Faith Glasgow: Where is the Girls State Attendee Now?

As a documentary that balances educational government-building with real-life worries about current political events affecting females, Apple TV+’s ‘Girls State’ truly breaks all bounds. That’s because it revolves around a group of teenage girls as they delve into an immersive experiment, just for it to not only expand their horizons but also teach them the ways of our world. Amongst those to thus be featured in this original was actually Faith Glasgow, whose focus on self-growth, open-minded behavior, as well as public sensibility won countless hearts.

Faith Glasgow is a Conservative Turned Liberal

Having primarily grown up in Kansas City, Missouri, Faith admittedly used to be so “viscerally conservative” she could’ve even been mistaken for alt-right — that is, a far-right, white nationalist. “Because I was too baby, I was listening to people around me, and the people around me were my family,” she candidly conceded in the aforementioned original production. “So I was more conservative, I was more right-leaning. And then I kind of got older, and I was like, ‘Mmm, I don’t know if I agree [with your beliefs and perspectives].’ Then, it was just kind of a slow transition out of it.”

The truth is Faith has always been very fierce and strongminded, but the reason she actually decided to run for governor in Girls State was because she wanted to influence genuine change. “When I was in Girl Scouts, we had superlatives, and I was voted most judgemental. Which is hilarious, right?,” she said at one point in the film. “But it’s just kind of a testament to my very aggressive personality. I’ve always been opinionated. I was never afraid to express any of my viewpoints. That’s put me between a rock and a hard place several times, but I’m not going to change. That’s how I am.”

Faith even added, “My brother’s argumentative in the exact same way…, but obviously [it’s only an issue when it comes to me because] as a woman, that’s not really liked by society as a whole… You’re expected to be more docile, a little more submissive.” Nevertheless, she refused to hold herself to these frankly backward standards, which, combined with her campaign focusing on environmental policies, issues regarding gun violence, as well as mental health care for military officials/veterans, painted a perfect portrait of who she is. But alas, she ultimately lost the race to Federalist governor to a slightly louder, more sociable fellow liberal, Cecelia Batin.

Faith Glasgow is Still Very Interested in Politics

Despite Faith’s electoral loss, she admittedly walked away from Girls State in 2022 incredibly happy because the program “solidified my idea for my future career, and where I wanted to place myself in politics.” It hence comes as no surprise this 18-year-old is currently attending the University of Missouri-Columbia as a political science major (2023-2027), all the while also proudly interning at the Missouri capitol. She has actually since even expressed that she is having a lot of fun at the moment, especially because “I think Girls State removed me from the political environment that I was situated within in Kansas City and introduced me to different perspectives.”

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