Erin and Michael From Prison Brides: Everything We Know

Relocating to a different country is a substantial challenge, representing a significant step in any couple’s journey. This decision demands absolute trust and unity between partners. Erin faced this transformative experience with Michael, choosing to move from Australia to be with him. However, her family and friends harbored concerns, given that Michael was serving time in prison when they began their relationship. Erin’s narrative is among the featured stories in Lifetime’s ‘Prison Brides,’ an exploration of women from various parts of the world finding love with inmates within the US prison system.

Everything We Know About Erin

Erin, a 33-year-old hairstylist based in Brisbane, Australia, led a life surrounded by friends and family, deeply rooted in her community. Despite the geographical distance, she initiated a connection with Michael while he was serving his sentence in an Ohio state correctional unit. Their relationship blossomed, leading to them officially dating in 2021. Erin, a single mother with her child residing in Brisbane, felt a deep connection with Michael and, in 2023, made the courageous decision to relocate to Ohio to be with him upon his release from prison. However, she opted to embark on this journey alone, allowing her child to continue their life and education in Brisbane.

The decision to move across continents for Michael was undoubtedly a challenging one for Erin. Seeking guidance, she opened up to her mother, Martie, who inquired about her confidence in Michael. Erin, reassured and determined, received her mother’s blessing to live her life authentically. Before her departure, Erin shared her emotions with her best friend, Bekki, who, despite some reservations, wholeheartedly supported and expressed love for Erin. Bekki even presented Erin with a thoughtful going-away gift, a housewarming present for their anticipated future home together with Michael.

Erin’s visit to the prison with Michael’s brother, Jeremy, turned into an emotionally charged experience. Just hours before picking him up, Michael had informed Erin that he would need to spend time in a halfway home, sparking a brief disagreement between them. Despite the tension, when Michael approached her in the parking lot, they shared a heartfelt hug, and Erin couldn’t hold back her tears. Seeking solace, Michael took her to a park with sentimental value, a place dear to his late mother. It was there that Erin opened the thoughtful gift from Bekki and discovered a ring hidden within. In a touching moment, Michael knelt, proposing to Erin, who joyfully accepted his proposal.

Everything We Know About Michael

Michael, who had been serving an 8.5-year sentence at the Grafton Correctional Institution in Ohio for charges including robbery, burglary, and receiving stolen property, began conversing with Erin during his time behind bars. Over the three years they communicated, Michael felt that Erin had a transformative impact on him, molding him into a man worth becoming better for. Having previously served 15 years in connection with another case, Michael acknowledged that Erin’s presence in his life altered his perspective, motivating him to avoid repeating past mistakes.

Michael, who had experienced the loss of his mother while serving his sentence, carried the heavy regret of not being able to attend her funeral or bid her a final farewell. This poignant absence fueled his determination to make amends and find happiness. Recognizing Erin’s positive impact on his life, Michael decided to propose and spend the rest of his days with her. He took the emotional step of reaching out to Erin’s friend, Bekki, to arrange for the ring without Erin’s knowledge. Overwhelmed with emotion, Michael shed tears as he posed the question to Erin, and her enthusiastic acceptance provided him with the assurance needed to rebuild his life alongside her.

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