Extreme Makeover Home Edition Season 7: Where Are the Families Now?

Enabling families to find a long-awaited respite, ABC’s ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ features the home improvement journey of numerous individuals. Hosted by Ty Pennington, the series features a streak of designers, contractors, and engineers joining hands to help people whose houses have been hit by internal, external, and even natural issues. As the team joins hands to renovate or rebuild grand houses in just seven days, the families find the time to let down their hair. Years since season 7 was televised, fans have continued to wonder about the families and their latest whereabouts.

The Hill Family is Still A Tight-Knit Unit

Parents to five, William and Catherine, had decided to undertake the care of seven more nieces and nephews after Catherine’s sister was deemed unfit to take care of them. However, their home in Suffield, Connecticut, held copious amounts of mold and was unfit for living as it had significant water damage. The family even had to deal with standing water in their basement. Naturally, catering to the requirements of 13 people was not easy. With the help of Ty Pennington and the ABC team, the Hill family was able to get the house of their dreams. The family has since enjoyed several aspects of the makeover the ABC team brought into their house. From a large kitchen to a furnished basement filled with games, the Hill family now enjoys the ample contribution they received.

The Ward Family’s Legacy Lives On

Albeit having a degenerative muscle disease herself, Clara Ward was a person who didn’t think twice before helping the people of her community. Based in Erie, Pennsylvania, Clara had been running a charitable operation in her neighborhood for children for ages. However, she didn’t have an accessible home herself. To help her out, Ty Pennington and the team of designers decided to make Clara’s house wheelchair accessible and even created a new Youth Development and Family Center for Clara to continue her work. In 2019, her family faced a tragedy when their matriarch breathed her last. Clara passed away on August 26, 2019, after battling a kidney disease. She is survived by her four children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces and the countless young lives she impacted from her work at the Youth Development Center of Erie.

The Marshall Family Faces Challenges Head-on

Lt. Carlton Marshall was responding to the call of duty when he was shot in his line of work. After 21 years at the Dallas Police Department, Carlton had to restart when a bullet shot his neck and went through his spinal cord. Before the ‘Extreme Makeover’ team came to his house, the television personality had already been paralyzed and had been staying in the hospital for 8 months to recover. With the help of Ty and other designers, the family was able to receive a house that would allow him to be mobile and give him enough freedom to move around. After the show, doctors thought that Carlton would remain quadriplegic. However, he began regaining movement in one arm and partial in another. In time, he was able to regain the movement he needed and resume playing golf, an activity he loved doing with his dad. He has since been playing golf with a special cart designed by Solorider. In 2017, the once-policeman was on the cusp of losing his Medicare since the insurance company felt that he was too active to need a certified nursing assistant.

The Hampton Family’s Still Succeeding


Niki and Chris were raising their two children in a tiny house in Ash Grove, Missouri, when their family doubled in size instantaneously. After Nikki’s nieces and nephews were neglected by their biological parents, the couple readily took the children into their home. Their one-bedroom and one-bath home was later transformed into something else together. Not only was their mortgage paid off, but the six children even received full-tuition scholarships from Drury University. Since the show, Nikki, Chris, their children – Dakota Hannah, and their nephews and nieces – Jacob, Lexi, Kira, and Gage have continued to make new milestones as a unit. After the show, Chris even ran for Greene County Recorder of Deeds.

The Terpennings Are Unencumbered By Obstacles

James Terpenning, a decorated Paralympics athlete who once had polio as a child, was living with his wife, Shannon, and their children, Jocelyn, Jacob, Justin, and baby Joshua. The family was co-habiting with Joe, James’ brother, who also had cerebral palsy. The family received a new house and has continued to make new milestones. James is still active and has even gone skydiving and rock climbing. He has since been coaching kids in able-bodied sports, too. While back issues have been a problem, the television personality has continued to make new milestones.

The Huber Family is Still Helping the Community

Howie’s work as a local firefighter in Wisconsin had taken him to map several obstacles, including saving a family of four from a burning house. In the end, the ABC team helped fix his structurally unstable house. After receiving an energy-efficient house, the family has made new milestones. Howie’s wife, Jessie, continued her education as a nursing student and even became a registered nurse. Similarly, their children, Henry and Rosie, have also made new milestones. Howie recently became the Assistant Fire Chief at the Superior Fire Department headquarters in Wisconsin.

