FBoy Island Season 3: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?

‘FBoy Island’ is a show that has taken the landscape of dating reality shows by storm. Hosted by the charismatic and witty comedian Nikki Glaser, the series invites viewers into a tropical paradise where three single women confront a group of eligible bachelors. The twist? Some genuinely seek love, while others are here for a more casual experience. As the drama unfolds, alliances form, hearts race and the quest for love becomes a rollercoaster of emotions.

With the conclusion of season 3, the burning question about the current whereabouts of the contestants who captured our attention and emotions lurks in the minds of their fans. Beyond the screen, their real-life journeys continue, and we can’t help but wonder if the connections forged on the island have endured or if new chapters have begun.

Where are Christian Love and Daniella Grace Now?

In the sizzling aftermath of season 3, fans eagerly turned their attention to the magnetic couple, Daniella Grace and Christian Love, who emerged hand in hand from the sun-kissed shores of reality TV paradise. Yet, amidst the tumultuous sea of emotions, Daniella and Christian chose to ride the waves of love beyond the confines of ‘FBoy Island.’ The duo opted to split the prize money, a testament to the strength of their connection that transcended the competition. However, as the sun set on the island, a curious detail lingered – a subtle social media detour. A keen eye reveals that Daniella and Christian don’t follow each other on Instagram, prompting speculation about secrecy and career focus.


Are they hiding their love story, carefully crafting their journey away from the prying eyes of social media? The mystery surrounding their current status adds an extra layer of intrigue to their journey. As we eagerly await a proclamation from the duo, the lack of public statements only fuels the curiosity surrounding the true nature of Daniella and Christian’s connection. Perhaps, behind the scenes, they are savoring the blossoming of a love story away from the spotlight. Only time will tell.

But we do know that professionally they are progressing individually. Danielle founder of Aniki Collection is associated with Fifth Models and Wilhelmina, the world’s leading modelling agency. She has been also working with Honey Birdette and Carve Eyewear USA. On the other hand, Christian appeared on the podcast “The Roommates” to discuss the importance of building your relationship with God and focuses on his fitness now.

Where are Mercedes Knoxx and Hali Okeowo Now?


Mercedes Knoxx and Hali Okeowo’s lives took different turns after the show. Mercedes, the reformed FBoy from season 2, sauntered into the scene, immediately catching the eye of the illustrious Hali. However, the story took an unexpected turn when Mercedes, the once-labeled FBoy, magnanimously chose to share the coveted $100,000 winning cash prize with Hali. Mercedes’ surprising move marked a noteworthy departure from his season 2 reputation.

This seasoned player, having previously split winnings with his partner Louise, demonstrated a penchant for breaking the mold. The question lingered – was this an act of redemption or a strategic play for affection? As fans eagerly awaited an official announcement about the status of their post-show connection, the two have remained enigmatic. Since no formal declaration of romantic entanglement or separation has emerged from either of the parties, fans are on the edge of their seats.

However, signs of goodwill surfaced when Mercedes commented on Hali’s farewell post, suggesting an amicable parting. While some argue Mercedes’ seasoned history might hinder a lasting connection with Hali, others are holding out hope that love could triumph over the intricacies of reality TV. The intrigue surrounding their relationship invites us to continue following their journey, fueled by curiosity and a dash of speculation. Professionally speaking, Hali is a model with an impressive portfolio featuring collaborations with industry giants like Cover Girl. On the other hand, Mercedes is also working with Nova Fashion and, as an ambassador to Celcius now.

Where are Katie and Vince Xu Now?

The spotlight turned to the dynamic duo of Katie Thurston and Vince Xu, after the show. Katie, a familiar face from ‘The Bachelor’ season 25, entered the island oasis with hopes of finding a genuine connection. Opting for Vince, attracted by his steadfast nice guy image throughout the show, Katie believed she had found a person with whom she shared a real bond. The emotional farewell picture she shared with the cast added a touch of nostalgia. She expressed gratitude to Vince, stating she is thankful that their paths continued to cross and that he is now part of a chapter she’ll never forget.

However, the unexpected twist unfolded as Katie confirmed through an Instagram story Q&A that she and Vince are no longer together. The revelation disheartened fans who had invested in their on-screen connection. Vince, the father of a four-legged companion named Leo, mirrored Katie’s sentiments on social media. He said he was glad for the journey they shared but affirmed the end of their romantic entanglement.

Vince also took to Instagram and shared that he is grateful for his journey on the show with Katie, but they are not together anymore. While the love story on the island may have reached its conclusion, life after the show continues for Vince. Personal development has taken center stage as he became a homeowner in Los Angeles, marking a significant milestone in his journey. He has also ventured into the podcast realm, making an appearance on the Love and Rice podcast, signaling a new chapter in her evolving career.

As the echoes of their romance faded, Katie embarked on a new path of her comedian journey. She has performed in all kinds of stage gigs and aspires to be a comedian professionally. The journey beyond the island is a testament to the unpredictable nature of reality TV relationships, leaving fans both nostalgic for what once was and curious about the exciting new chapters that await Katie and Vince in their respective lives.

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