FairyTail Pet Care on Shark Tank: Here’s the Latest Update on Them

Image Credit: Christopher Willard/ABC

Who thought adding one’s furry friends on their wedding day could be made all the more special and memorable? Well, Kelly and Llana did as they co-founded a company called FairyTail Pet Care, which offers a unique service at weddings — allowing couples to include their pets in the celebrations for arguably the most important day of their lives. Although there was no market for such a service to begin with, the determined duo created one themselves by introducing the concept to vendors and couples alike.

Given the company’s potential to reach soaring heights in the coming years, the founders decided to pitch ‘FairyTale Pet Care’ in ‘Shark Tank’ season 15 episode 4. So, fans of the show as well as of these services have been curious to know more about the brand and its journey after featuring on the show. Luckily, we have gathered all the necessary information about the same that you might deem useful!

FairyTail Pet Care: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

It takes some thought and certain experiences to come up with something as specific as FairyTail Pet Care, which is exactly what happened with Kelly and Llana. The two Florida State University graduates combined their shared ideas and different skills to establish the brand. After her graduation, Kelly Nova worked as a Marketing and Events Manager at Funky Planet Skate Shop before serving as a Banquet Captain at Landry’s Restaurants for just a year or so. Next, she was employed at Hilton Hotels & Resorts as a Group Coordinator.

On the other hand, Ilana Karcinski has impressive work experience as well, including stints with M7K Italian Restaurant & Grill as an Operations, Events, and Marketing Manager, Outback Steakhouse as a Server/Caterer, and Hilton Tampa Westshore as a Sales Coordinator and Business Travel Sales Manager. While working in the hospitality industry in Tampa, Florida, the duo discovered a market in the wedding industry as they came across several couples wanting to include their furry friends in their wedding celebrations but were skeptical of the idea. Best friends turned business partners, Kelly and Ilana, also used to rescue dogs when they were roommates in college, which further fueled their desire to do something with this idea.

Since no other companies were providing the services they were thinking of providing, they paved the way and created the Wedding Day Pet Care industry. Having to educate and perfect their service all by themselves, with no existing example in the market, the duo found the road to success to be difficult and long but worth it, if you ask them now. Apart from Kelly and Ilana, their furry little pets — Grizzie, Rowdie, and Cooper — also play a vital role in their brand as their actual silhouettes were used for the making of the FairyTail’s logo.

Due to their undying love for pets, the co-founders volunteer at their local animal shelter regularly and aim to help as many homeless animals as possible through their innovative programs. While FairyTails Pet Care offers a wide range of services for couples and their pets, the brand’s specialty is providing a seamless FairyTail wedding to their customers. The professionals arrange a meet-and-greet session with the pets to have a better understanding of their needs and likes, before the big day. Moreover, the company handles transportation and coordination with the event vendors. It also makes sure that the pet looks the part for the special occasion while capturing several candid moments that only a pet can provide to make the wedding day extra memorable and sentimental.

FairyTail Pet Care: Where Are They Now?

Founded in 2015, FairyTail Pet Care is headquartered in Tampa, Florida. But on their seventh business anniversary, the co-founders, Kelly and Ilana, announced that they are franchising the brand and making it possible for people around the world to include their dogs in their wedding celebrations. As they have gained nationwide success through the years, the company is PetTech First Aid & CPR Certified and licensed, bonded, and insured by Pet Sitters Associates. Having been labelled the Best Pet Sitting in Tampa Bay for 5 years in a row is a testament to their success in the industry.

FairyTail’s contributions reach well beyond the altar as the company also donates to local animal shelters and as mentioned above, spends a significant amount of time finding homes for homeless animals. Until now they have raised more than $20,000 for local shelters, making them a beacon of hope for all shelter animals and an inspiration to animal lovers. As of now, the program is only available in the Tampa Bay Area while the founders look forward to expanding the area they operate in. With over 12k followers on Instagram, FairyTail’s fairy tale has just begun as their expansion and ‘Shark Tank’ feature are bound to make them all the more successful in the coming years.

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