The Montgomery Family Furthers Their Mission Even Today

Nathan and Jenny were high school sweethearts who married and had four children. The duo had later kickstarted Salt and Light, a non profit organization that severed food and clothing to families in need. However, taking care of the house meant that their own home was put on hold. The ABC team didn’t just give the Montgomery family a new home but also helped Salt & Light get the facelift it needed by adding lights, storage shelves and filling the headquarters with food and clothing. Nathan is now serving as the Executive Director for the non-profit. Most recently, the family added financial education classes and a computer lab. These services helped the couple represent the addition of new programs and signal the organization’s mission not just to provide things but also to offer opportunities for people to grow.

The Mattingly Family is Now Onto New Paths

Melissa, an EMT, was unexpectedly the first responder when her husband, Steve and their daughters, Alana and Madison, got into a car accident. After the tragedy, Steve suffered memory loss, had migraines and only had limited mobility. Their trailer home in Kentucky was no longer safe for the family nor accessible. To help them find renewed hope, Ty and his team renovated their family home and gave them a new beginning. While the family had managed to kickstart their new beginnings in the home, they eventually had to sell the house. Even though Melissa hasn’t been open about the nature of the sale, she has displayed her gratuity for the event. In an interview with Owens Boro Times, she said, “I will be forever grateful for all the time, prayers, love and commitment from the community. Even though I no longer own the home, it was a great experience and a lot of life lessons…”

The Stott Family Has Sold Their Home

Joey and Philip had their share of highs and lows before they appeared on the show. In the past, Joey had been diagnosed with leukaemia and only had a 20% chance of survival but pulled through after she received an anonymous bone marrow donation. However, it wasn’t too long after Joey and Philip’s home was ruined by a fire because of faulty wiring. As such, the husband and wife and their children, Michael, Jonathan, and Kalia, were living in a tiny trailer. While the family got the house of their dreams through the intervention of the ABC team, they couldn’t keep the house as long as they’d hoped. Joey ended up finishing her degree but couldn’t keep her job. Likewise, Philip also found it difficult to find permanent employment. In the end, the family decided to sell their house in 2013. The exceeding costs of taxes were just one of the many things that the family couldn’t afford. Since then, they have kept things under wraps.

The Marshall Family is Succeeding As A Unit

Hanover senior takes nothing for granted
Image Credit: WMUR

The Marshall’s lives were blown out of proportion when they found their son, Cameron, laden with bruises at the end of one day in summer. When they took him to the hospital, they found out that he had leukaemia. The family’s house had become a major impediment to Cameron’s already weak immune system as it was full of mold and toxic air. To help the family see through the illness, the ‘Extreme Makeover’ team rebuilt their house. Since the show, the family has been involved with the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth. Cameron has since lent his name to a one-mile kids’ race—Cam’s Course for the Hospital and has become a part of the half marathon. He graduated from Hanover High School in 2017 and went on to study business and finance at the University of New Hampshire. The founder of Be Positive for CHaD Kids recently joined the Hanover office of Four Seasons Sotheby’s International Realty as a sales associate.

The Scott Family Is Creating New Milestones

Trina had lost her husband, Dave, in the line of duty. Having served in the U.S. Army Special Forces, the veteran had later joined the ranks of police in Tennessee. After his death, Trina was left behind with their three daughters – Leyla, Deidre, and Alethea. While the family had received help from Concerns of Police Survivors, a non-profit organization, they still needed a home that could accommodate their family. Since the show, the family has kept a relatively low profile. We believe that Trina has since continued her association with C.O.P.S. and continues to help other survivors. Nevertheless, we continue to hope that Trina and her daughters have since found their path in life.

The Cowan Family is Now Focusing On New Paths

Kori Cowan Brown was dealing with a primary immunodeficiency disease, which led her to have as many as 17 surgeries to treat polyps. With weekly plasma transfusions and several other medical requirements, Kori was heavily involved in the ins and outs of the hospital. During her treatment, she met Alyssa, a woman who was battling cancer. Along with her new friend, Kori managed to raise significant funds for the American Cancer Society. However, her own home was affected by problems of mold and other issues. The ‘Extreme Makeover’ team didn’t just give her a new house but also helped her find renewed hope.

