Eva Pacohuanaco: Where is Joran van der Sloot’s Girlfriend Now?

Peacock’s ‘Pathological: The Lies of Joran van der Sloot’ explores the deaths of Natalee Holloway and Stephany Flores, both victims of Joran van der Sloot. He evaded authorities for over 5 years, spinning a web of lies, and tantalizing the families of the victims. The documentary includes interviews with the families of the victims and individuals acquainted with Joran today. Eva Pacohuanaco, Joran’s girlfriend, shares her perspective, detailing how she met him and why she was attracted to him in the first place.

Who is Eva Pacohuanaco?

In the documentary, Eva Pacohuanaco revealed that her introduction to Joran van der Sloot occurred through a friend in 2020. This friend, who had a boyfriend in prison, brought her along one day, and that’s when she first encountered Joran. She described being captivated by his eyes, finding them remarkably attractive. At the time, she did not know Joran’s identity and initially saw him as a suitable partner.

Joran van der Sloot made her feel valued, loved, and significant. He boosted her self-worth by making her feel beautiful and treating her with respect. Despite Joran being incarcerated at Peru’s National Penitentiary Institute, they were granted conjugal rights, allowing them moments of intimacy. Eva noted that fellow inmates showed respect by turning away to provide privacy during these encounters.

Upon discovering Joran’s criminal history, Eva was taken aback as she had assumed he was imprisoned for a lesser offense like robbery. Googling his name revealed the gravity of his actions and the charges he had faced. Struggling to reconcile this with the gentleman she knew, she confronted Joran, who initially evaded the question. When pressed further, he vaguely acknowledged the need to pay the price for his actions. Subsequently, Eva chose not to delve deeper into the details of the crimes.

Despite being married to Leidy Figueroa since 2014, Joran van der Sloot assured Eva Pacohuanaco that he was planning to get divorced. She, seemingly devoted to him, even bought items for Joran which included things he could not buy for himself. One day someone contacted her and asked her to take another parcel. When she asked what it contained, the person told her that it had groceries like pasta and rice. Unaware of its actual contents, she agreed to deliver it, only to have it confiscated at the prison gate. The package concealed nearly 300 grams of cocaine and 140 grams of marijuana. This led to an arrest warrant being issued for Eva, entangling her in a legal ordeal stemming from her association with Joran.

Eva Pacohuanaco Lives in Peru Today

Image Credit: Eva Pacohuanaco Huanacuni/Facebook

In the final moments of the documentary, Eva Pacohuanaco expressed deep regret over meeting Joran van der Sloot, acknowledging that he became the catalyst for her potential arrest. Despite her profound love for him, she grappled with the uncertainty of who would care for her children if she were to face legal consequences. She said that she slowly came to realize that there was no love between them and he was only using her for his protection.

According to the most recent updates from 2024, Eva has not been convicted on charges related to smuggling drugs into prison. Only Joran received an additional 18-year sentence for the crime. She still remains among the three women listed on his application who can visit him for approximately two hours of private time, though it is not clear if she has continued to be in the relationship. She still lives in Juliaca, Peru, and has not shared much about her life in a while.

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