Erik Adkins: Botched Star is Now an Actor and Stuntman

Image Credit: Erik Adkin/YouTube

People choose plastic surgery for various reasons, whether it’s to address skin damage from accidents, illnesses, or pregnancy or to boost confidence and align with their self-identity. ‘Botched,’ a TV series featuring skilled doctors, Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif, helps individuals fulfill their aesthetic goals safely. As they assist their patients, their primary advice revolves around practicing patience and trusting the process. In the first season of the series, Salina, accompanied by her boyfriend Erik Adkins, sought their expertise. Surprisingly, it was the couple’s strong bond and unique connection that received admiration from viewers. If you are interested in knowing more about Erik, we have all the details for you!

Erik Adkins’ Botched Journey

Erik and Salina’s love story began in 2012, and he cherished her for who she truly was—a genuine, fun, and intelligent woman capable of achieving her dreams. However, Salina had faced her share of life’s challenges, including childhood bullying, which led to body image issues. She felt she was “flat-chested” and decided to undergo a breast augmentation surgery to break free from her insecurities. Unfortunately, she didn’t achieve the desired results as her choice of surgeon was based on an online search.

Salina’s corrective surgery didn’t go as planned either, resulting in further issues, including lopsided breasts, which she humorously referred to as “alien boobs.” These insecurities made it challenging for her to be intimate with Erik, fearing he wouldn’t like her appearance. Financial and emotional constraints prevented her from pursuing another corrective surgery, causing her to withdraw into her shell. When the opportunity to appear on ‘Botched’ and consult with Dr. Terry and Dr. Paul presented itself, she eagerly embraced the chance.

Salina expressed her desire to look beautiful for Erik, but he reassured her that he loved her just as she was, valuing her for who she was as a person. Despite Erik’s support, Salina was determined to regain her confidence. The doctors emphasized the challenges of the upcoming surgery due to her limited natural breast tissue and advised her to proceed slowly and carefully. Throughout the process, Erik remained a steadfast and supportive partner.

Salina’s surgery was a success, and she chose to surprise Erik by dressing in elegant lingerie to reveal her transformed appearance. When he saw her, he was astounded and delighted to see the newfound confidence in his girlfriend. He cherished the positive impact it had on her self-esteem and how she had embraced her body, now radiating vitality and self-assurance.

Where is Erik Adkins Now?

Following his appearance on the series, Erik Adkins has achieved notable success. Having previously served in the US Navy as a Corpsman, he has transitioned into a career as an actor and stuntman. Erik has secured roles in popular movies and TV shows like ‘American Gigolo,’ ‘Telling Lies,’ ‘The Walking Dead in the Hood,’ and even made a guest appearance on ‘American Horror Story.’ He also took on a writing role for the TV series ‘California’ in 2017 and worked as a stuntman in the renowned blockbuster film ‘Tenet.’

Erik Adkins has moved on from his previous relationship with Salina and has found happiness with a long-term partner, Negin Jewell Farshad, who is a Persian model and actress. The couple shares a deep love for puppies and has a few of their own, creating a close-knit family. Erik has two siblings and they experienced the loss of their mother in September 2023, which was a challenging period for them. Erik remembers his mother with warmth and gratitude, and he is gradually healing and moving forward in life.

Erik Adkins is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys activities like hiking, trekking, and swimming. His passion for outdoor adventures led him to a near-death experience when he slipped and fell while climbing. Fortunately, he survived the incident, although his face suffered injuries. Erik is immensely grateful for the support and well-wishes from those who prayed for his recovery, believing that these prayers played a significant role in keeping him safe. He is already looking for the next adventure that he can embark on and we wish him the best!

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