Where are Filipe Chrysman and Benedito Ferreira Now?

Created by Pedro Asbeg and Renato Fagundes, Netflix’s ‘From Dreams to Tragedy: The Fire that Shook Brazilian Football,’ AKA ‘O Ninho: Futebol & Tragédia’ is a grim recollection of the tragedy that took place in the Vulture’s Nest Training Center of the Flamengo Soccer Club. The victims of the fire that took place on February 8, 2019, were all teenagers who continue to be mourned even today. For Filipe Chrysman and Benedito Ferreira, the incident remains a haunting memory, having survived the fire but not without huge losses.

Filipe Chrysman is Happily Engaged

Talking about the incredible tragedy, Filipe Chrysman confessed that he had had a hard time moving on. He shared how, after he returned to Vulture’s Nest, he would hallucinate. The athlete went on to add how he often sees air conditioner units catching fire. The athlete added that he continues to have nightmares and has found that one of the few methods that he has discovered when it comes to calming himself down is to talk to himself in order to distinguish his flashbacks from reality.

While Filipe has made impressive strides in his recovery process, he continues to mourn all those who were lost during the fire. He himself remained a part of the Flamengo and had played for the organization’s Under 17 and Under 20 squad. In the Netflix show, he shared how he had been loaned to Guarani by Flamengo, an experience he apparently enjoyed very much. As such, when Guarani offered him a contract to join them as soon as his time with Flamengo came to an end, Filipe was quite happy with the progress.

Over the course of his career as a soccer player, it seems like Filipe has also had the opportunity to represent teams like Serra Branca and São Bento. Guarani seemingly loaned out the striker for some time to both teams. However, in November 2023, Filipe’s time with the sports club came to an end. Presently, he is not affiliated with any of the clubs, though it is highly possible that things might be different for the next season. Having turned 22 on February 28, 2024, Filipe is happily engaged to Bruna Neves, though both of them seemingly prefer to keep the details of their personal lives private.

Benedito Ferreira is in a Legal Battle Against Flamengo

On the night that the Vulture’s Nest had caught on fire, Benedito Ferreira was working as a security guard. His association with the organization began on October 14, 2008. His duties included keeping track of people coming in and going out, as well as groceries and other items. He shared how he was prone to making rounds during specific times at night. On February 8, 2019, he remembered seeing smoke and the fire that led to the death of ten young athletes.

Due to Benedito’s efforts, he was able to rescue three lives by rescuing them from the window of the shipping container that was used as sleeping quarters. The guard confessed that the severity of what had happened, despite what he had seen and done, did not hit him until the roll call was done and people realized just how many were not present. In the aftermath of the incident, Benedito shared how his life had turned upside down, recalling how, just after the tragedy, he had gone back home and not gotten out of bed for many days.

Benedito has confessed that he often gets flashbacks of the tragic day and often finds himself not feeling up to even interacting with others for a long period of time. After the fire, the guard met up with a counselor and psychiatrist and was put on leave in accordance with the latter’s opinion. Benedito recalled that when he came back to work, he was assigned to basement duties, which did not last long before he was fired from his job.

Far from happy about how things were handled, Benedito filed a lawsuit against Flamengo, asking for compensation of 2.5 million Brazilian real. The guard has claimed that his firing was not done on the proper grounds and that his leave was not well accounted for as per labor rights. In February 2024, medical reports indicated that the Vulture’s Nest fire had a severe psychological impact on Benedito that hampered his ability to work as a security guard. The case is still ongoing, and he continues to hope for a just result.

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