Evil: Are DF Global Solutions and RSM Fertility Real Companies?

In Paramount+’s ‘Evil,’ three people with different opinions on religion and faith are brought together to investigate cases that may or may not be related to the supernatural. Each episode brings a new villain into the picture, but some leave such a strong imprint that they keep returning to the story. Apart from a few individuals a couple of companies also make a recurring appearance and become increasingly important to the plot the more several avenues of the story are explored. The names of RSM Fertility and DF fall into that category.

The Fictional RSM Fertility and DF Global Solutions are Integral to the Plot of Evil

‘Evil’ is an original series created by Michelle and Robert King. While the show derives a lot from mythology and references real-life things in its story, it remains a fictional story with made-up elements to boost the drama at critical moments. With RSM Fertility and DF, we discover a strong connection with the characters, as their presence marks turning points in their stories. Both the companies in the Paramount+ series are fictional.

RSM Fertility is introduced in the first season and ties into previous cases handled by the trio. What makes things more interesting is that Kristen, too, was once a patient at the fertility clinic and had one of her daughters with their help. The clinic’s connection to several cases of children who had encountered evil one way or another, including Kristen’s daughter, confirms for them that something incredibly shady is going on there. Further, Kristen tries to have her eggs removed from there but discovers that one of her eggs is missing, and the search for it leads her to another company that has been a major player in the way the events have shaped up in the series.

DF Global Solutions is introduced in the ninth episode of the third season. The case falls into Kristen, David, and Ben’s laps when a man comes to the Church, asking to be saved from a shadowy figure who has been after him since he made immense profit from the stocks of a company called DF. It becomes clear that there is something shady going on with the company when its emblem turns out to be one of the sigils of the bad guys in the show.

The company makes another return in the final episode of Season 3, where Kristen discovers that her mother has been working at DF. But what’s more shocking is when it turns out that her missing egg was bought by the company and, with Leland’s sperm, is now ready to be brought into the world as a baby. It is a terrifying prospect because, by now, Kristen knows what RSM Fertility was trying to do with the babies, and with Leland in the picture, the baby might as well be the Antichrist.

The evil schemes of RSM and DF have been meticulously planned to fit the show’s narrative. While there are companies that deal in fertility and all sorts of other things like DF does in the show, the two companies remain entirely fictional.

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