Are Fernando and Carolina From 90 Day Fiance Still Together?

TLC’s popular reality show ‘90 Day Fiance’ has helped unite many lovers spread all over the world. The show follows the lives of those who are in an online relationship and are engaged to their partners. One of the partners belongs to the US and the other is a foreigner. The series documents their journey when the partner enters the US on a K-1 visa and adjusts to their new surroundings. It isn’t always easy and many break under the pressure of getting married in a foreign land. Such was the case with the season 3 couple, Fernando and Carolina. Carolina’s struggle to adjust made her question her life choices and she doubted whether she’d be able to survive in the states or not.

Fernando and Carolina: 90 Day Fiance Journey

A 39-year-old Fernando belonging to Florida was on a trip to Colombia when he accidentally came across a beautiful young woman. The 22-year-old Carolina was on a date with another man when she caught Fernando’s eye. Fernando, too, was with another woman. Carolina and Fernando spent the rest of the evening making eye contact and hardly focused on their respective dates.

Later, Fernando approached her and introduced himself. The two struck a romantic equation, and Fernando spent his entire trip getting to know Carolina better. By the end of his vacation, he was convinced that he was in love with her. He popped the question and she accepted. The two got engaged, and Fernando returned to the states.

Carolina applied for a K-1 visa, but it got delayed as Fernando hadn’t submitted the necessary documentation. Soon after, Carolina came to the US and moved in with Fernando. Carolina was aware of the fact that Fernando was a divorcee, and he had asked his parents to share his home after his wife left. But, she hadn’t expected Fernando’s mother to be so hostile.

Carolina was hurt by Fernando’s mother’s constant remarks that were inappropriate, stereotypical, and racist. Both the ladies had a headstrong personality that led them to ego clashes and fights frequently. Fernando’s mother also expressed her displeasure at Carolina’s laziness when it came to household chores.

Despite the challenges related to her visa, Fernando’s mother’s hostility, and the language barrier, the couple tied the knot within 90 days. Carolina’s family was supportive of her relationship. They couldn’t make it for her wedding, but they watched the ceremony through video chat.–cVRxBlQU/

Are Fernando and Carolina Still Together?

Yes! The couple is still together. After marriage, things started getting better. Fernando’s mother warmed up to Carolina and they began to enjoy a good relationship. On the day of the wedding, Carolina got really emotional when his mother hugged her and told her that Carolina was her daughter now.

A few challenges did rock the marriage for a bit, but the couple got over them quickly. Apparently, Carolina got extremely homesick. She missed her parents and her pet cat. She would call her family thrice a day. She wanted to get another cat for herself, but when she found that Fernando was allergic, she had to drop the idea. Fernando also gained 50 pounds post-wedding. Carolina would argue and urge him to take care of his health.

Some time back, rumors about Fernando cheating on Carolina started surfacing on the internet. It did not come as a shock as Fernando had confessed to cheating on his ex-wife as well. He had admitted that he was a ‘playboy’. This fuelled Carolina’s jealousy and insecurity. She found him chatting with various women online and also texting his ex-girlfriend.

It seems like the couple sorted things out, and Carolina gave him another chance to clean up his act. They are still married and enjoying all festivals together. They keep sharing pictures of their family and friends. The couple recently celebrated Valentine’s Day by taking a cruise to Mexico.

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