Extreme Makeover Home Edition Season 6: Where Are the Families Now?

Conceiving the value of another chance, ABC’s ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ follows the story of countless families whose houses are renovated or rebuilt by a team of designers, contractors, and engineers. Hosted by Ty Pennington, the home improvement series features a streak of families who are hit by personal tragedies. From diseases and accidents to natural calamities, the show follows the highs and lows normal people have acquired over the years. The sixth iteration of the widely-acclaimed series was released in 2009 and enthraled fans immensely. Years since it first came on air, fans have continued to wonder about the families and their whereabouts.

Jackson Family is Focusing On Their Personal Growth

Having promised her sister Cassandra that her children would never grow up alone, Felicia Jackson had gone from a single woman to a mother of 14 children. However, supporting her family and battling the loss of her sister to cancer was far from easy for Felicia. As a security guard at a mall, Felicia was barely able to make ends meet. Not just this, being unable to find accommodation for 15 people, Felicia and the children were staying at a hotel. To aid her and help her find renewed hope, Ty and his team managed to construct a house for all members of the house. Since the show, the Jacksons, who had been applying to be on the show for more than four years, have been keeping a low profile. Nevertheless, we hope that Felicia and her family have since accrued success.

Akers Family Continues to Succeed

Brooke and Faith, two young girls, had to use wheelchairs due to spinal muscular atrophy. However, their Ohio house was far from sustainable for the young girls. To help bring renewed optimism into their lives, the ‘Extreme Makeover’ team transformed their house and made it accessible. After the show, however, the Akers were brought under the spotlight once again. In 2010, Brooke and Faith’s father, Greg, was arrested in connection with a domestic violence case.

The father of three was arrested after his wife, Ginger Akers, had filed the complaint and filed for divorce. Since then, the family has made no comment on the case. Brooke is now a Wright State University Graduate. She recently tied the knot with Cameron Rush, and the duo are parents to their son, Brandon. Faith has graduated from Miami University and is an ambassador at Knights of the Inferno International firefighter MC and a retail sales associate at PUMA. Her parents have since remarried other people.

Anders-Beatty Family is Now Making New Achievements

Rochelle, a mother and a first-grade teacher, bore the loss of her husband. Nevertheless, the woman was ever-ready to serve her community and help others. The ABC team ultimately helped Shelley Anders by rebuilding their home. Since then, Tess, Reid, Drew, Tyler, and their mother, Rochelle, have kept a low profile. Nevertheless, we wish them the best and hope that they are making new milestones as a unit.

King Family Came Under the Spotlight Once Again

Image Credit: WSOC/TV

Husband and wife, Alisha and Curtis, had been running a Step-by-Step daycare centre in Charlotte. However, operating the non-profit centre required food, transportation, and clothing. Despite being loved by the community, the duo also faced personal challenges. The duo were unable to renovate their home, which was tested for mould infestation and posed a risk to the safety of their daughter, Laila, who had asthma. However, their family was brought under scrutiny when Alisha and Curtis were accused of kicking out the five adopted children who had been living with them during the series. The adopted children, Chris and Kamaya, confessed in an interview with WSOC-TV that everything changed after the show. Chris confirmed, “What they did to us was just wrong, threw us all out.” Kamaya added, “You gave me away. Parents don’t do that. No.”

McCully Family Continues to Fight Battles

Job McCully
Image Credit: Job McCully/LinkedIn

Job McCully was diagnosed with leukaemia when he was just four. Despite surviving the struggle, he developed complications of fungal pneumonia. At one point, his heart had stopped, and he even had to receive a double lung transplant. While Ty and his team built a new house free from mold, the family has had to endure struggle years later, too. In 2022, Tina took to her Facebook to explain that Job underwent surgery and for removal of the port to keep chronic lung rejection at bay. Having survived two cardiac arrests in the past, Job has even completed his Bachelor in Computer Science and Asian Studies from the University of Central Arkansas. Job has now been working as a Mainframe Developer for Cognixia.

