John Galvao-Sahb: Earnest Riggs Jr’s Alleged Killer is on the Run

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When Earnest Riggs Jr., a well-to-do entrepreneur, was murdered in a residential neighborhood of Fort Walton Beach, Florida, it sent shockwaves across the community. Meanwhile, an extensive investigation was launched by the detectives following the tragedy. All these details are profiled in the episode titled ‘Masked Murderer’ of Investigation Discovery’s ‘In Pursuit With John Walsh.’ It also includes interviews with the victim’s loved ones and the officials directly or indirectly linked to the mysterious murder case.

Earnest Riggs Jr Went For a Business Deal But Was Killed in His Office Truck

On April 10, 1972, Christine Riggs and Earnest Riggs Sr. gave birth to Earnest Lee “Bug” Riggs Jr. in Portland, Oregon, who came into their lives as a little bundle of joy. Growing up in a loving household, he was under the umbrella of constant support and care of his siblings — two sisters, Julie Gomez and Erlicia Brumfield-Riggs, and three brothers, Frederick Riggs, Jeremy Riggs, and Jamie Riggs. Early on in his childhood, he and his family left Portland and relocated to Fort Walton Beach, Florida. There, he not only became a member of Beulah First Baptist Church but also got his education from the Okaloosa County School System.

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Earnest went on to become a motivator, influencer, and successful entrepreneur, but he never forgot his roots and loved his family without any limit. Working hard and establishing one of the premier concrete businesses, Riggs Concrete, in Northwest Florida, he also ensured that he gave back to the community. Moreover, he was the owner of C&E Entertainment, which demanded him to coordinate and sponsor celebrity shows and concerts in the area. While his determination, drive, and dedication were evident in his professional life, his love and care for his family were also crystal clear.

Early on in his life, Earnest crossed paths with the love of his life, Camisha Riggs. As they fell head over heels in love with each other, they tied the knot and made their union official in the eyes of the law. Over the course of their three-decade-long relationship, the couple welcomed seven sons — Aaron Miller, Dominique Robinson-Riggs, Earnest Lee “Ernie,” Quiandre “Keke” Richardson, Keontae Riggs, Jeremy, and Jamie Riggs — and two daughters — Tennia and Taniquia Riggs. Unfortunately, he had to witness the tragic demise of Jeremy and Jamie Riggs. Apart from his own children, he even served as a father figure for his nieces and nephews and guided them whenever his advice or support was required.

Unexpectedly, on March 17, 2021, Earnest departed from this world as he was found murdered inside a work truck on Vincent Lane in Fort Walton Beach. That evening, the 48-year-old entrepreneur was in the neighborhood with four other people in order to complete a new business deal with a client. When the residents of the area heard several rounds of gunfire and witnessed him getting shot, they dialed 911 and reported the incident to the police. As the authorities arrived at the scene of the crime, they found Earnest lying dead inside a Chevrolet rental work truck. A couple of his associates remained on the scene while the other two had left. The detectives taped the area and collected all the pieces of evidence they could find in and around the body.

Earnest Riggs Jr’s Alleged Killer Has Not Been Caught

After gathering the evidence, the investigators interviewed the witnesses or residents of the area to get a clearer picture of what had transpired there and a few leads. A few residents claimed that they had seen a man dressed in all black walking in the neighborhood for more than an hour before the gruesome shooting took place. Other witnesses testified that the same man walked up to Earnest’s work truck and shot him in the passenger seat with a handgun. The description matched a 20-year-old man named John W. Galvao-Sahb, who reportedly fled the scene after shooting the businessman to death in his car.

An arrest warrant was issued for John, who had reportedly bought a new phone from Walmart a couple of days prior to the fateful day. According to reports, John then contacted Earnest using the same phone number and kept communicating with him throughout the day of the shooting. As the detectives tracked the GPS and phone records of the suspect, they placed the phone at the crime scene at the time Earnest was murdered in the middle of the street. When they decided to close in on John, they learned of his residence on Patio Road in Fort Walton Beach but found out that he had left the area right after he was accused of the murder.

As John W. Galvao-Sahb is wanted for the first-degree premeditated murder of Earnest Riggs Jr., the latter’s family and friends are hoping that justice will be served. One of Earnest’s brothers told WKRG, “We are a forgiving family. and at this point, we are just trying to find a reason to forgive. We just want to know why.” Meanwhile, his older sister, Julie Gomez, stated, “I just hope they find him and get him off the streets before he does this to someone else’s father, brother, nephew, or something, and it’s just not right. To take someone’s life like that. He didn’t deserve this.” While John remains on the run, the investigators are in constant pursuit of the suspect, leaving no stone unturned.

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