Are Eric and Leida From 90 Day Fiance Still Together?

TLC’s superhit reality show ‘90 Day Fiance’ has always transpired mixed feelings for its fans. Some couples with healthy relationships earned love and respect from their followers. Others found themselves at the receiving end of an intense backlash for their nasty behavior. One such couple is Eric and Leida, who featured on season 6 of the dating series. Their questionable decisions and immature actions helped them gain a notorious reputation among followers.

Eric and Leida: 90 Day Fiance Journey

Eric was a 40-year-old divorcee and father to three daughters who belonged to Wisconsin. An ex-marine and an avionics technician, he had given up on love a long time back. His one last attempt in the search for love led him to Leida on an international dating site. Leida, a 29 year old Indonesian, was a mother to a young boy. Having grown up in a wealthy household, she was a medical graduate who also claimed to be a teacher, model, and actress.

Their courtship period was smooth and easy. The real challenges began after their marriage. Leida came to the US with her son to be with Eric. They got married within a few days of meeting. But, things just started to go downhill from there. While Leida had a problem with Eric’s simple standard of living, his family doubted as to why she left her affluent life behind. These issues led to Eric’ family into believing that she just used him for an American visa. They also thought that she might have come to the states to study further in the field of medicine. A few revelations did hint at the fact that Leida was trying to escape from her controlling family. Another point of concern for them was that she was still in touch with her ex-husband.

For Leida, the problem lay with Eric still supporting his children financially. One of her daughters, Tasha, a teenager at that time, was still living with him. Tasha made her disapproval towards her father’s new relationship pretty clear. When Leida and Tasha started to get into heated arguments and ego clashes, Leida manipulated Eric to kick Tasha out of the house. Eric initially put up a weak argument, but eventually succumbed under Leida’s pressure and asked Tasha to pack up her things and leave.

Surprisingly, he then helped Leida with paperwork that would place a restraining order against Tasha. The order was granted in February 2019. Tasha tried her best to make a strong case and present evidence to thwart the order. But, she failed as she couldn’t afford legal services. According to her friends, Tasha had struggled a lot emotionally and mentally. She had had a hard time getting over the trauma of being abandoned by her father.

The couple received a lot of backlash for this action. Things got so bad that the show’s followers began signing a petition that asked Leida to be deported back to her country. The couple got really scared when they started receiving death threats. From there on, the couple quit the show. They refused to renew their contract with TLC and told the makers that they’d never do another season again.

These events took a toll on Leida’s health and she even threatened to kill herself. In a stand-alone incident, Eric tried to snatch a knife away from Leida when she experienced a mental breakdown. He pulled her hair by accident, but the cops reached their home to investigate a case of domestic abuse.

Are Eric and Leida Still Together?

Yes. Despite all the drama, they are still together. A few months back, news about Leida’s pregnancy and divorce started doing rounds. But, nothing was confirmed or denied by the couple. To date, no official statements about a baby or a split have been reported. It is safe to say that they are still married.

Interestingly though, Eric has deleted or locked all his social media accounts. And Leida hasn’t posted about her husband in months! Leida’s Instagram account is only filled with product promotions and no updates about her family life as such.

Also, in November 2019, the couple had dropped the order against Tasha, who now goes by the name Alari. Sources revealed that they are trying to build a relationship together, and Leida and Tasha share a better bond than before.

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