Hill Family is Still Boxing

Tim survived growing up in a bad neighborhood. However, he was able to stay out of the influences by getting involved in boxing. Later, he decided to do the same for several children in New York. He was living with Aleem, a boy he’d adopted who had a similar background. However, living in a dilapidated home was far from what Tim and Aleem wanted. Ultimately, the family’s 200-year-old house was repaired and redone. However, the family has remained quiet about their life since their sojourn on reality television. Tim is now a boxing coach at Geneva Boxing Club.

Martirez Family is Now Creating New Milestones

Based in Missouri, Evan, and Alec were suffering from birth effects. However, with the love of their elder sister, Elle, and their parents, the family managed to receive the house of their dreams. They didn’t just receive a home that would be accessible but also found new avenues for their children to explore. Since the show, the Martirezs have remained relatively quiet about the latest updates in their life. Nevertheless, we continue to hope that the family has since been growing as a unit and that they continue to focus on their personal and professional growth.

Frisch Family is Consistently Touching New Heights

The Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Family That Has Over 20 Kids

As a firefighter, Aaron is no stranger to danger. Despite a demanding work life, he still wanted to do more good and had even adopted five boys from Haiti. Since his wife’s diagnosis of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome had caused several complications, the family was barely able to make do in their dilapidated house. Later, the Ohio family decided to spread out. Aaron and Jackie’s children have since accomplished several milestones. One of their sons is in the Army, while yet another is at college. Aaron continues to work as a firefighter and paramedic. Not just this, he’s also become a physical therapist since. They have also adopted children from China, Sweden, Germany, England and New Zealand. Their Haiti-born children have also graduated from the University of Toledo. Jackie is now a published author, a Christian counselor, and a youth pastor.

Nickless Family Has Endured Several Struggles

Holt woman loses home featured on Extreme Makeover
Image Credit: Lansing State Journal

Tim, a registered nurse, didn’t just deliver his services at the local hospital but also used his knowledge to teach advanced cardiac life support to an array of individuals. However, having been diagnosed with Hepatitis C, Tim had little time to live. While a mishap of touching a contaminated needle decided his life’s fate, the worst would have happened for his wife and kids, who he’d eventually leave behind. After the crew rebuilt the home, Arlene, Tim’s wife, faced new issues. She had to deal with a significant jump in her mortgage, which the state and banking officials later reduced to $30,000 from $140,000. She met with more issues when a car accident happened in 2010. Finally, in 2017, she and her children had to sell the house after years of struggling to manage the property’s mortgage.

DeVries Family is Reaching New Heights

Susan had been working as a bus driver with the local elementary school. However, her rare heart disease and her had posed several issues. Not just this, after her husband had lost his right arm in a significant farming accident, the family had to deal with more problems. However, undeterred, the DeVries continued to apply for help and received it when the ABC team came to their house on one surprise morning. The family didn’t just receive sports memorabilia, tickets to a game, and a house but also received four years of free tuition at Waldorf College in Forest City for the oldest kid. Since then, Dirk, Susan, April, and the family’s two younger children — Derik, and Hannah are still tight-knit and continue to make progress on different fronts.

Slaughter Family is Still In Law and Order

Extreme Makeover Home Edition - Season 6 - YouTube

Frank knew what it was like to grow up with bad influences. Having been involved in such situations, the television personality had even spent a few days at the Allegheny County Jail for getting involved in a fight fifteen years ago. However, after getting out a few days later, Frank decided that he’d change the path of his life. Since the show, he has worked at the Allegheny County Bureau of Corrections. The then-sergeant has even worked as a Port Authority for the County. In 2014, he filed a case against the County of Allegheny, contending that he was reassigned from his position as Assistant Unit Manager in retaliation for having made an internal complaint about racially abusive conduct by a former co-worker toward inmates. Frank ended up losing the case.

Grys Family is Still Tight-Knit

The Grys had opened their house to several children with special needs. Jean and Steve were parents to their four children and had adopted three more – Jake, Abigail, and Rebekah. Jake, the youngest, had osteogenesis imperfecta and even suffered dwarfism. The hard floor proved to be a significant issue as he had endured as many as 40 to 50 surgeries in his life and had brittle bones. Since the show, Jake has continued to find the best in things, along with the help of his parents.

