When Will Euphoria Special Episode Part 2 Come Out?

‘Euphoria’ is HBO’s acclaimed teen drama, created by Sam Levinson. This US adaptation of the eponymous Israeli miniseries revolves around a group of high-schoolers as they navigate sex, drugs, relationships, identity, and emotional crisis. The first season concluded airing in August 2019. But since the show managed to be a huge hit, it was renewed for its second edition in July 2019, even before the inaugural installment aired its finale. Following the first season, HBO additionally ordered two specials — with the second episode all set to hit tv screens. Want some more details? Well, we have you covered!

Euphoria Special Episode Part 2 Release Date And Time:

The first episode of the two-part ‘Euphoria’ Specials called “rue” released on December 3, 2020, on HBO Max. ‘Euphoria’ Special Episode Part 2 will release on January 24, 2021, on HBO at 9 pm ET. It should release on HBO Max a couple of days before the tv air date.

Where to Stream Euphoria Special Part 2 Online?

You can watch the ‘Euphoria’ Specials by tuning into your tv screens at the aforementioned time and date. All you need is an active cable subscription. You can additionally catch the episodes on the HBO official website. If you have a subscription to HBO Max, you should know that the first part of the special is already streaming on the platform. It dropped on Max on December 3, 2020, at 12 am ET/9 pm PT. Otherwise, cable-free live-streaming options include Directv and YouTube TV. Season one is currently available on Hulu. Finally, you can catch the show on Amazon Prime by renting/buying the episodes or choosing the Prime + HBO Max package.

Euphoria Special Part 1 Recap and Part 2 Spoilers

The first part of the special, titled, ‘Trouble Don’t Last Always’, takes up the story right after the season 1 finale — where we had seen Rue having another relapse after Jules leaves on the train alone. As the special opens, we witness Rue’s fate, after the relapse. The episode starts off with Rue having flashes of Jules — waking up with each other and going to school. In reality, Rue awaits the arrival of her sponsor Ali at a diner. When he reaches, he realizes that Rue is high. The rest of the episode narrates how Rue deals with addiction and how the drugs affect her psychology. It also attempts to answer if the teen has any hope, at all. Rue is now so addicted that she tells Ali: “To tell you the truth, drugs are probably the only reason I haven’t killed me.”

Ali, who himself was an addict, does not give up hope on Rue, not yet. On the other hand, we later learn that the entire conversation is happening on the occasion of Christmas Eve. We won’t be giving you any more spoilers on how the episode ends. However, you should know that the story is a surreal mix of fantasy sequences, dotted with doses of reality. Or is it? Since we do not get any clear answers, it is also possible that all of the events take place in Rue’s purgatory state. Is Rue really there? Watch the episode and find out for yourself! And we really hope the second part deals with Jules’ story. We do not see anything about her in part 1.

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