The Powell’s Now Own A Restaurant

Based in Buffalo, New York, Delores was born to migrant workers in Jamaica and had known what it was like to grow up in a shack without electricity, running water or even a proper bathroom. She had managed to buy a fixer-upper house in Buffalo while advocating for PUSH, an organization that supported sustainable housing. Soon after she got the house, she realized that her house was filled with problems and was even on the demolition list ready to be torn down. With the help fo Ty Pennington, Delores managed to get the house of her dreams and regain the ownership she so desired. Since the show, Delores has continued to grow personally and professionally. In 2013, she kickstarted Mama’s Kitchen, a Jamaican restaurant in New York. The extensive menu includes Jamaican-style escovitch fish, jerk chicken, brown stew chicken, curry goat or chicken, fried dumplings and the Jamaican national dish, ackee and saltfish.

The Creasey Family Lost a Loved Member

Tricia Annette Chapman Creasey
Image Credit: Davidson Funeral Home

Husband and wife Tricia and William weren’t just married but also built a life together in Lexington, North Carolina. As teachers in the same school, the two had purchased a house together in the hopes of making it their dream home. However, when one day Tricia started experiencing stomach pains, she was told that she had colon cancer. The malignant tumour soon spread to her lymph nodes and into her bloodstream. She later joined hands with Relay For Life to raise awareness about colon cancer. While her fight against the illness was consistent, her home ran rampant with problems. Not just this, the water damage and mold in the house also presented a concern to her health. Alas, the worst came for the family in 2012 when Tricia lost the battle to cancer. She breathed her last on February 9, 2012, at the age of 39, surrounded by her friends and family. She is survived by her husband, William Matthew Creasey and daughters, Brittany Creasey, Makenzie Creasey and Makayla Creasey.

The Heathcock Family Has Known Tragedy

Sherman Heathcock with his children, Gary, Annie and Tessa, and wife, Gina.
Image Credit: Hattiesburg American

Sherman had been in the Army National Guard before taking up the role of the Deputy Sherrif and SWAT team leader in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. After 9/11, Sherman decided to enlist in the National Guard once again. While he was trying to survive in Iraq, Hurricane Katrina hit his house and damaged it completely. With the help of the ‘Extreme Makeover’ team, Sherman and his wife Gina received the house of their dreams. The couple didn’t just get a master bedroom but even found exactly what they wanted in their home. After the show, Sherman went on to work as a bailiff for Forrest County’s Justice and Circuit courts, transporting prisoners to and from their court appearances. Alas, the family lost a beloved member of their unit after Sherman’s unexpected passing in 2018. The war veteran breathed his last at the age of 48.

The Wagstaff’s Are Not Deterred By Challenges.

Confident in the power of music, the Wagstaffs had embarked on a mission to change the lives of those around them. The family had decided to kickstart a nonprofit music school for the community and even had the rock band Kiss volunteer for the construction of their house. After the show, the family continued to make music more accessible for young children. Their non-profit charitable music school, Studio Percussion Music Center, has continued to provide scholarships and reduced tuition for students.

Not just this, they also receive and give away donated instruments and musical equipment. Most recently, however, one of their studios got caught in a fire. The majority of their instruments, equipment, and supplies were held there and could not be retrieved after a fire broke out on October 21, 2023, at 6 am. However, the family has been resilient and trying to find alternative ways to keep classes going. They have since started a GoFundMe page to help raise funds for rebuilding the studio.

The Beach Family Has Sold Their Home

Image Credit: ABC

Based in Texas, the Beach Family had been loved by everyone around them. Unfortunately, the ire of Hurricane Ike had left their house in shambles. To help restore its lost glory, the ‘Extreme Makeover’ team joined hands and helped the family. Not just this, actress Jessica Alba also volunteered in the renovation process. Alas, the family’s new beginnings soon transformed into tragedy when their youngest daughter, Mercy Beach, died from a medical condition at the age of two. The family had even opened their home to several foster children and ended up receiving a palatial mansion for the family of thirteen. However, the rise in taxes and upkeep meant that the family ultimately had to leave the house. In the end, Melissa and Larry decided to put their house for sale in 2014.