Drumm Family is Outside the Media Spotlight

Blasia and Matt were the parents of Donnie and Nathaniel, their two sons who were on the autism spectrum. Since their time was spent catering to the special needs of their children, Blasia and Matt had little time to cater to their dilapidated house. Not just this, running the PenMar Challengers, a baseball team for special needs children, was also a feat that gave them little time to devote to their house. The family likes to keep their lives under wraps and outside media scrutiny.

Tutweiler Family is Living in Texas

The Tutweilers had overcome tragedy more than once. The patriarch, Patrick, had suffered severe traumatic brain injuries when he was serving in Iraq. Things weren’t so easy even back home. A year later, after he returned home, a tornado hit Chapman, Kansas, his hometown. Even in the face of dire tragedy, he managed to save his wife and four children by using his body as a shield against the winds to protect them.

Having lost their house to the natural calamity, the family of six had been living in their Fort Riley to make do. With the help of ‘Extreme Makeover,’ the Tutweilers managed to get a renewed structure. However, it wasn’t long before they decided to leave their home behind. While the family never shared the reasons for their departure, they still admitted that they’d miss living in the house. They have since moved to Texas, where they like to keep a low profile.

Girard Family Faced Tragedy Yet Again

Rib Hillis in Extreme Makeover Home Edition - Girard Family - YouTube

Ty and his team greeted the Girards, a family in Connecticut whose house was destroyed in a fire, while they were not more than a mile away volunteering at a church supper. Failing to receive the insurance cheque due to bankruptcy issues with the company, the Girards were unable to rebuild their house. Tragedy struck once again when the eldest son, Marc, and father, Thomas, drowned in an accident. Later, Carol was left behind with her children, Adam, Jacqueline, Lucas, and Hannah. Since their appearance on the show, Carol and her children have kept a relatively low profile. Nevertheless, we continue to hope that they’ve since overcome their grief and found new avenues of happiness.

Augustin Family is Still Prospering In Their Lives

Image Credit: Amber Augustin/Twitter


The Augustins had a unique job: photographing premature babies. The family was inspired to take up the role when their youngest son, Lane, was born prematurely. However, having lost their house to a flood in Texas, they had little wherewithal to renovate it. Gratefully, the team at ‘Extreme Makeover’ stepped in to help them out. After the show, the members had to deal with the excessive tax costs. The family had to see their taxes jump from $1800 to a whopping $8000. Nevertheless, they’ve continued to grow as a unit. Amber’s photography studio, Tiny Works of Heart, is still helping families capture their unique stories.

Riojas Family Faces Challenges Head On

Born with only one arm and no legs, Mary Ann from Fresno, California, had to map several physical struggles in her life. Things became more difficult when she became a single mom to four children while she was still in school. With no college credibility and job, Mary had several struggles. Moreover, her home was also insufficient for a person with special needs. In the end, Ty and his team from ABC built a house that catered to the demands of Mary Ann and her four children. After the show, Mary went on to work full-time as a sales director for Mary Kay cosmetics. Crediting the show with the life-altering changes her life saw, Mary has continued to grow as a mother and an individual. She now likes to keep a low profile. However, her last few updates on social media indicate that she had even found love!

Ruiz Family Continues Their Altruistic Deeds

Maria and Luis Ruiz are still helping families in need 25 years after founding Jem Ministries. They celebrated with a block party on Wednesday.
Image Credit: El Paso Times

Based in Texas, Maria and Jesus had decided to travel across the border to Juarez, Mexico, every day and help people by bringing them food, clothing, and an array of supplies. To do this, the two did multiple jobs and stopped the construction of their house. Since continuing their charitable work meant that there was a hostage of resources, the duo had little to put into their house. The ABC team decided to renovate their house and help the family find renewed hope. After the show, Luis Ruiz and his wife even envisioned building a community center in Juárez on a property that the Mexican government provided to them. Since then, they have built a kitchen and even a training center. They continue providing seminars, conducting toy drives, and awarding scholarships to children and families in need.

