weeks of rehearsals and juggling training and all this stuff before. So I ended up being in New Mexico for a little over two months.”

Reportedly, Sam’s Club store had just been constructed opposite the Costco location. So, the on-screen rivalry between Super Club and Maxi Mart is, in part, inspired by the competition between the two real brands. Apart from that, Dax reported that he based his character on Tom Cruise’s role in ‘Cocktail.’ The comedian also had a lot of leeways when it came to the script— “Yeah, for better or worse, they really gave me free reign, which was a blast for me. That’s what kept me as excited day-to-day filming midnight in a Costco was how much leeway they let me have. I couldn’t be more grateful for that.”

Apart from Albuquerque, Santa Fe has also been listed as a venue used for filming. Considering that the state offers some rather lucrative tax incentives, it makes sense that the production unit further explored New Mexico for suitable locations.

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