The Suggs Family Has Overcome Obstacles

Family announced for 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition'
Image Credit: SC Now

Amanda was the eldest in her house and had taken care of her younger siblings ever since she was a young girl. After earning her GED and marrying her husband, Derrick, she got a call from her siblings, who told her that their parents were neglecting them. Amanda and Derrick then decided to adopt her younger siblings, Jake and Jordan. However, the old exposed electrical wires, asbestos, and leaking roof meant that the house was far from appropriate for habiting. Eventually, the team renovated the house and built a safe and healthy home. After the show, Amanda had to start working in order to pay off the high costs of taxes and insurance. The family even swapped electricity by putting in lightbulbs to make living more energy-efficient.

The Starkweather Family is Consistently Evolving

Child's Special Wish Comes True
Image Credit: News On 6

Ethan Starkweather was diagnosed with Prader-Willi Syndrome, which meant that he never felt full. The rare disorder meant that he could also rupture his stomach easily. Even when they took precuations, his parents, Amy and Toen, and brothers, Jared and Ryan, were always concerned about his safety. To help create a house that would be suitable for Ethan’s condition, Ty Pennington and his team stepped in. In the end, they were able to provide the family with the house of their dreams. After the show, the family and the team of ‘Extreme Makeover’ were sued by C. Edward Gaddy and Keith Abbe Gaddy for damages between $10,000 and $75,000 because the house’s fence, retaining wall and air-conditioning units took up about four feet of their property. The family has not talked about the result of the case. Amy and Toen have since welcomed another member into their family. They are now the adoptive parents of Audrey, who also has Prader-Willi syndrome. Ethan later became a Wish Ambassador for Make-A-Wish Oklahoma.

The Skaggs Family Overcame Health Issues Once Again

Brian and Audra had tied the knot and decided to buy a fixer-upper in Oklahoma to kickstart their lives. At the time, Audra was teaching preschool while Brian looked after their ranch. Things changed when their son Jhett got sick and couldn’t receive a straight diagnosis. Ultimately, doctors found out that he had a heart defect. Luckily, the family found a donor and even made it through the risky heart transplant. However, the family still needed a clean and safe house that could inhabit their little unit and be fit for Jhett. In 2012, the family searched for another heart for Jhett, whose previous transplant had begun failing. He finally received the second operation in 2018 and went on to participate in the Rose Parade. Now a passionate golfer, Jhett has even appeared on KOCO 5 News with his sisters to talk about his life-changing story.

The Williams Family Has Now Lost Their Patriarch

Jon Nelson and Jeremy Williams
Image Credit: GPB

The Williams family had a lot on their plate but still managed to make ends meet. The patriarch, Jeremy, was a high school football coach who was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease. Jeremy and Jennifer’s son, Jacob, were also paralyzed from the waist down. While Jennifer and her daughter Josie had taken up significant responsibilities, their family home still presented impediments to mobility and accessibility. Alas, Jeremy, who was once named the National Coach of the Year, passed away in 2022 at the age of 50. The television personality’s life was later captured in Richard A. Cohen’s feature film, ‘Tenacious: The Jeremy Williams Story.’

The Carr Family is Still Creating Milestones

Carr family reflects 6 months after "Extreme Makeover"

Mike and Katrina had decided to adopt four children from Kazakhstan with special needs. Among the four – Ryanne and Rina were born with Amniotic Band Syndrome, which caused Ryanne to have his limbs amputated. Similarly, the girls also had other physical impairments. Since Mike had struggled with diabetes from childhood, renovating their home was no easy feat. To make their home more accessible, the ‘Extreme Makeover’ team built a house that resembled the yurts of Kazakhstan. After their appearance on the show, Katrina began throwing house parties and entertaining guests who wanted to see the marvel of ‘Extreme Makeover.’ Since Mike didn’t get a job offer right away, the family decided to apply a creative solution.

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