Bell Family Embraces Life’s Challenges Fearlessly

The Bell family had given the savings of their life to ensure the proper medical care for their daughter, Lizzie, who suffered from Diamond0 Blackfan anemia, a rare blood disease that required her to have a blood transfusion every couple of weeks. Since keeping up with the bills posed a drain on their finances, the team of Extreme Makeover decided to help the Arizona family. The Bells didn’t just receive an opulent house but also got a family home that was now free of mold, termites, and water damage. Finally, in 2013, she received a bone marrow transplant through an international donor. The family has since kickstarted the Lizzie Bell Foundation for young children to receive the same care she received.

Almquist Family Still Manages Forever Wild


Joel and Chemaine were operating Forever Wild Animal Sanctuary, a rescue facility that helped exotic animals who had been held illegally somewhere else. However, raising these animals drained their savings and left little time for them to devote to their dilapidated trailer. The California family was sent to Costa Rica on vacation, where they spoke to an organization that also did animal rescue. When they came back, they didn’t see a dilapidated trailer but met with a newly renovated house. In 2016, Forever Wild was on the cusp of catching fire. However, with the effort of the local fireman, the sanctuary was safe.

Jordan Family is Still Fighting Injustice

The Jordans had lived through several harsh conditions. Based in Montgomery, Alabama, Monica and Brady had lost two of their children in the past. From domestic violence to drunk driver, the Jordans had been on the receiving end of several tragedies. However, they didn’t let this deter them. In fact, the family had dedicated themselves to helping victims, raising awareness of the crimes, and also devoting their lives to the upbringing of their three grandchildren, who had been left orphaned after the death of their parents.

Kadzis Family Has Lost a Valuable Member

George Kadzis (1952-2009) - Mémorial Find a Grave
Image Credit: Find a Grave

Barbara and her husband, George, were the parents of six children from China. Since two of their children had seeing and hearing disabilities, and the other had bones missing from his hand, the parents needed a house that could accommodate their children seamlessly. Things had been more bad for the family since the patriarch, George, was diagnosed with brain cancer and had been living on disability after the cancer came back. Just three days after the family received their new home, George succumbed to the life-threatening disease.

Cooper Family Faced Loss Once Again

Watch Extreme Makeover : Home Edition | Prime Video

Jeff Cooper, a veteran of Operation Desert Storm, had returned with the Gulf War Syndrome from Iraq. Having been wheelchair ridden, the Disabled American Veterans speaker needed a home that was accessible for him and his son, Aaron, who had lost his right arm in an unfortunate accident. The team ended up renovating their house and helped them build everything from the ground up. Alas, not too later, the war veteran ended up passing away. Jeff breathed his last on March 8th, 2016. Nevertheless, his memories continue to live on in the hearts of everyone who knew him.

Cerda Family Came Under the Spotlight Once Again

Image Credit: Oregon Live

Chuck, an official at Homeland Security, and his wife Terri, a person who ran a global rescue dog service, were loved members of the community. However, their children, Molly and Maggie, were diagnosed with Combined Immune Deficient Disease, which meant that even a cold could lead to a significant disaster. Despite helping the community, the family had been dealing with several issues of their own.

In the end, structural engineers, designers, and a team of contractors rebuild their houses from the ground up. In 2011, the family came under scrutiny once again when it was found out that Maggi and Molly were completely healthy. In fact, Terri was suffering from Munchausen syndrome by proxy. The girls were taken into the temporary custody of the state after Dr. Thomas Valvano, a pediatrician, ended up reporting the parents.  In the end, the Child Protective Services in Oregon took away the children from Terri. The girls were briefly under the care of their maternal grandfather before the parents regained their custody.

McFarland Family is Now Discovering New Paths

Bernard was living in a decrepit household in Indiana. However, his spirit to help others was undeterred. Instead, the television personality was doing his best to help countless children in his local community. By helping other children take to reading, he was instilling an array of values in young children. While his altruistic deeds had made him a loved member of the community, he and his sons were living conditions far worse. Putting up in a run-down house, Bernard and his children were dealing with a lot. To help them find renewed hope, Ty and his team helped renovate their house from the ground up. Not only this, the family was even sent on a trip to Paris. Since the show, the family has maintained a low profile. Nevertheless, we continue to wish them the very best.

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