Father Brown Renewed For Season 12 at BBC

BBC has renewed the detective series ‘Father Brown’ for a twelfth season. The filming of the upcoming installment is slated to start in Birmingham, England, in April. Rachel Flowerday and Tahsin Guner developed the cozy mystery series based on G. K. Chesterton’s ‘Father Brown’ short stories.

In the season 11 finale of the show, set against the backdrop of Kembleford during World War II, an intricate web of relationships and secrets unravels. The episode delves into the tensions surrounding the Home Guard Bomb Disposal Division celebration, leading to the murder of Captain Fred Howton. As Father Brown investigates, he unveils a decade-old tragedy involving a deaf boy named Adam, an affair, and a hidden crime. The climax involves a tense bomb disposal scenario, showcasing the heroic efforts of Eddie and Inspector Sullivan. The finale concludes with unexpected revelations, reconciliation, and a hint of romance.

With several relationships tested during wartime, the upcoming twelfth installment is poised for new mysteries and challenges. Father Brown’s sharp intellect and compassionate approach are sure to continue unraveling complex cases, bringing justice to the idyllic town. As characters grapple with the aftermath of the explosive events, the viewers can expect a seamless blend of intrigue, suspense, and the trademark humor that defines the series. With each episode promising fresh investigations and the resilient spirit of Kembleford, season 12 likely holds the key to unveiling more captivating stories.

The twelfth installment may feature Mark Williams as Father Brown, Claudie Blakley as Mrs. Devine, John Burton as Sergeant Goodfellow, Tom Chambers as Chief Inspector Sullivan, Ruby-May Martinwood as Brenda Palmer, Nancy Carroll as Lady Felicia Montague, and John Light as Monsieur Hercule Flambeau. The returnees may also include Lorna Watson as Sister Boniface, Sylvester McCoy as Dr. Angus McClurgy, and Ingrid Oliver as Gaynor Garfield. A group of fresh faces is anticipated as well.

Birmingham, where the filming of season 12 will start, previously hosted the shooting of productions such as Netflix’s ‘Champion‘ and Prime Video’s ‘Citadel.’ The production will most likely take place in the county of Gloucestershire, one of the principal locations of the previous seasons of the detective drama.

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