Eva and Sunnie From sMothered: Everything We Know

In the vast landscape of reality shows, unique concepts often become the driving force behind their success. ‘sMothered,’ a reality series with a distinctive premise of showcasing mother-daughter duos who share an unconventionally close bond, joins the league of shows that captivate audiences. The fifth season of the series introduces a mix of familiar and fresh faces, and among the newcomers are Eva and Sunnie. As estheticians, their professional lives spill over into the show, intertwining with family dynamics and drama. Not much is known about the duo and viewers would want to find out everything they can about them.

Everything We Know About Eva

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Eva is not only a proud owner of her beauty salon but also specializes in esthetics, a branch of cosmetology that focuses on skincare and beauty treatments. Estheticians like Eva are experts in performing various procedures to enhance the health and appearance of the skin. What sets Eva apart in ‘sMothered’ is her unique relationship with her daughter. In their salon, the duo engages in unconventional bonding experiences by providing beauty treatments to each other. These treatments go beyond the usual facials and skincare routines and extend to intimate body care, including bikini waxes, vagina facials, butthole bleaching, and more.

In addition to Sunnie, Eva is a mother to three more children—two daughters and a son—who she shares with Ray Diab. However, it remains unclear whether Eva is still with Ray or if they have separated. Beyond her professional expertise in esthetics, Eva is a passionate traveler, having explored five continents around the world. Alongside her adventures, she engages in various artistic pursuits, showcasing her talents as a writer, and sharing poems and snippets on her Instagram. Furthermore, Eva expresses her creativity through painting, solidifying her identity as an artist through and through.

Beyond their close-knit bond, Eva holds strong convictions about Sunnie’s love life. She firmly believes that Sunnie’s boyfriend should take the step of proposing, as Sunnie is prepared for marriage. This aspect adds an interesting layer to their relationship dynamic, providing a glimpse into the mother-daughter dynamics and the role of shared values in their lives.

Everything We Know About Sunnie Diab

Sunnie, working alongside her mother in the beauty salon, doesn’t comprehend why others find it peculiar that they engage in intimate beauty treatments together. To her, the shared experience is about comfort and trust. Sunnie sees her mother as a woman who shares the same body parts, making the experience more familiar and less awkward compared to receiving such treatments from a stranger. Despite the bewilderment from her sisters and possibly others, Sunnie stands firm in her comfort zone, expressing that this unique mother-daughter connection is a personal choice she won’t be dissuaded from.

In a serious relationship with Scott for the past two years, 36-year-old Sunnie finds herself at a crossroads regarding marriage. While Sunnie is ready to take the next step and get engaged, it seems Scott is not quite on the same page. The situation became even more peculiar when Sunnie’s mother, Eva, brought up the topic of marriage, creating an unexpected dynamic. The strain in their relationship was hinted at when, in the series, Sunnie threw a drink in Scott’s face, suggesting a heightened level of tension and potential challenges in their romantic journey.

Beyond her role in the beauty salon and her involvement in the unique mother-daughter beauty treatments on ‘sMothered,’ Sunnie is a dynamic individual with diverse talents. As a content creator, she has amassed a considerable following on social media, specializing in body contouring and face sculpting, among other beauty-related content. Sunnie’s skills have garnered her rave reviews from satisfied customers. Beyond her professional pursuits, she is also a creative force, currently working on a book titled ‘Jane Doe.’ With the manuscript ready, Sunnie is poised to venture into the world of publishing soon. Beyond her beauty-focused endeavors, Sunnie’s interests extend to food and art, promising an exciting and multifaceted future ahead for her.

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